September 26, 2010

Allen West vs. Ron Klein - Florida CD-22

Health Care

Allen: Would vote to repeal the health care law and return health care to the private domain of an individual and his or her doctor. Ron: Voted for the government takeover of health care which will result in $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and will increase costs for both the consumer and the government.

Government Spending

Allen: Allen West favors reducing federal bureaucracy and ending the cycle of senseless bailouts. Ron: Voted for the massive government initiatives that have plunged our nation deeper and deeper into debt.


Allen:  Wants to invest in a wide range of alternative energy options, which will create jobs and security both now and in the future. Ron: Voted to block oil companies from gettng new leases on drill-able land, which could have lowered prices at the pump.

National Security

Allen: From his experiences fighting against our enemies, Allen knows that we must show strength in the face of threats from terrorists and dictators. Ron: Opposed the successful "surge" strategy in Iraq calling it "poor planning" and saying that "increasing troop levels... will not change the situation."

Immigration/ Border

Allen: Supports the rights of states to secure their border, such as in Arizona. Protecting US citizens must come first. Ron: Ron Klein received a 'C' from Numbers USA, which grades Congress on their positions on immigration. Klein has not publicly supported Arizona's Immigration Bill.


Allen: Knows that lower taxes puts more money into our pockets, which encourages private-sector growth and ingenuity. Ron: Has voted in favor of 98% of Pelosi's irresponsible agenda, which taxes hard-working families and businesses.


Allen: Dedicated to renewing America's commitment to our closest ally in the Middle East. Ron: Congress' support for Israel has waned during Klein's tenure, which only emboldens Israel's enemies such as Hamas and Iran.

Stimulus Bill

Allen: Opposed to the Stimulus Bill and other omnibus spending bills like it, which encourage wasteful spending at our expense. Ron: Voted in favor of the Stimulus Bill which has spent hundreds of billions of dollars but failed to help the economy.

Cap and Trade

Allen: Against cap and trade; favors investing in the full spectrum of energy solutions for both the short and long term. Ron: Voted in favor of cap and trade legislation in June 2009 which will stifle American businesses.


Allen: Opposes government bailouts of the private sector. Ron: Voted to bailout the Wall Street colossus that created the economic crisis. Later voted for the bailout of the bloated auto industry.

Debt Limit Bill

Allen: Favors reducing the national debt by cutting spending and refining our national tax code. Ron: Voted to raise the debt limit, which gave Congress an artificial ceiling so they could continue to recklessly spend money.

Military Experience

Allen: Allen West served in the US Army for over two decades and in multiple combat theaters. He knows what it takes to fight our enemies. Ron: Has not served in uniform.

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