July 5, 2012

Facts - Florida Senator Bill Nelson Doesn't Want You to Know

Somewhere along the way Astronaut Bill Nelson lost his way. It appears to have been under the leadership of the likes of Sen. Harry Reid. Bill Nelson was the deciding vote for Obama's health care law that costs $2 trillion, raises middle class taxes, and cuts $500 billion from Medicare. Florida residents - we must tell Sen. Bill Nelson to “Protect Florida patients and to repeal the health care law.”

Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment noted, "Unfortunately, Sen. Bill Nelson has been hurting the very Florida patients and seniors he was elected to represent. This law cuts $500 billion from Medicare and imposes a monstrous tax increase on the middle class. Sen. Bill Nelson should take responsibility for his actions, acknowledge this failure, and vote to repeal this disastrous legislation.”

Sign the Petition: Asking Bill Nelson: Repeal the health care law!

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1 comment:

The Born Again American said...

I've always said that I respect Bill Nelson's service to this country as an astronaut, I just wish he had quit right there... We need to send Bill on one more rocketship ride, right out of D.C. and back into retirement...