May 10, 2011

The Gut Stops Here

Our leader!
Bill Smith, Editor: The below cartoon by William Warren is timely and to the point. Of course, we have now learned that Obama's "gutzy move" in the killing of "Osama" was really Obama's  traditional method of of "duck and cover" and then "taking credit" for actions by others that were successful. We have CIA Director Leon Penetta to thank for the "gutz" to not back down and to push the operation to remove "OBL." It was nice to learn that there are still some people in the Obama administration that care more about America than their careers. Even our sometimes incoherent Vice President Biden was more on top of this situation. And then of course the Navy Seal delivered the real "gutzy" message for America.

If President Obama wants to be president for another term, he had best get rid of "lead anchors" like Senior White House advisor Valerie Bowman Jarrett. It is one thing to run and to be elected president; it is quite another thing to be "the president." Mr. President, git rid of the "noise" on your White House staff. Don't worry about Jarrett causing problems after she leaves. Just give her the pink slip with a reminder that that AG Eric Holder is setting on the investigation of her Chicago misdeeds.
by William Warren: After Obama made the "gutsy move" to take out Osama Bin Laden, he should consider making even more gutsy moves.

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