December 25, 2012

MERRY Christmas 2012

Remembering the Reason For The Season.
Christ's Birth!
To all Patriots and Friends,
Merry Christmas!

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December 24, 2012

As Florida goes, so goes nation of aging communities

U.S. Census Bureau, Decennial Census,
Population Estimates and Projections, 2008
By Luke Rosiak - The Washington Times: Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, have overwhelmed the nation’s infrastructure at every stage. But old age will represent the final and longest-lasting test, with all of them between 65 and 83 by the year 2029. It is the economic story of the century, happening before glaucoma-stricken eyes.

Stealth phenomenon
“The aging-in-place phenomenon is a stealth phenomenon because you know these people are around, but in 10 years they’re going to be older,” said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

On Kilmarnock’s Main Street, the dog park is larger than the children’s park, and in Lee’s Diner, all 13 patrons have gray hair, while four younger waitresses serve them.
“The pace is slower here. Even if it’s an emergency, you’ve still got to wait,” said Clifford Gratz, 83.

Kristina Ramsey, 19, waits tables at a bowling alley that fills with senior bowlers on league nights, but where attempts at DJ nights and laser tag failed for lack of interest.

“They’ll rub their silver quarters together for you. They don’t tip well,” she said of serving pastries to the geriatric. But the bay isn’t providing the waterman’s life it did for decades; farming isn’t as profitable; and other service-sector employers, like nightclubs, aren’t viable.

“It is hard to make a living here, unless you want to work in the nursing home or hospital or cut someone’s grass. After people graduate, they end up working somewhere else,” said Town Manager Tom Saunders.

Migration patterns, chiefly of the young following one another to meccas of cool with jobs and momentum, have insulated broader metropolitan areas such as Washington and Las Vegas, but they have exacerbated the age imbalance in other places, including Buffalo, N.Y., and Noble County, Ohio, where 39 percent of residents are 55 or older, compared with 21 percent a decade ago.

In Pennsylvania, 600,000 people 65 or older live in solitude, many of them women whose husbands have passed away, and they need or will need a gamut of services. They need young people to provide these services and to pay into the Social Security system from which they draw.

It is no surprise that people are fleeing places such as upstate New York, Appalachia and Ohio, where jobs in factories and mines that sustained generations have receded. But contrary to notions of Florida as God’s waiting room, most middle-aged to elderly are reticent to uproot and “age in place,” regardless of circumstance.

For America, growing old is a white person’s problem, and it is only immigration and higher birthrates among minorities that have stabilized the population of more cosmopolitan areas. There is a straight line between the white percent of the community and its share of elderly. With its large Hispanic population, Texas has the third-lowest rate of people 55 and older. One the other end of the spectrum are West Virginia and Maine, nearly entirely white, and with the highest.

So even those places that are not symbols of industrial decline, but merely reserved stoicism – places that haven’t experienced exodus, only failed to draw newcomers – have rapidly become retirement homes the sizes of small countries.

In Maine, the median age has risen from 34 to 43 over the past 20 years. In New Hampshire, Alaska, Vermont, Montana and Oregon, more than 6 percent of the population has crossed the age 55 marker in the past decade, rising in New Hampshire, for example, from 20 percent to 27 percent.

Rocking the suburbs
In distinct and isolated communities such as Kilmarnock, where an ambulance can take 15 minutes to arrive for a person experiencing a heart attack, and where expectant mothers must travel an hour to deal with complications because a maternity care center stands abandoned because of lack of demand, the most urgent effects of an age imbalance are felt.

The most prevalent changes are occurring in the subdivisions where the “Wonder Years” generation settled, in the vast and traffic-clogged tracts surrounding New York, Los Angeles and other cities.

“The suburbs are ground zero. That’s where the infrastructure gap is going to be the biggest. They were built for younger people: Parks, playgrounds, schools,” Mr. Frey said.
Four-bedroom houses purchased to raise three children have done their duty, but empty-nesters stay put, dusting vacant rooms attentively. Mom and Dad moved there to be around people like them. That they are now utterly out of place, two aging adults on a cul-de-sac with a basketball hoop out front and an elementary school down the block, isn’t apparent because their neighbors, too, have traveled life’s journey with them.

But the neighborhoods lack mass transit, for example, and that could be a problem when fading eyesight makes driving difficult.

“As a nation, we have to understand there are very tough issues we’re going to have to face in terms of government services and support for the elderly population,” Mr. Frey said.

If the AARP crowd wants Medicare and Social Security to be solvent, he said, suburbanites may have to welcome people who are different.

“The aging population has to think of what’s going to be coming directly and what’s coming indirectly in terms of supporting children who are going to pay for their support. If you completely cut out the money for playgrounds, that’s not going to happen.”
Luke Rosiak is a projects reporter on The Washington Times' investigative team. He formerly covered lobbying and campaign finance for two watchdog groups as well as transportation for The Washington Post.   This article was shared for educational purposes under the Fair Use Doctrine.  Note one thing not covered by the article was the effect of income taxes on the aging.  Florida as well as a few other retirement states has no income tax or very low property tax.  Also Florida has a homestead exemption to property tax.  Taxes are a motivational factor to families not tied to other states by extended families.

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December 20, 2012

Rep Allen West “Today the Army decided to seek the death penalty in the case of SSG Bale”

Allen West’s Facebook Status - Dec 19, 2012 Today the Army decided to seek the death penalty in the case of SSG Bales who murdered civilians in Afghanistan.

Three weeks ago the Army relieved the Military Judge from the Maj Nidal Hasan case and decided Hasan could keep his jihadist beard. You’ll recall Maj Hasan shot 43 American soldiers and Department of the Army civilians, killing 13 three years ago and yet we are still nowhere close to a trial.

A Marine combat veteran sits in a Mexican jail on bogus charges and the State Department tells the parents they can do nothing…and the White House Press Secretary has never heard of it.

This is the crazy, mixed-up world we live in. And America just voted for four more years.

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December 8, 2012

Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL) On Jobs And The Middle Class

Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On Jobs and The Middle Class. In the Weekly Republican Address, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, says, "Americans are struggling to find or keep middle class jobs for two reasons: because our economy is not creating enough of these jobs and because too many of our people don't have the education or skills required for the jobs that are being created." To rein in our national debt, trigger economic growth and create jobs, Sen. Rubio offers, "We must reform our complicated, uncertain, job-killing tax code, by getting rid of unjustified loopholes. But our goal should be to generate new revenue by creating new taxpayers, not new taxes." Sen. Rubio continues, "The emergence of a strong, 21st century American middle class is the answer to our most pressing challenges. And it all starts with our people... There you will find the dreams America was built on. There you will find the promise of tomorrow."

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December 1, 2012

Congressman Allen West On His Future

Allen West Republic: Florida Rep. and Tea Party favorite Allen West, who recently lost re-election to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, appeared on National Public Radio Friday.  Far from despondent, West spoke of Washington politics and his future role with his characteristic assertive, yet calm, tone.

By Charles Mahtesian, Politico relates the interview’s significant conclusion:
MARTIN: So what’s next for you?
WEST: Look, you know, God closes a door so that he can open up greater doors. I will continue to, you know, stand up and fight for this country. That’s my goal. I have two daughters, 19 and 16, and I want to make sure that they grow up in a great America that provides them all the opportunities that it provided to their mother and father.
MARTIN: Congressman Allen West is completing his term in Congress. He was kind enough to join us from a House recording studio on Capitol Hill here in Washington, D.C.
WEST: And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.
MARTIN: Duly noted. Congressman West, tha Abraham Lincoln, Allen West, Capitol Hill, Democratic, Florida, Patrick Murphy, Tea Party, United States.nk you so much for speaking with us.
Many commenters are interpreting West’s closing remarks as a hint that he may consider running for president some day.  Perhaps, though, he only meant to say that one can still be a pivotal figure, even if they only serve one term in Congress.

Time will tell.

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November 21, 2012

Florida: Status of State Health Insurance Exchanges

ARRA News Service: ObamaCare Exchanges Are NOT A Done Deal! Our Partners at Americans For Limited Government are tracking updates as they occur.

The following is the most current information as of 3:16 PM Eastern on November 19.

By John Vinci — Governors and other state officials, across the states, are deciding whether their state will establish a Health Insurance Exchange. The Department of Health and Human Services has given States until Friday, December 14, 2012 to decide. We have been following this issue closely and here’s the status of the states as best as we can tell.
.... [Full Report]

Brief Summary:
- 20 States NOT establishing a State Exchange - This includes Florida. Note on FL: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Ready To Negotiate State Exchange Kaiser Health News (November 16, 2012).
- 11 Undecided States.
- 3 States opting to establish a federal “partnership” Exchange.
- Presently, only 16 States plan to establish a State Exchange.

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November 20, 2012

Allen West Concedes Congressional Race

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) conceded defeat Tuesday to Democratic Patrick Murphy.  While his  congressional career has been temporarily ended, he will be back.  He has been one of the strong voices for conservatism and tea party movement.  He lost due to partly due to redistricting.

Lt. Col. - Ret. Allan West has served two decades in the military and will remain a voice on behalf of conservatives.  West said, “Just as I did in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, just as I did on Capitol Hill, I will continue to fight for our republic.”  Liberal wither do not understand that statement of hate West for being a black conservative. 

Rep. Pete Sessions (R, Tx) identified that House Republicans lost a strong voice. Sessions said, “Allen’s intense love of God and country has electrified our Republican team.”

I look forward to continuing to support Mr. West.   He is definitely is mo be a contributor on this site.  Go West!

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November 14, 2012

As Allen West Fights For His Political Life, Where’s The Cavalry?

By Tom Tillison, Florida Political Press: As Allen West continues to fight for his political life amid a number of bizarre actions taken by St. Lucie County Supv. of Elections Gertrude Walker, a disturbing thought keeps creeping into my head.

As for the ‘bizarre actions’, West’s campaign made the following statement; “What was originally viewed as dangerous incompetence on the part of Gertrude Walker now appears more and more like a willful attempt to steal the election for Patrick Murphy. Nothing about this story adds up.”

From the jump, West has been a prolific fundraiser and needed little help from the Republican Party structure in his reelection bid, which worked out well because that’s exactly what he got… little help.

Despite being put into a much more difficult situation as a result of redistricting, courtesy of Florida’s Republican controlled legislature.  Just as we saw with another Republican rookie lawmaker, Sandy Adams, who was literally forced into a no-win situation.

Adams lost to Republican elitist John Mica, a 20 year fixture in Washington, in a race featuring a tea party freshman up against the establishment wing.  A race many billed as being about the heart and soul of the party.  Upon prevailing, Mica arrogantly stated;

“They said this was about the soul of the Republican Party.  I’m happy to report that the heart and soul of the Republican Party is strong in Central Florida.”
Hmmmm…  what are the similarities between West and Adams?

He’s a man, she’s a women.  He’s black, she’s white.  Thus far, they seem to be polar opposites.  But there must be something linking these two other than both being Republicans.

Well, both call themselves fiscal conservatives.  Both were freshman lawmakers.  Wait a minute.  I think we’re getting close.  What else, what else… there’s got to be something more…

I think I’ve got it!  Each of these candidates were tea party favorites!  Oh, and Allen West just happened to have endorsed Sandy Adams in her contest against Mica.

By the way, did you catch what Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner said the other day when asked about the tea party?

“We don’t have a tea party caucus to speak of in the House. All of us who were elected in 2010 were supported by the tea party.”

So Allen West’s political career is now in the hands of the St. Lucie County SOE, a woman that couldn’t explain to local media why her reports showed a 141% turnout (two ballot cards), who decides to recount votes at her discretion with little explanation.

And to the surprise of no one, the media are inexplicably bored, other than waiting to officially declare West done.

In the face of it all, Allen West stands alone, fighting for what is right, a fair and accurate election.  Yet, where is the cavalry? Or will he be left alone in taking a stand in the face of what appears to very questionable behavior by local election officials?

For Democrats, Allen West represents everything they stand against – a black conservative Christian that loves his country. So certainly it would be a big win to eliminate him. As for the establishment wing that controls the GOP, who often found the 2010 tea party class refusing to tow the company line, just how upsetting would it be to see West taken out?

Or is that questioned answered when we ask where is the RPOF? The RNC? The NRCC?

NRCC Chair Pete Sessions was certainly motivated to come to Central Florida during the 2010 election cycle, what does this race not have that compelled him to eagerly intervene in D24 two years ago?

Or is that what grassroots conservatives can expect from the “heart and soul” of the Republican Party as we watch the Democratic Party build on their Franken collection?
Tom Tillison is an integral part of the tea party movement in Orlando and an early critic of the bias in today's media. He's the original founder of the Central Florida Tea Party Council and Editor-In-Chief of the Florida Political Press.

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November 5, 2012

Florida - Decision Simplified

Vote for Connie Mack and for repeal of Obamacare!

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November 3, 2012

This Our Moment | This is Our America | With Allen West

NRCC: For generations, we've understood that with a little hard work, nothing was beyond our grasp. It's time we had a government that worked with us, and not against us. The "This is Our America" campaign shares stories from candidates and regular Americans around the country who are fired up about the 2012 election and have faith that America is bigger than it's challenges.

We are the National Republican Congressional Committee, and our mission is to make sure Congress spends and taxes less, so the economy can get back on track.


Rep. Mike Kelly: I really think this election is not just for control of our government. It's for the heart and soul of this country. And if we lose this now, we'll never, ever regain it. It'll be gone forever.

Mia Love: For the first time, parents don't believe their children are going to have the same opportunities they've had. We are not better off than we were four years ago.

Rep. Allen West: When I think about what kind of America I leave for my children and my grandchildren, I can't saddle them with this debt. I can't saddle them with a dependency society.

Sean Hintze: We have to tighten our belts. I think that Washington has to do the same thing.

Rep. Stephen Fincher: We're about individual freedom, we're about communities helping and taking care of one another. We want to grow the middle class. Give every opportunity to people to be whatever they want to be.

Beverly Middaugh: I only ask for two things. Freedom and opportunity. Freedom and opportunity. With that, we can do worlds.

Susan Brooks: I think that this election, is one of two paths. Do we want more government intervention in our lives, or do we want less?

Fincher: Folks, this is the most important election of your lifetime. This is about restoring American, common sense, core principles back to each American. Giving you the opportunity to choose and decide what you want to be.

Kelly: And on that day, November the 6th, there can be nothing that holds you up from getting from where you are to where you need to be to cast that ballot.

Gov. Mitt Romney: I have a plan that takes advantage of the extraordinary opportunity that exists in America right now. That's going to get this economy going again and create jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

We've seen the last four years. We don't want four more years like the last four.

Kelly: We're going to fight. We're going to make sure we keep this America, this dream, this way of life alive for generations to come. It's incumbent upon us. It's not an option. This is one you don't walk away from. This is not a storm that's going to blow over. This is one you have to face head on.

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November 2, 2012

Florida Votes matters

Your vote matters. Vote for religious freedom. Vote for 12 million new jobs. Vote for Mitt Romney.

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Muslim Council Asks for School Holidays in Broward County, FL

WSVN-TV - FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) -- A religious rift over a proposal to close school for Muslim holidays at a South Florida school district made tempers flare at a Broward County School Board meeting.

The tension was high at the Broward County School Board meeting as a proposal from the Council of American-Islamic Relations to add two days off from school to recognize holidays for Muslim students was discussed Thursday night. "This is not about gaining a religious holiday in any means whatsoever. It is about inclusively, equality and diversity," said Ghazala Salam of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The suggestion to add two days off detoured to a high religious debate and received heated responses. “That the group promoting and are asking for this is associated with terrorism," said Joe Kaufman, who opposed to the calendar change.

Muslims making the request for two days off was backed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "The Broward County Muslim population as of 2011, is 47,765," said Salam. "The student population in Broward County is 17, 721."

The committee debated whether to take the recommended two days off and designate them as religious holidays. "Change the language to vacation calendar and take the celebration out of it," said Diversity Committee Member Susan Yach.

Though the meeting was extended to an additional hour, committee members were unable to come to an agreement. The Diversity Committee will ask the Calendar Committee to join them to come to a conclusion.

Shared under the "Fair Use Doctrine for educational purposes. Embed code for video provided by WSVN-TV.

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November 1, 2012

Adam Hasner for US House - "Generations"

Adam Hasner for Congress (FL-Dist 22)

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Florida, You're the Deciding Vote

by For America: Florida Senator Bill Nelson case the deciding vote for Obamacare. He should not be returned to the U.S. Senate. We need to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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October 27, 2012

Patrick Murphy's Plan

Patrick Murphy Plan to destroy Medicare, raise taxes on the middle class and enact crippling new taxes and regulations on small business. Murphy’s plan includes the largest tax increase in history for the Middle Class, $716 billion in cuts to Medicare, and job-crushing regulations and taxes on small business. Defeat Patrick Murphy!

 Vote for Allen West for Congress.. George Soros Pledges $5M to defeat Allen West. Liberals socialists want West's voice silenced.   Keep an outspoken conservative warrior in the U.S House of Representatives.

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October 26, 2012

2012 Voter Information for the Tampa Bay Area

Laura Rambeau Lee
Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason: Early voting begins this Saturday, October 27, 2012.  The Supervisors of Elections have provided a list of early voting locations, which can be accessed by clicking on your county below:
Election Day is Tuesday November 6, 2012 and polling places will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  . . .

In Hillsborough County, an additional referendum is on the ballot: Amends Charter To Require Financial Impact Statement For All County Charter Amendments And Countywide Referenda . . .

In addition, there are three Florida Supreme Court judges who are up for merit retention, and four judges in the District Courts of Appeal.  For a record of their rulings, Restore Justice has prepared a guide, which you may download by visiting their site here. Please read their analysis and then make your own decision as to whether we should retain these judges.  In a Press Release: The Republican Party of Florida board voted to oppose the retention of these Florida Supreme Court Justices.

. . . [Read Full Article]
Laura Rambeau Lee is an active member in the conservative movement in the Tampa Bay area.  She writes on political issues locally, nationally and globally, with particular concentration on energy, education, housing and mortgage, Shari’ah in the United States, transportation, and the U. N. Agenda 21 move to implement its programs in local governments across the nation.

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2012 Florida Amendment Voter Guide

WOW - 11 Proposed Amendments To the Florida Constitution! There were 12 proposed but Amendment 7 didn't pass the requirements to be on the ballot. The following excerpt shares the introduction to the 2012 Florida Amendment Voter Guide by KrisAnne Hall. Visit the online guide to the Amendments and the authors insights on the Constitutional way to vote. Don't change OR give up your future rights and those of your children without first Reviewing the Amendments and reading this guide!

By KrisAnne Hall: The Introduction To The Guide: This guide is designed to inform the voter on certain aspects that I do not see being presented in other voter guides. The voter is always ultimately responsible for their vote. I do not take responsibility for anyone’s vote; we will all answer individually one day for our choices. With that in mind, be sure that you VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE!

As a general rule I am opposed to Constitutional Amendments, unless it is a truly Constitutional issue. Our Constitution is supposed to be the Supreme Law of the State, establishing guidelines for government, fundamental rights belonging to Floridians, and principles by which we are to govern. Statutes, on the other hand, are supposed to be the instrument we use to enact laws through legislation in our Republican form of government. Florida has gotten very lazy about these distinctions.

I had hoped we had learned about cluttering up our Constitution when we passed the “pregnant pig” and the “super train” amendments. For the rest of the country, yes, Florida did establish constitutionally protected rights for pigs, yet somehow we have a problem establishing constitutionally protected rights for unborn children. The Constitutional Amendment we passed for a High Speed Rail nearly bankrupted the state. We established that the people had a constitutional right to a form of transportation that we had no means to fund. Consequently, we had to pass another Constitutional Amendment to withdraw the previous one, uselessly expending an enormous amount of tax payer dollars on both ends.

With those two examples in mind, I would like those who view this guide to keep in mind a few things:

When you vote YES and pass a Constitutional Amendment you are creating a constitutionally protected RIGHT to something which includes the appropriate protections and assignments.

Constitutionally protected rights must be provided under equal access of the law to all citizens of the state, without discrimination.

If you vote YES, the only way to fix that amendment is through another Constitutional Amendment.

The amendment process represents a great expense to the tax payers. Laws should be passed by LEGISLATORS and put into statutes. That is how Republican Governments work. Repealing or amending statutory laws are part of the everyday legislative process. So if legislators forget to put something in a law or the law turns out to be a bad idea, the legislators simply amend or repeal the law through proper legislative measures. The Constitution provides the basis for the Legislature to create these laws consistent with the Constitution with language such as “The Legislature may, by general law, enact…” NEARLY EVERY ONE OF THE AMENDMENTS ON THIS BALLOT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RESERVED TO STATUTORY LAW AND NOT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

Why would our legislators want to use the amendment process rather than the proper legislative process? In some of these instances, they tried, but the legislation failed. They are cluttering up our Constitution to compensate for failed legislation. Perhaps in other instances, by enacting a law through the constitutional amendment process, they can mitigate their responsibility for the law; after all, it was the “will of the people.” We are a representative government, not a democracy. Our constituency is not adequately informed to make the necessary decisions on these amendments (e.g. pregnant pigs and bankrupting super trains).

If the Legislators insist on using the amendment process instead of the proper legislative process, I frankly see very little need to continue having legislators. We could simply move to a pure democracy, fire all those who feel too burdened to do their job and save some money.

We currently have 7 volumes of statutory law. If we are not careful, our Constitution will look the same.    ....

Read the 2012 Florida Amendment Voter Guide.
KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor. But more important, she knows and travels the country and teaches the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. She is a US ARMY disabled veteran, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor's wife and a patriot. Awarded the Freedom Fighter award by Americans for Prosperity, the Certificate of Achievement from the Sons of the Revolution for her defense of Liberty, and Congressman James Blair Award for Defending the Constitution.

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October 25, 2012

Florida: Romney Signs, American Flags Torched In Veteran’s Yard, “Obama 4 Life” Spray Painted . . .

Weasel Zippers: Thug tactics for a thug candidate.

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Police are searching for the vandals who apparently torched more than a dozen campaign signs and American flags in a Howey-in-the-Hills veteran’s yard.

William Overbay said someone ignited the flags and signs, which supported Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, that he had lined along his yard. The vandals also painted a sign on his driveway reading “Obama for life,” at his DuPont Circle home, Overbay said.”

This is the first thing I saw was this sign painted on my driveway,” Overbay said.

Howey-in-the-Hills police say no one left any clues behind to identify themselves. Overbay said as a Vietnam-era veteran, the hard feelings caused by the vandalism run deep.

“To give that many years for my country and to see it desecrated in such a despicable way angers me,” Overbay said. “We have freedom of speech and to desecrate any kind of signs is absolutely despicable and a violation of the constitution of the United States.”

Overbay said he’ll be replacing the destroyed signs and flags in time for the election. [Original Source: "Click Orlando"]

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Fraudulent Letters Being Sent To Republican Voters In Florida Questioning Eligibility

Editorial Comment: This letters are beyond a Mail hoax, they are "Mail Fraud" and an attempt to interfere with the election process in Florida. But it very doubtful that we will find AG Eric Holder going after this issue!

by Tom Tillison, Florida Political Press:
Update – Letters have been received in at least 21 Florida counties and most appear to be originating from Seattle, Washington – notorious for being one of the most corrupt areas in the country when it comes to voter fraud.

In addition, Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry received one of the fake letters on Tuesday.

Curry said in a release; “This type of activity is not only disgusting, it is criminal, and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  I call on Florida Democrats to join me in condemning this false letter writing campaign that appears to target likely voters in Florida, and help RPOF get the word out about this false campaign.”
Voters all across Florida are receiving hoax letters in their mailboxes indicating that the county Supervisor of Elections office is questioning their status to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election.

Orlando’s Fox 35 reports of at least 5 letters being received as far away as Collier County, and voters here in Orange County have also received them . . .

The letters do not have an official return address and calls into question the voter’s citizenship, saying the resident is not eligible to vote unless a letter is returned in an enclosed form within 15 days.

Almost predictably, the recipients seem to be exclusively white, registered Republicans who consistently vote in elections – ‘Super-Voters’ as they are termed.

There is no telling at this point how wide spread the problem is.  The Florida Division of Elections is aware and investigating the matter, which is against the law.  If you should receive such a letter, contact your local officials immediately.

Buckle up folks, the next two weeks promises to be a bumpy ride!

Related ArticlePalm Beach Republican Bill Diamond’s voter suppression letter

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October 24, 2012

Al Lawson - Wrong Prescription for Florida

Americans For Tax Reform::
Democrat Al Lawson (FL-02)

Al Lawson has the wrong prescription for Florida.

Lawson supports Obamacare...

Hitting middle-class families with a tax

Cutting 700 billion dollars from Medicare spending...

44 billion dollars from Florida.

And creating a board of unelected bureaucrats with the power to cut further

...threatening Florida seniors' access to care

Al Lawson

Higher taxes

And cuts to Medicare spending...

the wrong prescription for Florida.

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October 23, 2012

Lt. Col. Allen West | This is Our America

by The NRCC | | For generations, we've understood that with a little hard work, nothing was beyond our grasp. It's time we had a government that worked with us, and not against us. The "This is Our America" campaign shares stories from candidates and regular Americans around the country who are fired up about the 2012 election and have faith that America is bigger than it's challenges.

We are the National Republican Congressional Committee, and our mission is to make sure Congress spends and taxes less, so the economy can get back on track.


The American dream very simply is the fact that a young man born in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia 1961 now lives here. That's the American dream. There's no such thing as a Somali dream, a Chinese dream, there's one dream --- the American dream and that's why people came to these shores.

Everything is at stake in this election. What America we will have is at stake in this election. I think it's a clear-cut choice ...

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October 22, 2012

Dictators Endorse Obama

Gary Bauer
Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: With tonight's debate focusing on foreign policy, I want to make sure you see the latest ad my Super PAC, Campaign for American Values, has produced.

Chavez, Putin and Castro endorse you? If dictators are endorsing Barack Obama, why should American voters?

Please share this message with your friends and family members. Help us spread the word!

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October 21, 2012

Want to vote twice for Obama in Florida? Hope Not!

By Dr. Bobby Eberle, GOPUSA: In a stunning undercover video, reporters posing as voters questioned Barack Obama's Organizing for America volunteers about being able to vote twice for Obama. Not once were the reporters told that voting twice was against the law and that if the volunteers helped them, they would be breaking the law too. Instead, there was just laughter at the idea of illegally voting twice for Obama. Check it out...

The video was produced by Project Veritas, an organization whose mission is "to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society."

Here's a good summary of the video from
A staff person working on the president's re-election campaign helped an undercover journalist register to vote for Barack Obama in Florida despite the reporter's expressed intention to vote twice in the hotly contested presidential race, video reviewed by shows.

The video, produced by independent journalist James O'Keefe, also shows Democratic activists helping register in New York an undercover reporter who says he's going to vote twice -- in Minnesota and in New York.

But the most arresting footage shows an Organizing for America staffer in the group's Houston office providing a video journalist with an application to request a Florida mail-in ballot, even though the journalist has made it clear she intends also to vote in Texas.
Just take a look at how easy it was to get information on voting in Florida when the reporter specifically stated that she was also going to vote in Texas:

Undercover reporters ask OFA (Organizing for America, President Obama's
Grassroots arm of his re-election campaign) staffers for advice on double voting.
In each circumstance the staffers are complicit in the illegal implications of voting twice.

As noted by New Jersey Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon, the reporter should have been warned at the potential illegality of her actions.
"It's not a violation until the (second) vote is cast."

"The worker should have said, 'That's illegal, you can only vote in one place. Which is it going to be?'" O'Scanlon said. New Jersey was one of the states where O'Keefe filmed his investigation.
With less than a month to go, this is what America is dealing with Whether it's the media, volunteers, or Barack Obama and his campaign, there are groups who will stop at nothing to ensure Obama's reelection. We must all be watchful of what's going on and let other's know what Organizing for America is all about.

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October 20, 2012

Don’t Let Your Vote Be Canceled by Fraud

Phyllis Schlafly
ARRA News Service - by Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: As we approach a major national election, we hear warnings about many kinds of vote fraud and possible recounts that might delay confirmation of who are the victors. We also hear from deniers who insist that vote fraud is a figment of the imagination of Republicans. It isn’t; vote fraud is real.

Many instances of registration fraud schemes were carried out by ACORN, and some members were even tried and convicted. Although ACORN announced it was closing its doors, it reemerged under new names.

It’s common knowledge that there are more registered voters in Philadelphia than there are people living in Philadelphia, because dead and moved-away voters have not been stricken from the list. Similar accusations have been made in a dozen other states.

In Minnesota, we were entertained for weeks with news of the recounting of votes in the 2008 Minnesota election for U.S. Senate. Al Franken was declared the winner by 312 votes out of three million cast.

After all was said and done, Minnesota discovered that 289 convicted felons had voted illegally in Hennepin County, 52 had voted illegally in Ramsey County, and many others voted illegally who were dead or who voted multiple times. That is reason enough for the U.S. Senate to use its constitutional power in Article I, Section 5 to unseat Franken.

In a shocking case this fall, a good-looking Arkansas state legislator, Rep. Hudson Hallum, pled guilty to election fraud by bribing voters to vote their absentee ballots for him. He had applied for and distributed the absentee ballots, and the voters then gave the ballots to him in unsealed envelopes. If they were marked for Hallum’s opponent, they were pitched.

The wide use of absentee and mail-in ballots has destroyed our traditional American secret ballot. This is a major loss of an important American right and an open door to election fraud.

It’s important to know that it’s much easier to prevent vote fraud beforehand than it is to overturn an election suspected of being plagued with fraud. Can individual citizens do something to prevent vote fraud, or can we count on the government to protect us from the cheaters?

There are things you can do right now, before the election. You can volunteer to be a poll watcher, sometimes called poll observers or challengers or checkers, and usually at least one watcher is allowed to be close enough to the election officials to be able to compare the voter’s signature with the verification record.

State laws vary about the rights and duties of poll watchers and how many can be in a polling place. You can get some helpful advice and good instructions by contacting

Most state legislatures will go into session early next year, and now is the time they are planning the bills they want to pass. At the top of their list should be a photo ID law if they are not among the 17 states that already have such a law. There is no question about the constitutionality of voter ID because the Supreme Court upheld the Indiana voter ID law in 2008.

The left squeals in pain about photo ID laws, claiming they are a conspiracy of Republicans to suppress vote turnout, especially of minority voters. There’s no evidence to support that claim and, in fact, voter turnout has actually increased in Indiana and Georgia where photo ID has been implemented.

A citizen who lacks photo ID can prove identity with other documents. These include a state-issued ID, credit card, utility bill, bank statement, student ID, a government check or paycheck showing the voter’s name and address, birth certificate, or a passport.

Minorities are actually among those most eager to implement photo ID. Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young said, “You cannot be part of the mainstream of American life today without a photo ID.” The sponsor of Rhode Island’s photo ID law was Harold Metts, who is the only African-American in the state senate.

Just think of all the many occasions when we all must show photo ID: when stopped by the police for a traffic violation, to make a credit card purchase, to check in for any medical treatment, to check into a hotel room, or to board an airplane. Isn’t it just as important to assure that only American citizens are allowed to vote, and to prevent non-citizens from canceling out your vote, and to prevent crooks from voting twice or voting in the name of a dead person who is still registered?

When your vote is nullified by illegal votes, you are cheated just as much as if you were denied the right to vote.

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October 19, 2012

An Obama Top Priority If Reelected: Banning Guns

ARRA News Service - Chris W. Cox, Executive Director, NRA-ILA: You've heard it from Wayne and me Chris Co, NRA-ILAfor the past four years. And in Tuesday's presidential debate, you heard it from Obama himself.

If Obama wins a second term in office, he's going to make banning your guns a top priority.

You and I, as NRA members, have a duty to arm every gun owner and freedom-loving American we know with the truth about Obama's gun ban agenda. That's why I went on CNN yesterday to expose this threat to everyone within earshot. Go here to watch my interview and see how your NRA is fighting to make sure we defeat Barack Obama.

Also, take a moment to go view NRA's new ad below that we'll be airing in major battleground states from now until Election Day.

Obama gave a clear warning to you, me, and every gun owner in America that he's coming for our freedom if he wins reelection. Now we have to do everything in our power to make sure he loses on November 6th.

The stakes couldn't be higher. Please forward these videos to your friends and family to help us get the word out.

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October 18, 2012

The Buck Stops

by A.F. Branco:
Also Read: Will Hillary Resign?

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October 17, 2012

Avoiding Taxmageddon Is Not a Tax Cut

Taxes Soaring Past Highest Level Ever
Taxes are projected to increase rapidly under different policy scenarios. If the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire and more middle-income Americans are required to pay the alternative minimum tax (AMT), taxes will reach unprecedented levels. The tax burden will climb even if those tax breaks are extended. President Obama's budget, which cuts some taxes and raises others, increases the overall tax burden.

Michael Sandoval, Heritage Investigate: On January 1, 2013 nearly $500 billion in tax hikes will go into effect.

In other words, “Taxmageddon.”

Separating truth from fiction in politics, however, is not as clear, as The Heritage Foundation’s Curtis Dubay and Romina Boccia point out in last week’s analysis of the vice presidential debate:
About 120,000 high-income families would get an additional $500 billion tax cut over 10 years.

Biden: “120,000 families by continuing that tax cut will get an additional $500 billion in tax relief in the next 10 years.”

False. This is not a tax cut. It is the absence of a tax hike. Not raising taxes on high earners, who actually happen to be job creators, is not the same as cutting their taxes. President Obama and Vice President Biden have a troubling habit of arguing their case in this way. It is troubling because to take that stand is to presuppose that the money we all earn is actually the government’s in the first place. Hopefully they don’t really believe that to be the case.
Only when the government presupposes–as Dubay and Boccia write–that the money earned by those 120,000 families rightfully belongs to the government and not the families themselves does avoiding a tax hike become a tax cut.

From Dubay’s July 2012 issue brief on Taxmageddon:
Taxmageddon is causing widespread uncertainty that is slowing the economy right now,[6] and, if it hits on January 1, 2013, the blow it would deliver to the already staggering economy would be severe.

Congress should not delay stopping Taxmageddon by engaging in unnecessary attempts to pay for phantom revenue losses. Congress should evaluate stopping Taxmageddon against a current policy baseline, which would clearly show that stopping Taxmageddon is not a tax cut and does not raise the deficit and that therefore Congress does not need to pay for stopping it. The sooner it realizes this and votes to stop Taxmageddon, the better.
Here’s a look at Taxmageddon’s tax hikes, and how Taxmageddon would affect you:

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October 16, 2012

Standing Guard …

AF "Tony" Branco:

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October 15, 2012

Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

Almost 3 million views of the following video.  Help make it so. Watch it and then send the video to your friends.
Dr. Barbara Bellar "Summed Up Obamacare in One Sentence!" She is a is a candidate running against the Chicago Machine for State Senate in the Illinois 18th District. She could use your help! With the national attention she is receiving from this video, you know that the Chicago Machine will be even more motivated to defeat me. Besides sharing this video, if you would like to aid her campaign visit

Option: View her complete speech.

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October 14, 2012

Buying Votes?? USDA Requires Little Documentation for $50,000 Discrimination Payouts

Read: How $50,000 exploded into $1.25 billion?
Lachlan Markay, Heritage Investigates: The U.S. Department of Agriculture will pay up to $50,000 each to female and Hispanic farmers and ranchers who claimed they were discouraged from applying for USDA loans due to perceived discrimination. But those farmers won’t be required to prove that they ever actually farmed.

The payments are part of a settlement agreement reached between the USDA and North Carolina farmer Timothy Pigford that created a $1.33 billion fund to compensate farmers who say they were discriminated against by USDA officials between 1981 and 2000. Previous payments have gone to black and Native American farmers.

The women and Hispanic farmers fund provides different levels of compensation based on the nature of the alleged discrimination. Tier 1(a), as it’s known, is comprised of farmers and ranchers “who sought to apply for a USDA loan but were actively discouraged from submitting an application” due to perceived discrimination.

In other words, by definition, USDA has no record of 1(a) claimants actually applying for a federal loan. And according to documents USDA is providing to would-be claimants, a 1(a) payout requires minimal documentation showing that they actually farmed during the period in question.

According to a checklist of required claimant submission materials, USDA requires that all tiers submit “documentation of farm land ownership interest, if available” [emphasis added]. In other words, documents showing that one actually farmed are optional.

“A document from a non-family member to you, or from you to a non-family member that supports your contentions” is the extent of the documentation required for 1(a) claimants to demonstrate that they owned or had a stake in a farm from 1981 to 2000, according to the USDA checklist.

While that requirement does provide some measure of protection against false claims, it comes significantly short of the “documentation of farm land ownership interest” that USDA says is not required to qualify for a payout. USDA did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The thorny “attempted to farm” issue arose in previous USDA settlement payments, which, Breitbart News’s Lee Stranahan noted last month, provided a tautological basis for discrimination compensation:
The low bar was a trick that the lawyers and politicians put into Pigford years ago; the “attempted to farm” standard. All you had to do was to say that you attempted to farm. In other words, you made the unprovable claim that you went to a USDA office and they did not even give you an application. Your lack of an application or any other documentary evidence became the proof that you had suffered discrimination.
Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who scrutinized previous USDA discrimination payouts, told Scribe that the department “has not put in place adequate safeguards to prevent exploitation” of the female and Hispanic farmers settlement. “The Pigford settlement created fraud of historic proportions and now the Obama administration is heading down the same path by creating a payout system for women and Hispanic farmers,” King added.

The Pigford settlement to which King referred established& ;a fund to reimburse black farmers, and drew significant scrutiny on that front. “Any time you’re trying to go back and compensate people based on past discrimination, figuring out who should be compensated and how much is always tricky, so the devil’s in the details,” Emory University political scientist Alan Abramowitz said of Pigford in 2010.

According to some reports, Pigford paid out settlement money to about 80,000 black farmers, even though there were only about 33,000 such farmers in operation during the period in question.

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October 13, 2012

Obamacare: Medical & Political Malpractice

by Gary Bauer: The health care reform law known as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is Barack Obama's signature first-term accomplishment. Given the size and importance of America's health care industries, taking over our health care system has long been a major goal of the American left. Rep. John Dingell, Jr., (D-MI) introduced nationalized health care legislation every year for over fifty years. His father, Rep. John Dingell, Sr., began fighting for universal health care coverage in 1935.[1]

Health care spending accounted for more than 17% of America's economy in 2009.[2] Trillions of dollars are at stake. Control of our health care and all it entails -- our lives -- is at stake. And Rep. Dingell even said as much when he acknowledged that " takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people."[3]

In March 2009, Barack Obama and congressional Democrats began their latest attempt to socialize our health care system.[4] They did so to the neglect of all else, including jobs and the economy. With the unemployment rate soaring to a 25-year high, health care "reform" was Barack Obama's top priority.[5]

On Christmas Eve 2009, the Senate passed health care reform legislation on a party-line vote of 60 to 39.[6] In March 2010, the House of Representatives passed Obamacare on a vote of 219 to 212.[7] The most bipartisan aspect of the bill was the opposition to it. Not a single Republican voted for the bill in either chamber of Congress, and 34 House Democrats voted against it too. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law on March 23, 2010.[8]

To keep this report as brief as possible, we will focus on just a few of Obamacare's most obvious failures: Massive Tax Hikes, Rationing, Assaults On Liberty and Broken Promises.

I. Taxes
Obamacare is loaded with tax increases. In fact, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of Obamacare based on Congress' ability to impose taxes. According to the Heritage Foundation, there are at least 18 different tax increases contained in Obamacare totaling more than $830 billion over the next decade.[9] That's $830 billion taken out of the private sector to fund a massive, new entitlement program at a time when the country is already trillions in debt.

These taxes will devastate job growth as those resources will be in the hands not of job creators, but rather government bureaucrats. In fact, Darden Restaurants (owners of Olive Garden and Red Lobster) recently announced that it was cutting back the time its hourly workers could be on the job. In a statement Darden said that the reduced hours were "one of many things we are evaluating to help us address the cost implications health care reform will have on our business."[10] In this case, Obamacare means less work and less pay for hourly workers.

Five new tax increases take effect next year:
  • A new tax on medical devices ($20 billion)
  • Caps on Flexible Spending Accounts ($13 billion) -- This tax will hit families with children with special needs particularly hard.
  • 3.8% tax on investment income ($113 billion)
  • Reduced Medical Itemized Deductions ($15 billion)
  • 31% increase in Medicare Payroll Tax ($87 billion)[11]
II. Rationing
Obamacare will lead to rationing. The law establishes a 15-member board of unelected bureaucrats known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Dr. Donald Palmisano, former president of the American Medical Association, wrote an op-ed in March calling for the repeal of IPAB, referring to it as "one of the most egregious aspects of the law."[12] Here's how Dr. Palmisano described the board:
"IPAB will essentially mean rationed care for our nation's seniors. The 15 officials who will make up the board will not only be empowered to make what is expected to be billions of dollars' worth of cuts to Medicare every year, but will be required to do so when spending exceeds targeted rates.

"IPAB's recommended cuts will become law unless a supermajority in Congress vetoes the board's proposal and creates its own cost-cutting proposal of equal size -- an unlikely scenario even in the most harmonious of political times. …

"Now, years later, more seniors are beginning to understand that IPAB's creation and the $500 billion in cuts to the Medicare program meant to help pay for the law were anything but helpful to them."
The IPAB was a way for Democrats to avoid taking responsibility for creating entitlements we can't afford. Rather than make tough choices, they passed the buck to an unelected board. In England, there is a similar board known as the National Institute for Clinical Effectiveness (NICE). This board routinely denies coverage of life-saving[14] or pain-relieving[15] drugs it determines are too expensive.

On March 22nd, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted 223-to-181 to repeal IPAB.[16] Seven Democrats voted with the overwhelming majority of House Republicans to kill Obama's rationing board, proving once again that the only bi-partisan aspect of Obamacare is the opposition to it.

III. Assaults On Liberty
Obamacare represents an unprecedented assault on individual liberty. The law largely hinges on the individual mandate, and, as previously noted, the Supreme Court only upheld the mandate under Congress' power to impose taxes. The court rejected the constitutionality of every other argument for Obamacare, such as the regulation of interstate commerce.[17] Obamacare is a tax, and it is a very unusual tax in that it is imposed on those who do not buy a specific product.

This is a dangerous precedent and a dangerous expansion of government power. It is not hard to argue that it would be in the national interest to protect and preserve the jobs associated with the domestic auto industry. Indeed, the government saw fit to invest tens of billions of dollars in the auto bailout.[18] In the interest of securing that taxpayers' investment, could Congress impose taxes on individuals who fail to buy domestically produced automobiles? There seems to be few limits to this new authority.

Worse, Obamacare is now being enforced in ways that demand that churches, religious institutions and Christian-owned businesses violate their core values. In January 2012, the Obama Administration finalized an Obamacare mandate requiring almost all employers, including religious institutions and charities, to cover contraception, sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs and other products or services that many faith-based organizations find morally objectionable.[19] In response, Archbishop Timothy Dolan said:
"To force American citizens to choose between violating their consciences and forgoing their healthcare is literally unconscionable. …The government should not force Americans to act as if pregnancy is a disease to be prevented at all costs."[20]Dolan was joined in his criticism of the mandate by leaders of evangelical, Protestant and Jewish organizations. Below are excerpts of statements by other religious organizations:

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod:
"This action by HHS will have the effect of forcing many religious organizations to choose between following the letter of the law and operating within the framework of their religious tenets."[21]The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America:
"In declining to expand the religious exemption within the healthcare reform law, the Obama Administration has disappointingly failed to respect the needs of religious organizations such as hospitals, social welfare organizations and more."[22]The National Association of Evangelicals:
"No government has the right to compel its citizens to violate their conscience.  The HHS rules trample on our most cherished freedoms and set a dangerous precedent."[23]
An open letter from leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention:"The federal government's decision is a flagrant violation of the First Amendment's free exercise clause protections enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. … In the draft of the Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom (1779), [Thomas] Jefferson wrote, 'To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.' The Obama administration's mandate on contraception coverage is a blatant and outrageous encroachment on religious freedom."[24]
In May, scores of Catholic dioceses and other institutions filed a dozen federal lawsuits seeking to overturn the mandate.[25] The lawsuits were joined by evangelical institutions such as Wheaton College, Biola University and Grace College.[26] Potentially facing fines of more than $1 million a day, the Christian-owned-and-operated company Hobby Lobby joined the law suits in September.[27] In Obama's America, health care reform comes with a very steep price in terms of taxes and freedom.

In selling Obamacare to a skeptical public, Barack Obama and congressional Democrats made a lot of dubious promises. The worst were Obama's promise not to raise taxes on the middle class and his oft-repeated claim that if you like your current health insurance, you will be able to keep it.

In September 2009, Barack Obama was interviewed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos about the developing health care reform law.[28] Consider this exchange: STEPHANOPOULOS: You were against the individual mandate during the campaign. Under this mandate, the government is forcing people to spend money, fining you if you don't. How is that not a tax?

OBAMA: Well, hold on a second, George. … If … you actually can afford health insurance, but you've just decided, you know what, I want to take my chances. And then you get hit by a bus and you and I have to pay for the emergency room care, that's…

STEPHANOPOULOS: That may be, but it's still a tax increase.

OBAMA: No. That's not true, George. For us to say that you've got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase. …Right now everybody in America, just about, has to get auto insurance. Nobody considers that a tax increase. People say to themselves that is a fair way to make sure that if you hit my car, that I'm not covering all the costs.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But it may be fair, it may be good public policy…

OBAMA: No, but -- but, George, you -- you can't just make up that language and decide that that's called a tax increase. Any…

STEPHANOPOULOS: I don't think I'm making it up. Merriam Webster's Dictionary: Tax -- "a charge, usually of money, imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes."

OBAMA: George, the fact that you looked up Merriam's Dictionary, the definition of tax increase, indicates to me that you're stretching a little bit right now. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gone to the dictionary to check on the definition. I mean what…

STEPHANOPOULOS: I wanted to check for myself. But your critics say it is a tax increase.

OBAMA: My critics say everything is a tax increase. My critics say that I'm taking over every sector of the economy. You know that. Look, we can have a legitimate debate about whether or not we're going to have an individual mandate or not, but…

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you reject that it's a tax increase?

OBAMA: I absolutely reject that notion.
Obama may have rejected the notion that his individual mandate was a tax increase, but it was the only notion that the Supreme Court accepted in order to uphold Obamacare's constitutionality. Moreover, Obamacare's honest defenders knew it was a tax increase and, unlike Barack Obama, they did not deny it.

In July 2010, the New York Times reported that one of the primary legal arguments used by the Obama Administration in defending the individual mandate in court was its constitutionality as a tax. Consider this excerpt:
"When Congress required most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, Democrats denied that they were creating a new tax. But in court, the Obama administration and its allies now defend the requirement as an exercise of the government's 'power to lay and collect taxes.' And that power, they say, is even more sweeping than the federal power to regulate interstate commerce."[29]In the same report, the New York Times quotes Professor Jack Balkin of Yale Law School, a strong supporter of ObamaCare who filed a brief defending the constitutionality of the individual mandate. Dr. Balkin put it bluntly, saying that President Obama "has not been honest with the American people about the nature of this bill. This bill is a tax. Because it's a tax, it's completely constitutional."[30]

So what should we conclude? Did the president and congressional Democrats not know what was in the bill they were pushing? Or, as Professor Balkin suggests, did Obama know but choose to deceive George Stephanopoulos and the American people in order to win by any means necessary?

In 2014, Obamacare's individual mandate tax kicks in. The Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that six million Americans -- 50% more than initially estimated -- will be forced to pay this new tax for not purchasing health insurance.[31] By 2016, the penalty will average $1,200, and 80% of those impacted will be individuals making less than $56,000 or families making less than $115,000 -- a clear violation of Obama's promise not to raise taxes on the middle class.[32]

What about Obama's promise that you can keep the health insurance you have now? That too was a lie. Last month David Barr addressed a convention of franchisee owners in Washington, D.C., and told them how Obamacare would impact his business.

Barr has 421 employees, 109 are full-time. He currently pays $129,000 a year to provide health insurance. Under Obamacare, he estimates his costs will skyrocket to $440,000 -- "over half his annual profit." But Barr has another option. If he cancels his insurance policies and simply pays the fine, he's out $158,000 -- a savings of $282,000.[33] What do you think most businesses faced with such a choice would do?

Major corporations like John Deere, Verizon and AT&T have crunched the numbers and determined that they are better off paying the fines rather than providing health insurance to their employees. For example, AT&T spends $2.4 billion a year on health insurance 300,000 employees. Obamacare's fines for not providing health insurance would amount to only $600 million if the company dropped its health insurance and dumped its employees into Obamacare's state exchanges. Thanks to Obamacare, AT&T estimated it could save nearly $1.8 billion a year by cancelling its health coverage.[34]

Former Democrat Governor Philip Bredesen of Tennessee opposed Obamacare for the reasons outlined above. In an October 2010 editorial, Gov. Bredesen warned that Obamacare created perverse incentives for businesses and state governments to cancel their employee health insurance:
"…we'll also have to pay a federal penalty of $2,000 for each employee because we no longer offer health insurance; that's another $86 million. … But if we keep our existing insurance plan, our cost will be $346 million. We can reduce our annual costs by over $146 million using the legislated mechanics of health reform to transfer them to the federal government. … Our thought experiment shows how the economics of dropping existing coverage is about to become very attractive to many employers, both public and private."[35]According to a February 2011 survey by a management consultancy firm, 30% of employers were likely to drop health insurance coverage by 2014 due to Obamacare regulations. The survey found that "the number rises to 50 percent among employers who are highly aware of the health care law."[36] No, you won't be able to keep your current health insurance.

This is not an accidental side effect. Barack Obama supports the socialist single-payer model[37] and has spoken openly about phasing out employer-provided health insurance coverage.[38] Obamacare was designed to destroy private health insurance and lead to a socialist, big government takeover of health care.

Lastly, Barack Obama repeatedly promised that his healthcare reform law would lower costs for the typical family by $2,500 per year.[39] That has not happened. In fact, from 2008 to 2012 health care premiums have gone up $3,000.[40]

Note: The 40 identified references are all linked to the source.
Gary Bauer is is a conservative family values advocate and serves as president of American Values and chairman of the Campaign for Working Families.

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