March 27, 2011

Florida Politics & News

Via eGOPNews: and Google Alert:
Miami Herald: Post recall: Let the circus begin - upcoming election - Lions and Monkeys invited
BusinessWeek: FL House OKs bill ending union dues pay deductions - Seeking to Stop the Union Thuggery
The Ledger: Lake Wales Voters Will Face 14 Amendments on Ballot - Grandma Bring a Chair to the Poll to Relax In Line
FTU: Jacksonville Journal: Sen Ben Nelson (D) backs Brown in contest for mayor - Who's Helping Who Here - Nelson smells like a "dead fish"
PNJ: Proposal passes to limit union political activity - They Can No Longer Use Cement Shoes To Resolve Disputes
SPT: Case against Ray Sansom and Jay Odom is dropped Each agreeded to pay Northwest Florida State College $103,000
NYT: Florida: Charges Dropped Against Ex-Speaker Judge Boots Only Witness
SPT: Connie Mack will not run for U.S. Senate Staying With The House Home Team
Roll Call: Mack Won't Run for Senate in Florida Impressed - Passes Senate - Stays Closer To His Constituents
Hill: Biden: If Bill Nelson loses Senate race, Obama won't win Florida in 2012 We Can All Dream: No Nelson - No Obama Win In Florida
Wash Times: Freshman Rep. Allen West has GOP abuzz with talk of ‘12 Love West To Be On the Big Chair in the East But We Need His Freed Voice in the House
SPT: Mixed messages on Fla from Team Romney Message 1: Take off the stuffed suit. Message 2: Communicate with bloggers and grassroots.
Miami Herald: Joe Biden slams Gov. Rick Scott over high-speed rail line Biden is a RR Hobo who likes to Spend your money for the ride. Kick him to the rail.
SPT: Charlie Crist's testimony pans Ray Sansom's college deal - So Charlie Got Another 10 Minutes of Limelight - Who Cares

If you think Florida Politics is strange, consider the following "Clueless Bunch." as detailed by Michael Ramirez:

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