October 4, 2010

Are Liberals Lying About Trash?

Checking my stats (at Michigan Redneck II), some of the search words people used to come to my blog were “restoring honor trash”, “restoring honor rally trash”, “restoring honor rally trash photos”, “beck rally trash photos “restoring honor”, “did restoring honor rally leave trash behind”, “”restoring honor” trash”, “trash at restoring honor rally.”

This is making me wonder if liberals are lying and saying that the pictures of trash from the One Nation rally are pics from the Restoring Honor rally. That or when confronted about the trash they are answering that Restoring Honor left trash also. If this weren’t the case, then why would they search about trash at Restoring Honor a month after the rally? Well I googled for results that could be found for these searches. All links lead to comparisons that Restoring Honor attendees left no trash while One Nation left mounds of trash at all points of the rally. I guess those spreading lies didn’t think viewers, listeners or readers would do any research.

Check this vid with cool funk/soul with the chorus being the name of the rally.

Yeah Che! Communism is like kewl man! “One Nation under (what?)”? Check the lady after frame 1:01. Oh no, she wasn’t part of this mess. No. Not her. She thinks it’s horrible. But is she willing to grab a bag and her, her husband and her kid start picking up what they can? No. Remember kids, it starts with one person and the rest will follow. If you pick up yours and others trash, you can lead and others will follow. Worst of all? Frame 2:06 to finish, flag left on the ground by a tree.

Video found via MEDIAite, commentary on vid mine.
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