June 17, 2012

Sarah Palin at RightOnline 2012

Bill Smith, Editor: Yesterday, attendees enjoyed Sarah Palin sharing at RightOnline 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. Below are some of my tweets on her speech and a video of her speech by RightScoup.com:

Sarah Palin @ : Andrew Breitbart's greatest gift he left us was his fearlessness!

Sarah Palin @ : New Media bringing forward the facts & the truth; Old Media are the Masters of Distraction

Sarah Palin @ : Old media was conserved that Todd Palin reg. as an Indep. But not about BO. Todd never registered as a socialist

Sarah Palin @ : Obama is a creature of the old media - they propted him up- did not vet his associations, beliefs, etc

Sarah Palin @ : What is needed in reporting is Integrity, a work ethic, fairness & honesty verses a journalism degree.

Sarah Palin @ : old media is lies by omission - fails to tell the truth.

Sarah Palin @ : new media = activism & transformation

Sarah Palin @ : . . . new media stood by Gov. Walker who was willing to stand by his promises

Sarah Palin @ : Wisconsin Was also a TEA Party / new media victory ...

Sarah Palin @ : w/o new media there would have been no 2010 victories & thus no hope for 2012 victories

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