June 24, 2011

Don't Be A Chicken - Cut, Cap & Balance

For America, a conservative activist group, has produced a video challenging Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) not to be “chicken,” and to support the group’s “Cut, Cap, and Balance” pledge – cut the deficit, cap spending, and balance the budget. The video is being sent 1.5 million people via e-mail. It has some farm humor and notes that "chickens tend to flock together, often following each other without a real sense of direction."

The video comes on the heels of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) – Boehner’s representative in negotiations to raise the debt ceiling – walking out of debt-limit/budget talks on Thursday after Democrats insisted on tax increases as part of any deal. “Regardless of the progress that has been made, the tax issue must be resolved before discussions can continue,” Cantor said in a statement.

ForAmerica is headed by Brent Bozell, the president of the Media Research Center. All we can add is Go Brent & Go America. As of this post, they already has over 1.2 million Likes / Followers their FaceBook Fan Page: ForAmerica. See you at the Pledge!
View the video:

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June 20, 2011

Rep. Allen West Leads Vets on Patriotic Dive

The Greater Ft. Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau celebrates Learn to Dive Month with a commemorative dive with Congressman Allen West and Diveheart veterans dive group aboard Aqua View at the South Florida Diving HQ in Pompano Beach. An American flag planting on the Ancient Mariner Wreck took place on June 12, 2011 and the flag will go on the internet for auction. [Video] Rep. Allen West - H/T Pix via Barracuda Brigade 2012

Additional article: By Susan Cockink, The Miami Herald, Deerfield Beach: The shipwreck of the Ancient Mariner, about 60 feet deep off Deerfield Beach, received a patriotic decoration Sunday courtesy of U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, and about a dozen military veterans.

West and his dive companions briefly put up an American flag on the deck of the popular artificial reef, then posed for photos and videos, as several dozen civilian divers — and numerous fish — watched. The flag flapped proudly in the strong southerly current.

The ceremony was part of June’s “Learn to Dive” month established by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau to encourage locals and tourists to take up scuba diving. It was also an opportunity for military veterans — both newly-certified and experienced divers — to have fun underwater.

“I think it’s important wherever we are, that the flag flies,” said West, a 22-year veteran Army officer and experienced scuba diver. . . . [Full Article]

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June 7, 2011

"Dominoez" - The Coming Collapse of America

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: In the "yesteryears" we used the term "the domino effect"to illustrate the spreading of communism. Cartoonist William Warren has now used dominoes in his latest political cartoon (below) to depict the coming collapse of the American economy.

Is there anyone "who cares" at the White House or in the Senate Democrat leadership and is also willing to stop or to help mitigate the coming economic collapse of America? Mr. Obama, we do not need anymore campaign rhetoric! The progressive liberals and even a few anarchist from odd political variations may be looking favorably toward the collapse of our country, but the rest of America is not.

Many House Republican have demonstrated their concern. They came to Washington with a clear understanding that they have no promise of returning for another term. They also understand that time is running out for certain problems to be resolved. They know they might be "out on the street" with their follow Americans if the economy collapses. Also, rumors are spreading of fear of a potential dictatorship operating out of the White House in the future if an economic collapse were to occur.

Yesterday, the ARRA News Service posted about 103 House Republicans supporting the the House Republican Study Committee's "Cut, Cap, and Balance” response to the debt limit and the bigger debt crisis that’s just over the horizon. It’s a simple, three-part plan: Today, The Washington Times in an editorial said, “the debt ceiling represents the last chance conservatives have” to cut spending and prevent this most predictable crisis. The Republican Study Committee Chairman, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), also said today "The United States of America, the most dynamic country in history, is running headlong into a major debt crisis. Prominent Democrat Erskine Bowles calls it "the most predictable economic crisis in history." And with Washington borrowing more than 40 cents out of every dollar spent, we are rapidly approaching a tipping point.

While President Obama asked Congress for a blank check debt limit increase (which the House voted down 97-318), conservatives are getting behind a plan that could actually prevent the coming calamity."

Yesterday, the House grassroots Republicans released their; “Cut, Cap, and Balance” proposal which is supported by numerous conservative organizations. Where are the democrats and other republicans? Forget the tabloid journalism over Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). The crisis looming over America is far more important and yes "bigger" (pun intended) than the anatomy and behavior issues of the misguided Rep. Weiner. It is shameful that elected members of Congress, the "lame street" news, and the cable channels, including Fox News, are wasting time and effort on WeinerGate. They were and are taking their eyes off the the real problems as detailed above and illustrated below in William Warren's political cartoon.

By William Warren: "Today my cartoon looks at the debt crisis which is spreading from Europe to the U.S."

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June 5, 2011

Treasury Dept. Bailout Document Reveals Cozy GM - Obama Admin Relationship

NOTE: At the end of this article, is the following kinked article The truth behind Chrysler’s fake auto bailout pay back, by Conn Carroll for the Washington Examiner. Ever wonder who really payed back the US for the money loaned by the US to GM? Read the article - You are going to get very angry because YOU paid for the money to pay back for the loan that YOU (via the Obama Administration) gave to bailout GM. What a screwed up Country. Shaft me once, I am angry. Shaft me twice and I want to see heads roll even before the next election.

By Christine Hall: Washington, DC, June 2, 2011 – Documents released last week by the U.S. Treasury Department indicate that General Motors and the Obama administration coordinated their PR strategy regarding GM’s much criticized 2010 ad campaign, in which the car maker misleadingly claimed to have repaid all its government loans. In May 2010, after GM’s campaign was launched, CEI filed a deceptive advertising complaint with the FTC, and GM shortly thereafter stopped running the ads.  CEI also filed a Freedom of Information request with Treasury for documents on the ad campaign. Those documents were finally released last week, after nearly a year of delay.

“One year ago, the US Treasury Department aided General Motors in its fraudulent claim that it fully repaid its government loans,” said Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel. “The detailed nature of their cooperation is demonstrated in the Freedom of Information documents that the Department has finally produced. Rather than respond within the 20 day statutory time period, Treasury took nearly a year to release these documents.

“Now the Treasury Department is re-enacting this smoke-and-mirrors routine on behalf of Chrysler,” said Kazman. “Whatever the bailouts may be credited with creating, honesty isn’t one of them.”

The documents produced as a result of CEI’s FOIA request show GM sharing PR strategy with the Obama administration more than three weeks before launching the campaign.  The Treasury Department sent some of those documents on to the White House at least two weeks before the launch.

Key points about the FOIA documents:
  • The timing of the Treasury Department’s response to CEI’s FOIA request appears to be connected to the administration’s current flurry of activity to tout the alleged success of the auto bailout.

    The Treasury Department inexplicably took almost a full year to respond to CEI’s FOIA request.  (See FOIA document pg. 1.)  Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wrote a Washington Post op-ed on June 1, 2011 with a similarly misleading statement that Chrysler had repaid its government loans. Tomorrow, President Obama is scheduled to give a speech at a Chrysler plant in Toledo, Ohio, likely trumpeting the auto bailout.
  • Treasury Secretary Geithner issued a press release touting GM’s repayment on the same day that GM launched its ad campaign.  (See pgs. 9-10.)  The newly released documents, however, indicate that the interrelationship between the Treasury Department, the White House, and GM on this PR effort was more extensive than previously realized.

    Starting on March 30, 2010, three weeks before GM’s planned launch of its ad campaign, Brian Deese from the Executive Office of the President and numerous Treasury officials began exchanging emails relating to GM’s planned announcement.  (See pgs. 55-59;97-102.)  These emails included draft schedules, draft remarks by GM to be given by its chairman and CEO, Edward Whitacre, and draft press releases from both GM and Treasury.  (See pgs. 9-14; 18-24; 36-39; 83-96.)  Treasury also had advance copies of GM’s marketing materials for its ironically titled “Trust Campaign.” (See pgs. 73-81.)
  • Once GM launched its campaign, it was widely ridiculed, and then, as revealed by the documents, Treasury officials began to develop a plan for responding to those criticisms.

    In late April, 2010, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) accused GM of repaying TARP loans with other TARP funds.  An April 29 email shows Treasury trying to “prepare a response today.” (See pg. 11.)

    Then, on May 10, 2010, former auto czar Steve Rattner publicly admitted that “GM may have slightly elasticized the reality of things” in its claims of repayment.  The documents show that, in response, Treasury officials privately began to look for ways to respond to Rattner’s criticism. Rattner’s successor, Ron Bloom, wanted “a couple bullet points… for response if this comes up.”  (See pgs.61-62.)
  • The Treasury Department’s role in facilitating GM’s deception may be far greater than the documents reveal, because the Treasury Department withheld some of the documents covered by the FOIA request, including portions of documents shedding light on White House involvement. For example, a blacked out item in the Treasury document release is a March 30 email from Brian Deese in the Executive Office regarding GM’s upcoming campaign. The only item left visible was the opening phrase, “Hi guys.” (See. Pp. 58-59.)
See also:
General Motors Accused of Fraud Over Misleading Claim That It Paid Back Taxpayers; CEI Files FTC Complaint by Hans Bader

The truth behind Chrysler’s fake auto bailout pay back, by Conn Carroll for the Washington Examiner

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June 3, 2011

Florida's Rep. Allen West Examines the 21st Century Battlefield

“We have the best soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen the world has ever known…but if they don’t have the right type of strategic goals and objectives, the right type of operational goals and direction that then filter down to the tactical level, it’s like a hamster—no matter how much exertion you are putting into that wheel, you are just not going anywhere.” Allen West

In the below speech, West identified four strategic goals he said should be the military’s focus:
Deny the enemy sanctuary.
Cut off the enemy’s flow of men, materials, and resources.
Win the information war.
Reduce the enemy’s sphere of influence.

by Bethany S. Murphy, Heritage Foundation: This week Rep. Allen West (R-FL) addressed a packed crowd at The Heritage Foundation to discuss how the battlefield in the 21st century has necessitated a change in military strategy. The speech was the closing event for Protect America Month, an annual series of events highlighting the importance of funding our military.

The Washington Post immediately posted their coverage of Rep. West’s remarks, noting:
In making the case for increased military spending, West, a retired Army veteran, drew upon several anecdotes from his 22 years of military service, telling the audience that at times, “my friends who were in tank units had to use golf carts to practice tank tactics.”
Watch West’s full speech below.

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June 2, 2011

Weiner Gate

by A.F. Branco:

ARRA News - Related News Stories on Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) alleged but denied Twitter of a suggestive photo. Why is Anthony Weienr so enamored with all things Anthony Weiner? Check out his twitter and who he follows; maybe you know someone who want to join his "lib squad":  (Hat Tip eGOPNews for the following links.)
WaPo: Anthony Weiner’s plan to cool Twitter furor backfires
NYT: Lawmaker Denies Sending Suggestive Photo but Doesn’t Rule Out It’s of Him
NYT: Weiner Can’t Rule Out That Twitter Photo Is of Him
Wash Times: Rep. Weiner won’t deny Twitter photo isn’t him
WSJ: Weiner Fails to Quell Controversy Over Photo
NY Post: Rep. Weiner's just a bad liar - and that's the truth
DC: Wolf bites Weiner in interview: ‘You would know if this is your underpants, for example?’
NatJ: A Republican Surge In Weiner's District
Human Events: Weiner’s Mayoral Ambitions Twittering Away?
Ann Coulter: Weiner's Penis Photo Dispute To Be Settled In Small Claims Court
Dana Milbank: @RepWeiner beats a hasty retweet

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