December 20, 2010

Herman Cain's Hat is Almost in the Ring For President 2012

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Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: Herman Cain appeared on Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" last Friday and talked about why he is 70% ready to run for President in 2012. He called himself and unconventional candidate because he has not held office but was a successful in business. He is going to decide after the 1st of the year.

He has formed an exploratory committee and launched a Draft Herman Cain President 2012 (more later). Gretta like others want candidates to announce on their shows but Cain will most like announce on one of Neil Cavudo shows on Fox News.

As many know, I have for some time been supporting the Draft Sarah Palin 2012 Committee. Will I continue to do so? Yes. Will I support the Draft Herman Cain for President 2012? You betcha!  I liked watching and supporting Sarah Palin in 2008. I voted for her and that other guy she was running with. She is dynamic and it is amazing watching her communicate with a crowd. She also leads in being nationally known.  She is a classy conservative lady who the liberals hate above all other candidates.  I will keep my Veterans for Sarah hat on my rack whether she runs or not!  Palin has learned the national debate game since 2008.  If she wins the Republican nomination, she will shred Obama and his policies. 

Only, former governor Fox News host Mike Huckabee has more TV time and experience governing. He also has been a candidate for president. Even though he and I have not always agreed on fiscal issues in the past, we have both supported other candidates for state offices and with age, we are both a couple years older and wiser in our experiences; although he is the young guy. Huckabee has been carrying the campaign banner the longest and communicates well. For those who any of our past history, Mike and I have mended fences and so there is absolutely no confusion in the future, if Mike runs for President and is the chosen Republican candidate against Barack Obama in 2012, I will be wearing an "I Like Mike" hat and supporting him.

Another potential is Rep. Mike Pence. Although I but do not have any personal experience with other than listening to him , reporting on him and following his actions as leader of the republican house caucus, I like the prospects for Rep. Mike Pence. Obviously, I like his willingness to talk directly with new media bloggers and his staff arrange discussions with other House members. Pence has walked the conservative walk and taken stands agreeable to most Tea Party conservatives while also being well received by traditional values conservatives. Last year, he received the last years National Right To Life award. Mike Pence also carries himself in a stately mature manner that is an antithesis of the present resident of the White House. He understanding the needs of America and if president would represent America to the world without bowing to other nations and their leaders. As an aside, I served in the military from the Johnson through the Reagan administration. I have noted that Pence reminds me of Reagan's good-natured humor, and calmness in addressing people and events. Having said all this, depending on his decision next year, there may another hat hung on a peg for Mike Pence.

But folks, unlike others, I do not mind having lots of hats while others often prefer just a favorite hat. I am happy to see numerous viable quality conservative candidates available to run for office. We need someone to bring the ship of state back into a safe harbor and reversing the threat of national bankruptcy.

And this brings me to Herman Cain, a man who makes others feel better just being around him. While we have walked different career paths, we respect each others method of service to our county. Cain has been successful business man and later has been a motivational conservative speaker who unlike our current president knows what he is talking about when it comes to the economy.

What impresses me most about Herman Cain is his ability to reach out and to connect with others both intellectually and emotionally. When I see him with news reporter on TV, he isn't as comfortable being with commentators, but then again we know commentators. But, when you see Herman with people, he electrifies them and connects and excites them and moves their reasoning along to the right conclusions. I have noted that people regardless of age, race or sex seem to mentally adopt him as a wise father figure.

I have had many opportunities in the last two years to be at events with Herman and to join him on the Spending Revolt Bus Tour and at American For Prosperity events. When attending events, if Herman Cain was to speak, I would skip watching him on the live feed provided the press room, and would go to the convention floor. I liked observing the reaction of the attendees. In every situation from Washington, D.C., to New Orleans, to Las Vegas, to Little Rock, to Tea Party events, when Herman Cain spoke, the people not only listened but were on their feet in minutes cheering him on and agreeing with every word he spoke. Besides explaining things as they should be, he would also share great stories and practical advice and ideas like his Bumble Bee story or his SIN principles for determining unreachable liberals.

For those who have yet to meet Mr. Cain, here is brief bio we add to articles placed on articles posted on this site. However, he is far more than these few words.
Mr. Herman Cain is an American newspaper columnist, businessman, politician, noted speaker, and conservative radio talk-show host. He previously served as chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and previously worked as a mathematician for the Department of the Navy, a business analyst for the Coca-Cola Company, and for the Pillsbury Company, where he became Vice-President of Corporate Systems and Services. In 2004, Cain ran for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. He is a contributor to the a ARRA News Service and heads The Hermanator PAC which is focused on "Taking Back Our Government."
While Barack Obama might beat Herman Cain in one-on-one basketball, Obama could not hold a candle to Herman Cain in a Presidential debate. And Herman Cain knows the heart of the American people and knows how to creat jobs and run a large business without the government.  With Cain in the race, there will be an elevation of discussions. Also, the liberals race card would be mute. Although some liberals have already called Herman an Uncle Tom and not really black.  I think we need to be doing a lot of "raising Cain" - causing trouble or creating an uproar over Obama's policies and the liberal agenda.  So, I am enthusiastically hanging a hat on peg supporting Herman Cain for President 2012.

If you would like to know more about Herman Cain, join me and others in encourage Herman Cain to run for office, visit the following link. You will not be disappointed; Cain will mentor you in ways to take on liberals and to put American back on the right track.

Herman Cain is everything that Barack Obama is not–a seasoned man of faith, patriotic conviction, an experienced business executive, a natural communicator that doesn’t need a teleprompter, a guy that doesn’t need to hide what he truly believes about America, the Constitution, the rule of law and limited government. - Cristy Li
More information at Draft Herman Cain for President 2012

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