March 11, 2011

Governors’ Decisions Show That Elections Matter

The Wall Street Journal editorial today showcased the contrast between the decisions being made by GOP governors like Scott Walker of Wisconsin to rein in spending and hold the line on taxes and the choices of Democrat governors like Mark Dayton of Minnesota, Jerry Brown of California, and Dan Malloy of Connecticut to raise taxes.

An excerpt of the editorial is below:
Badgers vs. Gophers
A political lesson in the Upper Midwest

“Wisconsin and Minnesota are often lumped together as similar states, but this year they are showing how elections matter. In November the Badger State elected a GOP legislature and Republican Scott Walker, who is trying to cut spending and taxes, while Minnesota voters narrowly chose liberal Democrat Mark Dayton, who is doing the opposite.

… To close Minnesota's budget deficit, Mr. Dayton first proposed to raise the state's top income tax rate to 13.95% from 7.85%. That would have given Minnesota the distinction of having the highest state income tax in the nation, racing ahead of current leaders Oregon and Hawaii at 11%. The Dayton plan would even have topped New York City's combined state-city rate of 12.62%.

New Democratic Governor Dan Malloy is trying to raise income, sales, liquor, cigarette and other taxes in Connecticut. In California, Democrat Jerry Brown wants a $12 billion extension of income and sales tax hikes that were supposed to be "temporary." New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to hold the line against a tax increase, despite pressure from fellow Democrats who dominate the state assembly, but he's a rare exception. We can't remember when the fiscal policy gulf between the two parties was as great as it is today.”
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