November 20, 2012

Allen West Concedes Congressional Race

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) conceded defeat Tuesday to Democratic Patrick Murphy.  While his  congressional career has been temporarily ended, he will be back.  He has been one of the strong voices for conservatism and tea party movement.  He lost due to partly due to redistricting.

Lt. Col. - Ret. Allan West has served two decades in the military and will remain a voice on behalf of conservatives.  West said, “Just as I did in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, just as I did on Capitol Hill, I will continue to fight for our republic.”  Liberal wither do not understand that statement of hate West for being a black conservative. 

Rep. Pete Sessions (R, Tx) identified that House Republicans lost a strong voice. Sessions said, “Allen’s intense love of God and country has electrified our Republican team.”

I look forward to continuing to support Mr. West.   He is definitely is mo be a contributor on this site.  Go West!

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1 comment:

Joseph Wood said...

I stand with West and know he will press on. The disdain for black conservatives is real and in fact has been more prominent under the president's tenure. Blacks voting 94% for democrats and a black president has brought about fire upon those of us in the 6% blacks that did not vote for the president and speaks out against them their destructive policies and platform.