October 25, 2010

Alex Sink: Allen West 2010, Ron Klein 2012?

Yomin Postelnik, Chairman, A Better Florida PAC: This term will see redistricting, a once in a decade process by which all congressional, state level and regional seats are redrawn. We need to work hard to elect a Republican governor, unless we want to cede as many as 6 congressional seats to the Dems.

As of this email, we may be well on track to seeing Allen West elected to Congress in South Florida. Alan Grayson appears to be going down to defeat.

But elect Alex Sink as governor and Alan Grayson, Ron Klein, Suzanne Kosmas and Alan Boyd may well be back in two years, not to mention the future of the two new seats being gained by Florida in the process.

The Governor has veto power over any redistricting plan. A Republican governor helps ensure that these seats stay Republican. A Democrat governor would demand compromise from the Florida House and it’s doubtful that Tallahassee leadership would hold the line in great enough numbers and have the media savvy to win that battle.

That’s why electing Rick Scott is absolutely crucial to the Republican effort and why his race is the most important one in this election cycle.

A Better Florida PAC Voter Guide

United States Senate - Marco Rubio

United States Representative

U.S. House of District #22 - Allen West

U.S. House of District #19 - Joe Budd

U.S. House of District #20 - Karen Harrington

U.S. House of District #23 - Bernard Sansaricq

U.S. House of District #17 - Roderick Vereen

Florida Governor - Rick Scott

State Attorney General - Pam Bondi

State Chief Financial Officer - Jeff Atwater

Commissioner of Agriculture - Adam Putnam

State Senate District #25 - Ellyn Bogdanoff

State Senate District #27 - Lizbeth Benacquisto

State Senate District #32 - Patrick Laffey

State Senate District #35 - Corey Poitier

State House District #91 - George Moraitis

State House District #87 - Bill Hager

State House District #89 - Steven Rosenblum

State House District #85 - Tami Donnally

State House District #83 - Pat Rooney

State House District #95 - Scott Yardley

State House District #98 - Kim Burgess

State House District #90 - Alison Rampersad

State House District #100 - Ed Bender

Broward County Commission District #4 - Chip LaMarca

Broward County Commission District #8 - Christopher Max Ziadie

Justice of The Supreme Court
Who Should Be Retained In Office?

Charles Canady – Yes

Jorge Labarga – No – Undemocratically voted to remove the “Florida Health Care Freedom Act” from the ballot.

James Perry – No - Undemocratically voted to remove the “Florida Health Care Freedom Act” from the ballot.

Ricky Polston – Yes

Broward County Court Judge Group # 1 - John Howes

Broward County Court Judge Group # 26 - Mardi Anne Levey Cohen

Broward County School Board
District #7 - Travis Williamson

Constitutional Amendments

No. 1 – Review and decide
No. 2 – Yes
No. 4 – No
No. 5 – No
No. 6 – No
No. 8 – No - Amendment 8 would only make a bad situation worse. While lack of a qualified hiring campaign, the Teachers’ Unions and an inflexible curriculum are primary causes of stagnation in Florida public schools, raising the class size without improving the curriculum by bringing creativity to the classroom or hiring more qualified teachers would only make a bad situation worse. Every dollar spent PROPERLY on education betters the future of the state and is even fiscally prudent, by leading to savings on criminal justice and juvenile delinquency programs. Increasing the class size without fixing the educational structure is just plain wrong.

Nonbinding Statewide
Advisory Referendum Yes

Broward County Issues
No. 1 – Yes
No. 2 – No
No. 3 – No
No. 4 – No
No. 5 – Review and decide

Recommendations are those of the A Better Florida PAC and not necessarily this site.

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