October 18, 2010

Rasmussen: GOP Will Gain 55 Seats in U.S. House

by John Gizzi, Human Events: Nationally-recognized pollster Scott Rasmussen . . . predicted that Republicans would gain 55 seats in races for the U.S. House of Representatives November 2nd —m uch more than the 39 needed for a Republican majority in the House for the first time since 2006.

But the man whose Rasmussen Reports polling is watched carefully by politicians and frequently quoted by the punditocracy said that whether Republicans gain the ten seats they need to take control of the Senate is in question.

“Republicans should have 48 seats [after the elections next month], Democrats 47, and five seats could slide either way,” said Rasmussen in his banquet address at the Western Conservative Political Action Conference. He was referring to seats in five states in which the Senate race this year he considers too close to call: California, Illinois, Washington, West Virginia, and Nevada (or “that mudwrestling contest,” as Rasmussen described the race between Republican Sharron Angle and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid). . . . [Full Article]
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