July 9, 2011

Florida D.A. Fired for Talking About Constitution Settles Case

KrisAnne Hall was fired from her job at the state attorney's office last year for speaking about the Constitution at tea party rallies. She settled her federal case against her former employer on Thursday. (Courtesy photo)
by Madeleine Morgenstern, TheBlaze: A former Florida assistant state attorney who lost her job over teaching about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution settled her case for an undisclosed amount Thursday against the Florida state attorney who fired her.

KrisAnne Hall was fired last year after participating in a number of political speaking engagements, including at tea party rallies and on talk radio, in which she discussed her originalist views of the Constitution. Her boss, State Attorney Robert “Skip” Jarvis, said he received a complaint about her activities and gave what Hall described as an “ultimatum,” telling her to choose between her speaking engagements and her job.

“I told him I could not make that choice. I believe that my First Amendment right is my right and I would not stop speaking,” Hall said in an interview with The Blaze.
Hall subsequently filed a federal lawsuit after her dismissal, alleging her rights had been violated and Jarvis had no standing to order her to stop speaking on her own time. Both parties agreed to settle the case Thursday.

Hall would not discuss details of the settlement, except to say she was very satisfied and had her attorney fees paid. She will not be returning to the state attorney’s office.

“I believe strongly that I was within my constitutional right and within Supreme Court precedent,” she said.

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