March 2, 2011

March 10th, 12PM Capitol Steps - "Stand With Florida" - Tallahassee,

For several years now, Floridians has seen government spending continue to grow.  Now we are facing $3 Billion dollar debt from last year's budget.   The time for easy decisions are over. Floridians must stop the spending now.
Please consider joining tea party/912 leaders and patriots across Florida on Thursday, March 10th in Tallahassee for the Florida Tea Party Summit. This is the first week session and critical for setting the tone for the session. Our goal is make our voices heard early on.

12 Noon - Tea Party Rally at the Capitol Steps - Get ready to get informed and inspired by speakers who will talk about specific issues and getting involved.  The current list of invited speakers are:
  • Local Tea Party Leaders
  • Senator Marco Rubio
  • Governor Rick Scott
  • Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll
  • CFO Jeff Atwater
  • Attorney General Pam Bondi
  • Senator Mike Haridopolos
  • Speaker Dean Cannon
  • Former Majority Leader Adam Hasner
  • Many More To Be Invited - Contact us if you have a recommendation
Can't make it to Tallahassee? Sign Our Petition "Stand With Florida"
I, as a citizen in great state of Florida, strongly support Governor Rick Scott's budget proposal to cut spending, consolidate departments and implement pension reform.   Our state is broke and cannot afford any more spending.  Raising taxes or costs for permits is not acceptable. Florida has one of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. We can't afford to increase taxes when many of the citizens are facing difficult times.  Do the right thing, cut spending, not my paycheck.

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Next week the session begins and one of the most important topics on the agenda is JOBS BILL HB 691.

Leadership in the House and Senate have made creating jobs a top priority this session. The problem is if any of those jobs go to illegal aliens the effort is wasted since the wages earned here will not be spent here and the unemployment rolls remain high.

Passed and put into law it will ensure all new jobs go to legal workers to start reducing the 1.1 million receiving compensation. The side benefit is illegal aliens will start self deporting when denied jobs reducing the current annual estimated cost of $5.5 Billion to educate, medicate and incarcerate them.

The bill faces four committees two of who's Chairs oppose any state immigration laws meaning they are fine with the Status Quo of 500K illegal aliens employed.

Here is the decision you need to make; either you support the hiring of legal workers only or you don't. If you solidly support the hiring of legal workers only then sign on to co-sponsor Rep. Gayle Harrell's JOBS Bill HB 691 to send a strong message it is time to end the chaos and anarchy in the state!

If you support the hiring of illegal alien labor over legal Florida workers then do nothing. Just be prepared when you go back to your district to explain why you wouldn't support the JOBS BILL.

This is not some stupid exercise or hoop you are being asked to jump through. The reason to ask you stand up now in support of the JOBS BILL is because the very loud message we are receiving is the JOBS BILL will never make it through the committee process.

YOU DECIDE: With your support we can get the JOBS BILL through and into law.



Senator Dockery:

You are co-sponsor of immigration bills SB 136, SB 230 and SB 304. Why are you not co-sponsoring SB 518?

If you have a serious interest in solving the illegal alien crisis in Florida the only bill in the senate that will do it is SB 518 sponsored by Senator Hays. Do you know not one senator has signed on as co-sponsor of Hays bill as of today? Why would that be?

Do none of the senators consider 825K illegal aliens roaming the state costing Floridians $5.5 Billion to educate, medicate and incarcerate a serious legislative problem? Is the reason most senators are bought and paid for by criminal employers of illegal aliens not to solve the crisis? Or, do the senators themselves employ illegal aliens? It is one of the three reasons so let's start with you.........why have you not co-sponsored SB 518?

By the way, do you employ illegal aliens in your citrus and cattle business? If so, that might explain why you are not co-sponsoring HB 518, Why uphold your constitutional responsibilities for the Rule of Law if it might get in the way of your hiring practice? Who would blame you if you are putting your personal interest in saving money employing illegal aliens ahead of the citizens of Florida? Narcissism reigns and I suppose more so with politicians.

You are not the only senator whose outside occupation raises a red flag concerning supporting HB 518. For instance, you are co-sponsoring Senator Bennett's two crime bills (one of which he said he might not vote for) and his occupation has been as an electrical contractor. If he was really interested in solving the illegal alien crisis he would at least co-sponsor the mandatory e-verify bill but he doesn't. Why would someone be fixated on a small insignificant part of the illegal alien crisis and not support the major legislation to solving it? Do you think he is too mentally challenged to grasp the solution to the problem or is simply putting out another illusion of doing something about it?

Please let me hear from you on why you haven't co-sponsored SB 518.

George R. Fuller


Senate President Haridopolos:

Thank you for your belated reply to my letter of January 29th.

I was advised a few years back when I first got involved in this illegal immigration morass the way to get things done was to be respectful and polite. Well sir, your propaganda letter stretches my limits of respectability.

Let me start by asking you if you are stupid? Or, do you think I am stupid to read this piece of feces and believe it?

Ok....agreed.....neither of us are stupid. Perhaps you are just uniformed and not familiar with what causes illegal immigration and how you solve it. Let me give you a clue. Illegal immigration is a cause and effect situation. Treating the effect only will never solve the cause.

I use the example of treating the effect only and it goes like this: It is the same as having a bathtub faucet turned on full and water is running over the sides. You grab a mop and start mopping feverishly (law enforcement) to clean up the water but it keeps getting deeper and deeper turn off the "Jobs" faucet (mandatory E-Verify). That little example of mopping the floor is what you are talking about with the incarceration example. Senator Mike "I don't know if I would vote for my own bill" Bennett has been pushing the "Jet Back" concept for years. Perhaps that example goes over in the garden club speeches around the state or to the kids in class but not here.

Why do you both talk up addressing the effect instead of cause? Dealing with the cause does not interrupt, but aids the criminal employers you both get your funding from and we all know who the three main industries are. You do realize it is a Federal crime to knowingly hire illegal aliens don't you?

The second part of the education is about the cause of illegal immigration.

employers offer illegals jobs.........illegal aliens rush in .............employers deny jobs.............illegal aliens leave

You may have to review the example several times since you have made it as far as you have in politics and it hasn't seemed to sink in yet.

Senator, which is a larger number $100 Million, $5.2 Billion, or $20 Billion?

Fact senator, your party has controlled the state legislature for over the past decade and blocked all state immigration control measures. Why, because they have protected the criminal enterprises who employ illegal aliens as you want to continue to perpetuate. The $5.2 Billion estimate is what FAIR came up with for taxpayers to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens in a recent year.. While you and your predecessors have protected the criminal employers legislatively during the last decade the cost to taxpayers has been over $20 BILLION and growing. So, what was it you were saying about $100 Million?

Democrats are just as guilty as republicans for being silent. It is their constituency most negatively affected but they are much more concerned with votes than their voters.

You are both willing to protect criminal employers for your separate goals; your campaign money rolls in off of illegal alien labor profits while democrats are accumulating voters.

I would respect you more if you would for once be honest with the public and admit your culpability in protecting the criminal employers who keep you in power.

Disagree, I would be willing to debate you publicly anywhere any time. Be thankful you have the megaphone of the media and I don't.

George R. Fuller


The bottom line is you will own whatever the outcome of the looming legislative session turns out to be by having overwhelming majorities. Senate Republicans last had this large of a majority during reconstruction following the civil war. Interesting, this current conflict is about a different type of slavery.

Specifically, you have lined up HB 691 and SB 518 to fail with four committee assignments for each. Imagine, 4 committee hearings in 8 weeks. Last session, Adams bill HB 219 regarding Public E-Verify and other items was assigned to two committees. These bills solely deal with one subject ensuring all new hires are legal workers and require twice as many committees? Who are you kidding?

In the senate the first committee assignment is the Judiciary committee chaired by Rookie Senator Flores who openly opposes any local or state immigration laws. The method to kill immigration bills in the last two senate sessions run by Atwater was to assign them to committees chaired by democrats who had no political downside refusing to hear the bills in committee.

I am sure Senator Flores can exercise the same delaying or blocking measure without fallout and gain actual praise from her districtin doing so. The demographics of her low income district are 72 % Hispanic, 30% naturalized, 26% non-citizens and not surprisingly Spanish is the language spoken at home by 75%. This is a classic example of what is referred to as "balkanization."

Perhaps you are happy to have someone chair a committee that is determining whether Florida enacts a law to ensure all new new hires be legal workers when the person opposes any state immigration laws and actually says illegal alien workers are good for the state. If the illegal aliens were a Chinese majority instead of Hispanic I wonder if the rookie senator's views would be the same? Most people would say if the views are simply held because of ethnicity then they would be racist. I agree and is why I made the request to Leadership to remove Flores from the immigration debate and sent her a letter asking her to recuse herself. Neither request received the benefit of a reply.

Flores will survive blocking or severely delaying SB 518 but can a candidate running for US senate think the fallout will not be on him instead of some rookie senator who wears her ethnicity on her shoulder? Flores is simply emblematic of the representatives of ethnic districts in both parties that vote opposing the views of the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the state without fear.

In the House the second committee HB 691 would face is chaired by Representative Bovo, the guy who joined with Zapata, Rivera, Flores and mostly Hispanic gang to kill HB 567 in 2009 sponsored by Republican Representative Schenck. His bill would have banned sanctuary cities in Florida and Bovo wanted no part of having his city required to cooperate with the Feds but protect illegal aliens.

If Bovo is ordered by Cannon to block or severely delay hearing HB 691 do you think he would resist or do it enthusiastically?

Then we get to the third committee chaired by Representative Grimsley.

Grimsley is a citrus grower, part of the AG industry that thinks immigration laws shouldn't apply to them because they are, well, the AG industry.
Same question: If Grimsley is ordered to block or severely delay hearing HB 691 or hear it immediately which order would she most enthusiastically follow?

By this time I am sure there are those reading this that might want to put a negative label on me but remember this; the bill I am trying to get passed is a jobs bill to ensure all new hires are legal workers.