October 25, 2010

Daniel Webster (FL-08) - More Numbers

TPMDC: A new Susquehanna (R)/Sunshine State News poll of Florida's 8th District shows fiery liberal Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson trailing his Republican opponent, former state Sen. Dan Webster. The numbers: Webster 43%, Grayson 36%, plus 6% for Tea Party candidate Peg Dunmire and independent George Metcalfe. The survey of likely voters has a ±4.14% margin of error. There is no previous poll of this race by this firm for direct comparison The pollster's analysis finds that Grayson's unfavorable rating is at 51%: "He's even more unpopular than the president, which is not surprising given how controversial he has been with his rhetoric, overall style and TV ads."

Daniel Webster - Fixing Washington Together [Video]

In contrast to the negative ads aired by his opponent, Alan Grayson, Webster continues to address the important issues that are affecting our everyday lives.

Here are the numbers:
$787 billion spent under "Pelosi's House" promising to create jobs
2.6 million jobs that have been lost under the current administration
$4.3 Million stimulus dollars sent to criminals

Webster offers solutions:
Cuts in spending, a jumpstart to the economy and restoration of the promise.

Those who believe America is not broken but that Washington is and who are serious about sending congress a message will vote Daniel Webster in this year's upcoming election.

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