July 11, 2011

Loser of the week in Florida Politics

Sen. Bill Wilson (D-FL)
Pix: "Nelson addressing "Oil Spill"
From The Buzz: Loser of the week: Bill Nelson. The last shuttle has launched. Now Sen. Astronaut can expect to spend the next year in a re-election campaign explaining how he failed to prevent the loss of thousands of good shuttle program jobs, even if it did start under the Bush administration. ... [Full Story]

Yesterday, on FoxNews Sunday (July 10, 2011), Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) also was also a clear loser. Even with makeup for the show, he looked like a pasted up Zombie and could not articulate well for Floridians or his Democrat Party's progressive agenda. Nelson has long been labeled as a "blue dog" democrat but in fact in as such he is  nothing more than democrat eunuch serving the  progressive master's agenda while giving widow dressing to the public. The best that can be said for Nelson's presentation is that he still "smiles" well - hi "congressional astronaut qualification from over 2 decades ago.

Nelson has drawn at least one Republican challenger and early newspaper "rag" polling says Nelson is going to win. Conservatives, independents and even democrats concerned for our country had best wake up! It is time for Nelson to be retires - he is a reminder of neutered space jockey hanging out in Washington supporting the Obama agenda.

While we need a viable Space program, Florida no longer needs Bill Nelson to occupy political space in Florida. By the time of the 2012 election, Nelson will be 70. Time for him to retire! He doesn't have the "mojo" to support the interests of the majority of Floridians.

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