August 7, 2011

Big Government Interference on Operation of Family Farm Equipment

Was age 6 when my Ferguson was made.
Bill Smith, Ozark Guru: The below news report evidences one of many steps being taken by Big Government that affects American farmers and ranchers. American farmers and ranchers not only feed America but they feed much of the world. Ask yourself, why would the US Government pursue such lunacy as detailed in the news report?

As a teenager, I was a hired "farm hand" during the summers. So were my friends and bothers. It was healthy work. It was before the days that the government demanded that farmers report all local employment of temporary farm workers.

In "those days," $1 an hour was good work for a farm hand. Gasoline was 23 to 27 cents a gallon. I would start work at 5 AM joining my boss milking the cows, then worked with the livestock or in the fields and by 4 PM, we would begin the milking operation again. In addition to pay, I was fed a hardy breakfast, a big dinner for lunch and often leftovers if I stayed for supper. Thus my parents saved money feeding me on these days.

Before I was old enough to drive, a farmer furnished me a horse for transportation. However, at age 16, my employer provided me with an old truck to drive and enough gasoline to get back and forth to work. Due to the long days and to help prevent accidents, we were required to rest for an hour after lunch. In the winter, I would bunk in the barn or on the farmer's couch depending on the state of my clothes. In the summer, I loved napping outside under a tree. Sometimes, I would visit the local creek to cool off.

I and many other young men enjoyed being farm hands. There was no work on Sunday except for the farmer and his family. As farm hand we developed our skills driving and operating farm equipment: plowing, cultivating, mowing fields, raking, bailing hay, harvesting crops, and caring for the livestock, etc. We even had a few tractor races and were "fit as a fiddle." It was amazing how far $50-$60 per week went when one is fed, is provided a vehicle with gas, and the folks provide a roof over your head. I was in what was then called "hog-heaven" saving for my first used car and dating the future Mrs. Guru.

Since the days of my youth and being a farm hand, the busybodies and Big Government have expanded control over the lives of small family farms. The initials results were less hiring of people and the loss of many small farm operations. Farmers were forced more and more to rely on new technology, to consolidate their operations, to rely on their family members,and to share equipment and time helping each other. Many small farms had to sell to larger farms or to rent out their fields to larger operations. And, many farm lands were absorbed by subdivisions and growing cities especially during 1970-1990s.

In the 50 years since I was a teenage farm hand, the Government has never ceased their interference with farm operations. The Government and busybodies have continued to seek control of the operations of farmers. Often these efforts to control farming were masked under the banners of controlling the production of certain crops, of alleged safety and environmental concerns, and of national insurance and subsidy programs, Big Government has too much control and influence over farm operations and the decisions of farm owners.

The following news report provides one more example of Big Government seeking to interfere in farming operations. Now, Big Government is seeking to regulate who can drive farm equipment on one’s own land. Listen to the ABC local news report (video).

It is time for the States to stand-up against Big Government and to tell the Federal government to get out of the farm operations within their states. Unfortunately, some areas/communities have already signed various agreements, possibly even UN Agenda 21 agreements. They need to repudiate such agreements. Big Government appears to be intent on limiting and controlling the available food supply for our nation and the exports of food to other countries by restricting the internal operations of farms and ranches.

This latest reported effort as well as the many other efforts by the busybodies in Washington, D.C. seeks to steal and limit property rights. In this reported situation, it is the rights for farm families to operate their own equipment on their own land and the right of families to have young family members participate in those farm operations. These type efforts must be stopped.

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