March 3, 2012

Study of Swollen Government Spending

Bankrupting America: Each time Americans get a paycheck, a portion of it is siphoned off to fund the government. Most have just come to accept this as an unfortunate reality. But do you ever wonder where that money is actually going?

Our latest infographic looks at where your tax dollars were spent in 2011, and breaks them down into easy to understand diagrams. From the big-ticket items, to the relatively small expenditures and everything in between, we show just where your tax dollars end up.
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As the House and Senate debate the President’s budget, let’s take a step back from the rhetoric and look at the facts.  For the government’s last fiscal year, which ended on September 31, 2011, we break down spending into easy to understand diagrams and give you some real world examples of what you could buy with $3.6 trillion dollars. That is if you are ok with being $1.3 trillion dollars in debt. View our fact sheet on last fiscal year’s spending.

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