September 11, 2011

Gone, But Never Forgotten

Tony Perkins', FRC Washington Update: Maybe you were at work or at home with your children. But I have no doubt that wherever you were on September 11th a decade ago, you felt the devastation of terrorism shake your foundation as surely as it shook the towers of the World Trade Center. From Ground Zero to the broken ring of the Pentagon, there was no shortage of heroes. They were men and women on planes, in skyscrapers, charging up stairwells, and digging through rubble. Today, the spirit of 9/11--that of selfless determination--is still very much alive. It lives in the families left behind, in the hearts of a generation born in tragedy's shadow. But most of all, it carries on in our brave troops overseas. For ten long years, our soldiers have carried out the most difficult mission of all, many of them making the supreme sacrifice so that their fellow citizens can live freely under their protection. While the rest of the world returned to normal, their nightmare was just beginning. As the tenth anniversary of that day arrives quietly in the capital city, we remember them and all of the men and women who died simply for being Americans. We pray, 10 years later, that just as the stone walls of the Pentagon have been rebuilt, so too are we building our resolve that those we lost will be honored--not just in memorials, but in the ultimate victory for faith, family, and freedom.

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