October 16, 2011

Scott: Florida Means Business

Florida Gov. Rick Scott: Over the past year, we have made real progress in getting our economy back on track. With your help, we cut property taxes putting money back into the hands of Florida's hardworking families. We targeted a business tax cut to help Florida's small businesses because they are the job creation engine of our state. We rolled back burdensome rules and regulations that strangle business expansion and job growth. And we held government accountable and delivered a balanced state budget without raising taxes.

And things are starting to move in the right direction. Since January, we seen 87,000 private sector jobs created in the state. Unemployment in the state has dropped 5 of the first 8 months. And while the federal government had their bond rating downgraded, Florida's was upgraded because of our responsible fiscal management.

While we've made good progress, with more than 900,000 of our fellow Floridians still out of work, there is still much to do.

That's why earlier this week, I announced my key initiatives for next year's legislative session. My Jobs Agenda will build on the success of this year by reducing the size of government, eliminating job-killing regulations and providing a world-class education for Florida's future. I encourage you to read these initiatives at RickScottforFlorida.com.

There is more great news for Florida this week: Congress finally passed and President Obama signed a free trade agreement with Panama and Colombia, which will greatly benefit Florida's economy and business for years to come. This agreement makes it even more important that we continue investing in our ports and infrastructure. By doing so, Florida will get the full benefit of these expanded trade opportunities and the jobs they will create.

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