December 22, 2010

Cut The CRAP - Upkeep of Unused VA Monkey House - $175 Million

Bill Smith, Editor: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) released his annual “Wastebook” Monday, discussing 100 spending projects that squandered $11.5 billion of public money this year. The following is part of series of articles where that will be run drawing on Coburn's 2010 Wastebook and other sources to identify government funded waste. We are going to call the series Cut the CRAP which represents depending on the situation (Congress' Reckless Addiction to Pork) or (Congress' Reckless Allowance of Piss-Poor-Performance).

If you are angry with the waste, leave a comment, but most of all forward the example to your congressional representative and Senators and tell them to Cut the CRAP. Let your friends know about the waste. And get involved with organizations opposing government fraud, waste, and abuse. However, if you are happy with the pork project, share with us why you believe the government should be taxing others and in-debting our even grandchildren for the project.

Upkeep for Unused Monkey House and Other Buildings -
(Department of Veterans Affairs) $175 Million
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spends $175 million every year to
maintain hundreds of buildings it does not use, including a pink, octagonal
monkey house in Dayton, Ohio as identified by Jana Winter in a Fox News exclusive.

Many of the buildings are in severe disrepair, but the VA does not have the funds
to improve them. Complex federal laws make it difficult for the agency to sell the
buildings. So instead they sit unused, except for the vermin, birds, and insects
that use them for shelter.
The VA disputes the $175 million figure, saying it spent only $34 million last year on unused buildings. Moreover, the agency says it has made progress in shedding properties it no longer needs, selling off 266 buildings in the last three years. Meanwhile, some veterans‘ advocates are calling on the VA to use the buildings to house homeless vets.

It is time for the Veterans Administration to better serve Veterans and to stop the waste and abuse in its department.

Congress: Cut The CRAP - No more funds to the VA or any other government or non-government agency to "upkeep Unused / Un-Needed Buildings. Hold these agencies accountable and stop funding recurring fraudulent budget line items.

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