July 5, 2012

Opposing View To Rep Corrine Brown On Drug Testing For Welfare

On June 1, 2011, Gov Rick Scott signed into law Florida legislation requiring adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo drug screening. Under the law, which became effective on July 1, 2011, the Florida Department of Children and Family Services is conducting drug tests on adults applying to the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. The aid recipients would be responsible for the cost of the screening, which they would recoup in their assistance if they qualify. Those who fail the required drug testing may designate another individual to receive the benefits on behalf of their children.

Liberal progressive U.S. Representative Corrine Brown (D, FL-3) said the tests "represent an extreme and illegal invasion of personal privacy." Rather odd considering those who work and pay the taxes for these programs are subject to drug tests by employers. But Brown is not one to let logic or facts slow her down.

Other states have now passed their version of the Florida Law. In October, 2011, the Florida law was temporarily blocked by a federal judge.  Then on Nov 9, 2011, Governor Scott filed an appeal, stating, "The court erred in rejecting the State’s arguments,” he said, “and was unjustified in blocking the will of the People’s elected representatives. An overwhelming majority of Floridians support this law, and I will continue to fight for it in the courts."

Since then, progressives continue to argue that the testing costs more money than it saves. First, how do they measure the costs? Also, once a person is drug addicted adult is also addicted to taking welfare, they are not going to seek employment or to get off  either drugs or welfare welfare without intervention. What about the children who are at great risk both physically and emotionally because their parent's or guardian is addicted to drugs.

 Note, under that law that Florida passed, the children could still receive welfare but under another person - not the drug addicted parent or guardian. This other person could  manage the funds for the benefits of the children while the drug taking parent or guardians either seeks help or continues to use drugs and eventually spirals into worse situations. Also, child services then knows which children are placed at risk, where they are located, and they  can monitor and intervene to protect the children.

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To offer an opposing voter's opinion to Rep. Brown's statement, a reader provided the following  comment which has being making the email circuit  and relates to Florida's law and Rep. Brown's comment:
Great going, Florida You set the stage for the other States to join!

Kudos to Republican Governor Rick Scott for having the correctness and guts to move forward on this critical issue!

In signing the new law, Republican Gov. Rick Scott is saying, "If Floridians want welfare, they better make sure they are drug-free."

Applicants who test positive for illicit substances won't be eligible for the funds for a year, or until they undergo treatment.

Those who fail a second time would be banned from receiving funds for three years!

Naturally, a few people are crying this is unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional?

It's completely legal that every other working people have to pass drug tests in order to get a J-O-B which supports those on welfare!

Let's get Welfare back to the ones who NEED it, not those who WON'T get a JOB.....
The reader providing the above added the comment,  "I AGREE!!!! 100%."  And so does America's Best Choice.

Other states have already followed in Florida's lead. We hope that judicial activism will be over-ruled and Florida will be able to carry out the will of the majority of Floridians represented by the legislation and votes of their elected members of the Florida legislature. Also, this logical process provides  both potential intervention assistance for children  and tough love  for drug doping parents or guardians who are filing for welfare not for the benefit of their child or children but to gain access to more benefits which will aid them in their  drug habits. Do the liberal progressives even care about the children? Appears very questionable.

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T.N.B.C. said...

You've got to love Gov. Scott... He has also flatly refused to institute the exchange neccessary to impliment the ACA...

This will ultimately make the entire bill null and void...