July 29, 2012

Marco Rubio Shares In Las Vegas

Marco Rubio returns to his hometown elementary school, Ronnow Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada and gives a great speech in 100 degree plus heat (they did not turn the air conditioning on!). The following two videos were via Right Face cell phone camera so not great sound but worth listening to. Rubio rallied hundreds of supporters of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Right Face said: "Right Rubio sounds and acts more like Ronald Reagan than anyone else in recent memory."

Laura Myers, Las Vegas Review Journals reported,
Rubio said voters face a choice between Romney, a businessman who "believes in free enterprise," and Obama, who he said imposes too many government rules and regulations and wants to move the U.S. backward "into the dark days of human history" when people didn't have choice and opportunity. . . .

Under Obama, Rubio said, taxes are too high and businesses don't know whether more levies are coming or more laws such as the health insurance mandate will be pushed through. He argued that every dollar that goes to the government as it expands is one less dollar to spend on job-creating private enterprises.

"Obama wants to fund a big government experiment," Rubio said "That's hurting you."

Rubio told Romney supporters the election isn't just about removing Obama from office, but about putting in a man who knows how to promote free enterprise in the best American tradition

"You're not just working to get rid of somebody. You're working to replace somebody," Rubio said. [Full Article]
Marco Rubio at Las Vegas School 2012-07-28 Part 1:

Marco Rubio at Las Vegas School 2012-07-28 Part 2:

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