April 12, 2012

Deadline Approaches for Florida Governor to Veto or Sign Energy Bill

Tomorrow, April 13th, is the deadline for Florida Governor Rick Scott to either sign into law or veto Florida House Bill 7117, the “Florida’s Energy Bill.” Tow organizations, Americans for Prosperity and the Heartland Institute, are opposing the bill and support the Governor vetoing the bill.

The SunShine State News last week identified that the Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity criticized House Bill 7117.
"The Florida chapter of AFP wrote:
“This misguided political ideology of picking winners and losers in the marketplace will undoubtedly continue its pattern of wasting taxpayer money by bankrolling politically-favored energy companies. It leads to crony capitalism and crony politics.

"We certainly don’t need a Solyndra-type boondoggle here in Florida. Subsidizing renewable-energy production will not only distort the marketplace but will actually drive the cost of energy up and undermine Florida’s rebounding economy."
APF-FL president Slade O'Brien said his group's activists -- "from 110 politically active, independent, free-market and grassroots organizations" -- sent more than 5,200 emails in opposition to HB 7117 and its companion, SB 2094, during the 2012 legislative session.

"Unfortunately, the majority of the legislators simply failed to listen to their own constituents and ignored the numerous examples of government subsidies failing to create a market for uncompetitive renewable technologies," O'Brien said.

The Tea Party Network, a coalition of 86 tea and patriot groups around Florida, earlier urged Scott to veto the measure.
Note: AFP-Florida: Coalition of Conservative Activists Ask Governor Scott to Veto H.B. 7117

The Miami Herald Blog reports:
"But Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, a Republican who runs the state energy office and pushed for the bill as his top legislative priority, vigorously disagrees. "I can’t imagine how we put Florida on a path towards a thoughtful, long-term energy policy if we can’t even get this modest attempt across the finish line," Putnam said in an interview.

"He said references to President Obama’s fizzled stimulus grant to Solyndra are inaccurate because the bill would provide tax credits to alternative energy companies only after providing renewable energy upgrades and green hires. . . .

"The House sponsor, Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, in fact, last year was named American's For Prosperity's Legislator of the Year. "We differ so strongly on this issue,’’ he said. "I just find it quite odd."

"He considers the anti-Obama rhetoric and the comparison of tax credits to subsidies inaccurate and not helpful. "I think that kind of stuff is beneath what AFP should be standing for," Plakon said." . . .

"As of Thursday, calls and emails to Scott's office in opposition of HB 7117 outranked those in favor by 2,510 - 1."
Tonight Governor Rick Scott's may have a sleepless night as he seeks to do what he believes is best for Florida while being caught on this issue between conservative supporters and conservative opponents.

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