January 4, 2012

Union Tuggery Via Outright Theft By Union Leader

Remember Card Check?
Toon by Eric Alley
Ozark Guru: Remember the Thuggery by Union Leaders pushing Card Check -- the removal of the secret vote of the workers. Now, as detailed below, we note that the influence of the Obama connected Chicago political machine may have even influenced the punishment for a Chicago SEIU Union Leader. Instead of embezzlement and grand larceny and setting an example that theft by union leaders of its members funds will not be tolerated, we note a minimum slap on the hands.   The thug steals $12,460 which is grand larceny for the average person or average union worker. However,  the  resulting charges are still embezzlement of funds and falsifying union financial records become far less.

John McMahon, former PRESIDENT of Workers United Local 335-T, the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Illinois pleads guilty to the reduced charge of "making false entries in union financial records." There was absolutely no conviction for theft! McMahon was ordered to pay back the stolen $12,460 plus -- wait for it -- a $25 special assessment. He steals union members money and when caught is punished less than a parking ticket.

What about the court costs and the cost of the investigation? Zip, Nada! And - NO JAIL time! He did get two years of probation with six months of it in home confinement. Home confinement means he could invite his Union lieutenants and political contacts over for strategy meetings.

It appears that there were other issues at work behind the scenes in this case.  Did McMahon have special information or a "get out of jail ' card with the Obama administration of the Department of Justice?  Apparently, neither the US Justice Department headed by Attorney General Eric Holder signaled an interest in punishing the Chicago Service Employees International Union (SEIU) union leader.  Was there a need to protect this Union leader or the  influence on other union leaders needed to pressure  workers or to even to fund democrat campaigns?  Where was the DOJ on this conviction?   Just asking questions!

Also, it is noticeable that former Illinois governor who stole nothing but did threaten the image of the Chicago based Obama machine got 14 years in prison.   However, a Chicago SEIU Union leader who steals $12 Grand, gets a $25 fine and home confinement for six months and NO time in prison or the local jail. You decide  - did the punishment fit the crime!  Here is more on the Union leader story ...

SEIU affiliate president steals from employees… gets sent to his room
By Rebecca DiFede — Imagine someone broke into your home and stole several thousand dollars worth of your belongings, including your brand new car. And then, when they were arrested, in addition to having to repay you monetarily for what they stole, they only got probation and a miniscule fine. You’d be pretty upset, right?

Well apparently that is how little the United States government cares about theft. Recently the former President of the Workers United Local 335-T union in Chicago, John McMahon, a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) affiliate, was arrested for embezzlement of funds and falsifying union financial records. He was sentenced to two years probation with six months of home-confinement, forced to pay restitution and also an additional $25 fine.

Yes that’s right folks. The third facet of the punishment was less than the average parking ticket. For stealing money from his union and their members, and falsifying documents to try and ensure he wouldn’t get caught, this man gets sent to his room and slapped on the wrist with less money than he spends on gas.

Fraud used to be a crime that inspired anger into the hearts of Americans and resulted in the fair punishment of the perpetrators. Now it seems that in the aftermath of Enron, Tyco, Corzine and Madoff, anything worth less than a billion is considered ‘not really stolen’.

But that’s just typical. Lying is the official language of American politicians, and it seems that those on the left are extremely fluent.

The big question is, however, why the special treatment? Martha Stewart followed the advice of her finance broker in 2000 and sold some stocks, and was convicted of insider trading, serving 5 months in jail and two years supervised release, 5 months of which were to be served as home confinement. But the big union boss who stole money from his own people gets probation and a fine less than a lunch for two?

I guess the left has a sixth sense, because it seems Boss Tweed has come back from the dead. Forget the law, we must appease the boss!

And it seems it’s not even about what you steal, or how much, but whether or not you’re lining the governments pockets. It’s no secret that Obama has long since gotten into bed with Big Labor, but who knew all that pillow talk extended to the courts?

The SEIU is the same organization who, as previously reported by NetRightDaily, was caught extorting money from the families of cerebral palsy patients, and so the standards of decency are about the same as hiring one of Governor Spitzer’s extra-curricular friends and bringing her as your date to a charity event.

These self-serving purple shirted thugs posing as union bosses are the monsters hiding under your bed, and if you don’t feed them, you might find yourself out on the street before you can even reach for the light switch. Big Labor will stop at nothing to extort its way into your wallet, and when one of their own gets caught in a lie, they pull strings on the illustrious presidential marionette, making sure everyone knows who’s in their corner.

But like flies to sewers these greedy grinches can’t lay low for too long. And as soon as one of their greasy fingers leaves a trail paved with lies, hopefully someone will take care to walk on the grass, lest they get stuck in the filthy cement of corruption that stops just short of the purple door.
Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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