September 10, 2010

President Obama & His 'Stimulus' Plan: "That's Our Entire Agenda"

While President Obama Promises To Tout His Failing Economic Policies, Numbers Show That He Has Little To Boast About

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH): At a White House press conference today, President Obama said that “there is no doubt that everything we’ve been trying to do…is designed to stimulate growth and additional jobs in the economy.  I mean, that’s our entire agenda.” But, as the president’s economic proposals this week show, the sum of his “entire agenda” is nothing but more ‘stimulus’ spending that has failed to create jobs and piled more debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids. Month after month, Americans have been asking “Where are the jobs?” President Obama offered no answers today, instead promising that, between now and November, he will “remind the American people” that policies he has put into place “have moved us in the right direction.” With all due respect, the American people do not need more empty rhetoric and politically-driven spin from the White House, they need real solutions. And, according to these economic indicators, that is clearly not what the White House is offering:

BETTER SOLUTIONS. Earlier this week, House Republicans called for bipartisan action this month on a two-point plan to help our economy get back to creating jobs by cutting unnecessary government spending and stopping the looming tax hike on families and small businesses. This plan will be followed in the coming weeks by a more comprehensive governing agenda built around the feedback Republican Members of Congress received at town halls across the country, held under the America Speaking Out project, during the month of August. Americans can review, debate, and vote on the proposals that have been offered, and will continue to be offered, on

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