April 9, 2011

Florida Seeks To Be More Business Friendly

The following two articles reflect the efforts by Gov. Rick Scott ond conservative legislatures to fulfill their promise that Florida will be a state that is more friendly to business. Both articles address situations that are objected to by establishment democrats who want to retain excessive government regulations and bureaucracies. I guess jobs are okay when they in the hands of State employees but not when in the hands of private enterprise.

Massive Dereg Bill Passes in the House - "A controversial bill that would deregulate 20 professions and industries passed the House on Thursday by a vote of 77 to 38. The bill ends oversight for everything from auctioneers and interior designers to hair braiders, intrastate movers, auto repair shops, telemarketers and charitable organizations. Opponents say HB 5005 is a threat to consumer protection. 'It puts people at risk of being taken advantage of,' said Leonard Bembry, D-Greenville. Supporters say it will help boost the economy by making it easier to open businesses and create jobs. …Rep. Franklin Sands, D-Weston, said the only people the bill will attract to Florida are 'charlatans' and 'scammers.'" Miami Herald - Full Story

Scott's consolidation effort clears committee - "The governor got his wish Friday as the bill (PCB SCGR 11-03) cleared the House Select Committee on Government Reorganization by a vote of 17-6. He entered the committee room to a standing ovation. The bill creates the new department by combining three other agencies: the Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development, the Agency for Workforce Innovation and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Scott has said he wants a one-stop shop for companies interested in doing business in Florida. Miami Herald - Full Story

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