September 30, 2010

Florida Politics -- Hot Topic -- November Is Coming

Wash Times: Rubio airs ad in Spanish
Florida TU: Democrats aim fire at Crist in new ad
Miami Herald: Bill McCollum comes to Alex Sink's defense
Buzz: Special interests pony up $1 million to Scott's political committee
Sunshine News: Poll: Obama, Dems Poised to Lose Grayson House Seat
SPT: In TV ad, Florida Democrat invokes Taliban against GOP rival
Palm Beach Post: Rubio says Social Security change needed, but not private system
Tampa Tribune: Marco Rubio denies flip-flopping on privatizing Social Security
Sarasota Herald Tribune: Scott launches new attack ad on Sink
Buzz: Rick Scott returns to a Panhandle stronghold
Palm Beach Post: Republican Sen. Alex Villalobos backs Sink
Sunshine News: Conservatives Strike Back at Alan Grayson's 'Taliban Dan' Ad
AP/Elliott: Fla. congressman calls opponent 'Taliban Dan'
WaPo: Grayson calls opponent 'Taliban Dan Webster'
News-Press: Appeal to be filed in lawsuit against Crist
Florida Independent: Appeal pending in lawsuit over GOP donations to Crist
Naples News: Crist hopes his independent Senate candidacy will break Washington gridlock
NYT: Florida Voters Enter Battle on Growth
Wash Times: Florida's Crist, once a golden boy, sees luster fade
CQ: Florida: Former Rep. Wexler Endorses Crist
SPT: Tea party favorite Allen West gunning for Ron Klein's seat
Buzz: State GOP chairwoman Deborah Cox Roush?
Buzz: Analysis shows Florida could add two Congressional seats after 2010 Census
Miami Herald: Election Day is already over for many Floridians as early voting surges
News-Press: Independent voters likely critical bloc in race for Florida governor
Orlando Sentinel: 3 questions for Rick Scott and Alex Sink
Ledger: Scott Turns To Dishing Dirt as Time Runs Out
Palm Beach Post: Democrat ex-banker Sink says she's an outsider, too
Buzz: Poll: Rubio building lead as Meek closes in on Crist
WINK: Republican Marco Rubio makes campaign stop in Southwest Florida
Rasmussen: Florida Governor: Scott (R) Pulls Slightly Ahead of Sink (D)
Buzz: Rick Scott writes himself another million dollar check
Rich Lowry: A Open Letter to Charlie Crist
Florida Indep: Crist to keep Republican campaign money, for now Orlando Sentinel: Grayson vs. Webster: House race epitomizes left vs. right
Miami Herald: Consultant: Rubio charged $4K in home remodeling work on GOP credit card
Buzz: Rubio soft on illegal immigration, pro-Crist mailer claims
Wash Times: Judge blocks lawsuit request for Crist refunds
Miami Herald: GOP quest for Crist refunds blocked
Naples News: Alex Sink grabs lead over Rick Scott in Mason Dixon poll
Miami Herald: Poll: Sink has 7 point lead on Scott for governor
WOLV: Can Rick Scott Rally Republican Support?
Politico:Marco Rubio: Voters don't want 'experts'
SPT: E-mail names 'heroes' who got legislative funding for 'Taj Mahal' courthouse
NRO: Rick Scott, Stimulus Warrior
Miami Herald: Scott plan to cut jail budget called unrealistic
CFnews13: Attorneys want Jim Greer charges dropped
NYT:Florida Court Calls Ban on Gay Adoptions Unlawful
H/T eGOPNews

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September 26, 2010

Allen West vs. Ron Klein - Florida CD-22

Health Care

Allen: Would vote to repeal the health care law and return health care to the private domain of an individual and his or her doctor. Ron: Voted for the government takeover of health care which will result in $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and will increase costs for both the consumer and the government.

Government Spending

Allen: Allen West favors reducing federal bureaucracy and ending the cycle of senseless bailouts. Ron: Voted for the massive government initiatives that have plunged our nation deeper and deeper into debt.


Allen:  Wants to invest in a wide range of alternative energy options, which will create jobs and security both now and in the future. Ron: Voted to block oil companies from gettng new leases on drill-able land, which could have lowered prices at the pump.

National Security

Allen: From his experiences fighting against our enemies, Allen knows that we must show strength in the face of threats from terrorists and dictators. Ron: Opposed the successful "surge" strategy in Iraq calling it "poor planning" and saying that "increasing troop levels... will not change the situation."

Immigration/ Border

Allen: Supports the rights of states to secure their border, such as in Arizona. Protecting US citizens must come first. Ron: Ron Klein received a 'C' from Numbers USA, which grades Congress on their positions on immigration. Klein has not publicly supported Arizona's Immigration Bill.


Allen: Knows that lower taxes puts more money into our pockets, which encourages private-sector growth and ingenuity. Ron: Has voted in favor of 98% of Pelosi's irresponsible agenda, which taxes hard-working families and businesses.


Allen: Dedicated to renewing America's commitment to our closest ally in the Middle East. Ron: Congress' support for Israel has waned during Klein's tenure, which only emboldens Israel's enemies such as Hamas and Iran.

Stimulus Bill

Allen: Opposed to the Stimulus Bill and other omnibus spending bills like it, which encourage wasteful spending at our expense. Ron: Voted in favor of the Stimulus Bill which has spent hundreds of billions of dollars but failed to help the economy.

Cap and Trade

Allen: Against cap and trade; favors investing in the full spectrum of energy solutions for both the short and long term. Ron: Voted in favor of cap and trade legislation in June 2009 which will stifle American businesses.


Allen: Opposes government bailouts of the private sector. Ron: Voted to bailout the Wall Street colossus that created the economic crisis. Later voted for the bailout of the bloated auto industry.

Debt Limit Bill

Allen: Favors reducing the national debt by cutting spending and refining our national tax code. Ron: Voted to raise the debt limit, which gave Congress an artificial ceiling so they could continue to recklessly spend money.

Military Experience

Allen: Allen West served in the US Army for over two decades and in multiple combat theaters. He knows what it takes to fight our enemies. Ron: Has not served in uniform.

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September 24, 2010

Florida ban on gay adoption is illegal, court says

REUTERS — There is no rational reason to prohibit all homosexuals from adopting children, a Florida appeals court said Wednesday in a ruling that upheld a gay man's adoption of two young boys. Florida is the only remaining U.S. state to expressly ban adoption by gay men and women without exception, the ruling noted.

A lower court found in 2008 that the ban violated the state constitution's guarantee of equal treatment. It allowed the plaintiff, a gay man named Frank Martin Gill, to adopt two boys -- half-brothers he had been raising as foster children since 2004. The Florida Department of Children and Families said the lower court erred and the adoption was illegal under the state's 33-year-old ban on adoption by gays. But the state's Third District Court of Appeal in Miami Wednesday upheld the lower court's finding that "there is no rational basis for the statute."... [Full Story]

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September 23, 2010

Florida RLC Will Host Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Scott

By Aaron Biterman: Republican Gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott will be the keynote speaker at the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida’s Second Annual 2010 Constitution Day Dinner.

The dinner will occur at the Radisson Resort at the Port on Friday, September 24, 2010. Cocktail hour will be from 6 to 7pm and the program will begin at 7pm. Register today!

The Constitution Day Dinner serves as the Republican Liberty Caucus’ primary annual fund raising vehicle, giving the organization the funds it needs to support and promoting candidates that espouse the principles of free enterprise and Constitutionally limited government.

“This event will honor those who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to create our great nation,” RLCCEF founder Matt Nye said. “This country was founded on the principles of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise, so it is very appropriate that we will have entrepreneur and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott as our keynote speaker.”

“Now, more than ever, Americans must become active in the political process — we want them to come out, get engaged, and learn how they can make a difference within both the Republican Party and their government,” Nye said. “Apathy is no longer an option; just as our forefathers stood against the redcoats so many years ago, Americans must once again stand up and fight if they want to preserve the greatest country known to man.”

Rick Scott has a narrow lead over Democrat Alex Sink. Scott’s running mate is State Rep. Jennifer Carroll, who would be Florida’s first African American Republican Lt. Governor. We hope you’ll come join the Florida Republican nominee for Governor Rick Scott at the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida’s Second Annual 2010 Constitution Day Dinner on Friday.

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September 22, 2010

ICYMI: Allen West - Stand and Hold That Line

ICYMI: Allen West, Candidate for Congress - Florida CD-22, in April sent a reverberating message which is worth listening to again.

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September 16, 2010

Allen West Calls out Florida Democrats

In the video, check out Allen West call out Florida Democrat Party’s tracker (for those of you unfamiliar, that’s the person who shadows a candidate on the campaign trail)

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September 13, 2010

Allen Boyd (FL-02) Sides with Nancy Pelosi

Had Enough? Time for a better candidate: Steve Southerland.

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Marco Rubio: This Election is a Referendum on Our Identity

Marco Rubio in the follow video addresses key points on the 2010 Election being a "referendum" on the identity of the United States. Watch this video to see why America Best Choice endorsed and supports Marco Rubio for US Senate. Note, this video was made by The Shark Tank:

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September 12, 2010

Rick Scott: “Alex Sink asleep at the witch-Switch”

by Javier Manjarres: In his much anticipated speech to the Florida GOP at their quarterly meeting in Orlando, Gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott pull no punches as he tied President Barack Hussein Obama around the neck of his opponent Alex Sink. Scott referred to her as an “Obama Liberal” and said she was ‘asleep at the witch (switch)’ Was this a slip of the ol’ tongue, hmmm? Scott also noted that his campaign had documented all of Alex Sink’s “Obama stances” during her time as CFO of the state, and announced the launch of his new website- that documents all of Sink’s unabashed liberalism that she is now running from.

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September 10, 2010

Public Service Announcement - BEWARE PICKPOCKETS

ARRA News Service - After hearing President Obama's speech  today, it seemed only appropriate to issue this Public Service Announcement and to provide readers with a sign to post in public areas or places you think are appropriate. Please provide copies to friends.
Beware Pickpockets - A.K.A. - Democrats
Sign Complements of Patriot Post

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President Obama & His 'Stimulus' Plan: "That's Our Entire Agenda"

While President Obama Promises To Tout His Failing Economic Policies, Numbers Show That He Has Little To Boast About

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH): At a White House press conference today, President Obama said that “there is no doubt that everything we’ve been trying to do…is designed to stimulate growth and additional jobs in the economy.  I mean, that’s our entire agenda.” But, as the president’s economic proposals this week show, the sum of his “entire agenda” is nothing but more ‘stimulus’ spending that has failed to create jobs and piled more debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids. Month after month, Americans have been asking “Where are the jobs?” President Obama offered no answers today, instead promising that, between now and November, he will “remind the American people” that policies he has put into place “have moved us in the right direction.” With all due respect, the American people do not need more empty rhetoric and politically-driven spin from the White House, they need real solutions. And, according to these economic indicators, that is clearly not what the White House is offering:

BETTER SOLUTIONS. Earlier this week, House Republicans called for bipartisan action this month on a two-point plan to help our economy get back to creating jobs by cutting unnecessary government spending and stopping the looming tax hike on families and small businesses. This plan will be followed in the coming weeks by a more comprehensive governing agenda built around the feedback Republican Members of Congress received at town halls across the country, held under the America Speaking Out project, during the month of August. Americans can review, debate, and vote on the proposals that have been offered, and will continue to be offered, on

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September 9, 2010

Washington doesn't deserve a raise

Sen. Jim Demint, The Washington Times: Even though they failed to create jobs, stimulate the economy or make health care affordable, President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi want a raise.

Based on their recent voting record, it could be a $3.8 trillion raise. That's how much new money Washington will take from American workers and families over the next decade if all the Democratic tax increases are enacted next year. And despite being in control of Congress since 2007, Democrats have done nothing to stop any part of this tax explosion. Rather than admit they want to give the government a raise, the Democrats claim the government "can't afford" to keep taxes low. The truth is that Americans can't afford the European-style, socialist government the Democrats want to create.

After voting four times a few weeks ago to raise taxes on every American taxpayer, Democrats are facing the wrath of voters and scrambling to hide their record. Democrats claim they only want businesses and upper-income taxpayers to pay for their raise, but Americans have caught on to this class warfare, and they know every new tax on employers means more jobs will disappear.

Most people get raises for jobs well done. The Democrats want a tax raise because they haven't done their jobs. Instead of working to reduce the national debt, they've added trillions to it. To pay it down, they prefer to take another cut from Americans' paychecks rather than cut government spending.

This is how Washington thrives at America's expense. Remember how self-serving members of Congress got every pork-barrel project they ever wished for in Mr. Obama's $787 billion stimulus bill? That bill produced thousands of earmarks, but not jobs. The Obama administration and the Democratic Congress haven't solved any of the problems that led to the financial collapse. They've used the economic meltdown as an excuse to steer tax dollars to political allies, donors and pet projects with their bailouts and takeovers.

Such me-first thinking by people who, in the words of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, didn't want to "let a serious crisis to go waste" plunged the economic crisis that began in 2008 into a deep, long-lasting recession. Increasing taxes now would be like tying an anchor around the flailing economy's neck.

. . . . People who vote for incomprehensible bills shouldn't be given another $3.8 trillion to waste on their bad ideas. Increasing taxes will only fuel their out-of-control, big-government agendas.

Those who say we "can't afford" current tax rates care more about pumping up government programs than the prosperity of the American people. Citizen entrepreneurs, small-business owners and workers should not be forced to cut back on their plans in order to fund more spending programs dreamed up by Washington politicians and bureaucrats.

Spending is the problem, so cutting spending should be the solution. If there's anything that's unaffordable, it's the policies of Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi. Given the high unemployment rate and record levels of debt and deficits, they certainly don't deserve a raise. [Full Article]

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September 8, 2010

Party of No

OBAMA: If I said the sky was blue, they’d say no.
DEM COMMERCIAL 1: I’ve had to say no far more than I’ve said yes.
DEM COMMERCIAL 2: [That is] why I voted against all of the bailouts.
DEM COMMERCIAL 3: And why I voted against the three trillion dollar budget.
DEM COMMERCIAL 4: You saw it when he voted against health care.
DEM COMMERCIAL 5: Against bailouts, against stimulus spending.
DEM COMMERCIAL 6: And voted against Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax.
OBAMA: If I said the sky was blue, they’d say no.

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September 6, 2010

The High-Tech Lynching of Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom

When a prosecutor calls the charges levied against a conservative commissioner in a liberal county “novel,” you know that justice has run amok. But the extent of the miscarriage of justice in the Keith Wasserstrom case goes well beyond that definition.

Keith Wasserstrom was a city commissioner in Hollywood, Fla., in the southern part of Broward County. Nominally a Democrat, Wasserstrom was open in his support for the reelection of Gov. Jeb Bush in 2002. At the height of the Iraq War’s unpopularity, Wasserstrom was a lone voice in that party, reminding them of the national security reasons for the war. He knew that his popularity would suffer and he was kicked out of three Democratic clubs as a result. But he did not know the extent of maliciousness that was in store for him.

At the same time, federal agents were looking to prosecute crimes in Broward. One county commissioner with a past that swirled with rumors, and who was later indicted after a joint federal and state investigation, had been caught misusing funds without charges being laid. There were rumored backroom deals with school board members (one instance of which was later confirmed). Broward was working on establishing new ethics standards. But instead of promoting steps to actually curb corruption, certain officials decided to alleviate the pressure of never having prosecuted a Broward official by going after the one whose politics they liked least, a Democrat who showed voters how much their party had changed. The fact that he had done nothing wrong was a side matter.

I know that many Democrats believed then, and probably still believe, that support of the war in Iraq is a crime in and of itself. The votes of 25 Democratic senators to approve the war, all of whom had the same intelligence briefings that the UN and other international organizations had provided both the White House and leaders of Congress, would stand in the way of such an argument, as would the continued presence in Iraq under a Democrat administration. Either way, the Iraq War does not give license to go on a witch hunt against its supporters or to manufacture crimes against them.

Wasserstrom was charged with unlawful compensation for dealing with a client who provided him with no compensation on anything having to do with the City of Hollywood (that charge was thrown out by the judge due to its shear ridiculous nature). Prosecutors piled on four ancillary charges in the hopes of exacting a deal, two counts of filing false forms and two counts of getting the mayor to as well. The fact that these forms were recusal forms, meaning that they explained why Wasserstrom did not vote on the project, was all but overlooked. The city attorney called the charges “a miscarriage of justice.”

Specifically, the charges against Wasserstrom centered around a deal between the City of Hollywood and Schwing Bioset, a company that converts waste into fertilizer. The company has been hired by several cities. It is not the cheapest company to offer this service, but cities contract Schwing Bioset because of its unique track record and clear abilities to perform. Wasserstrom’s firm represented the firm, with a clause in their contract specifically excluding his firm from compensation for any Hollywood deal. This measure was not necessary. All Wassserstrom would have needed to do is to recuse himself from any Hollywood vote. Conversely, based on his fee exemption, Wasserstrom could have legally voted on the Hollywood contract.

In an abundance of caution, Wasserstrom both excluded himself from any gains resulting in the City of Hollywood contract and from voting on the contract. He was upfront about his firm’s relationship with the company. He broke no laws and did nothing untoward.

Although the judge threw out the main charge, the ancillary charges made the jury believe that something was wrong. After all, who is charged who has committed no wrongdoing? This is a dangerous supposition that assumes guilt at the onset and stands in stark contrast to the rule of presumption of innocence. If we believe that all who are charged are in fact guilty at onset, then how can anyone ever have a fair trial? But the pile on of charges led the jury to conclude that “something must have been done” and that it was reasonable to find that Wasserstrom should have at least made the forms more clear and detailed.

The jury overlooked that recusal forms are just that, forms - not biographies. They are filed after the fact and list a brief reason why the commissioner who filed them recused himself from the vote. They are not detailed explanations. They simply state that so and so recused himself of a vote and why. It’s impossible to have criminal intent in filing such a form, as no gain is garnered by their filing. Moreover, in the Wasserstrom case, the City Attorney had filed one of the forms himself. But juries that suppose that the defendant must have done something to be hauled into court have often seen otherwise. At least one Wasserstrom juror said that none of them felt good about convicting him, but felt unclear about the case. This speaks to the surreal nature of the charges, not to his guilt.

The assistant state’s attorney who prosecuted the case called the Wasserstrom conviction “novel.” There is nothing noble about “novel” prosecutions. All that means is that the charged person had no way of knowing that his/her actions would be considered illegal and that the actions undertaken were never before considered criminal. It’s the definition of prosecutorial overreach.

The case should have never been brought and should have been thrown out when it was. It’s the latest in the attempt by the left to hijack the right and to stifle dissent. And it was followed up by the unfair, unfounded and unjust charges against two Republican commissioners in another Broward city for allegedly violating Sunshine Laws (laws preventing commissioners from discussing city business outside of a public forum) in a he said/he said case that was actually dismissed and resulted in an assistant states attorney who was also a state representative attending the latter’s vindication party.

We must all stand up against injustice, against the targeting of innocents and against the besmirching of a fine public servant like Keith Wasserstrom, for no other reason than that of agenda driven politics.

Some additional shocking legal facts:

Wasserstrom followed the advice of the City Attorney all along, from drafting the clause in the engagement letter to filling out the recusal form. Although the City Attorney advised the Mayor and Wassserstrom that they had no legal conflict of interest, they both chose to recuse themselves to avoid any appearance of impropriety. The City Attorney backed up his opinion with a legal memo that explained that Florida law only requires the disclosure of conflicts that would benefit the elected official.

The prosecution, recognizing that the main charge of unlawful compensation was absurd on the face of it, contended that Wasserstrom stood to gain from Hollywood, because another city may choose Swing Bioset because they will have had a track record with Hollywood. The prosecution recognizes that even this far fetched scenario would be legal, as Wasserstrom had recused himself of the vote. They contend that the illegal act was that he didn’t specify this in the recusal forms, the forms that are filled out after the fact and detail briefly why he didn’t vote on the deal. Never mind that Swing Bioset could point to numerous other contracts that it’s performed well before meeting Wasserstrom or Hollywood. How filing a form after the fact results in unlawful compensation is too twisted to describe in words.

Nonetheless, the City Attorney forewarned against this assertion as well, citing that Florida does not consider as a benefit anything that is contingent, speculative or remote. The fact that anyone would be able to go to other cities and say “Hollywood uses Bioset” was a benefit that was remote, speculative and contingent. First, their work had to be successful in Hollywood in order for there to be any benefit. Second, Wasserstrom would only benefit if Bioset continued to retain the marketing company that hired his firm—as his firm was engaged by the marketing company for Bioset, not Bioset itself. Bioset could have fired the marketing company, or the marketing company could have fired his firm, at any time. Third, there would only be benefit to his firm if the city, municipality or county being offered the services chose Bioset after an extensive and expensive request for proposal process - remote, speculative and contingent.

Regarding the piling on of charges and how it seems to have influenced the jury, one other point stands out. Wasserstrom was charged not only for failing to provide a rendition the size of War and Peace on a simple recusal form, but also for the Mayor having done the same. By contrast, the Mayor was not charged at all. In reality, neither should have faced such absurd charges, but this just shows the malicious nature of the Wasserstrom prosecution. Of course, the jury could find no reason to believe that Wasserstrom had influenced the Mayor (and the prosecution could offer none), and acquitted on those charges, but chose to convict on his own forms, under the actual (if not the legal) premise of “I guess he could have been more specific,” a supposition that should never justify a conviction and that in fact convicted an innocent man.

Further, Wasserstrom was charged with filing his form (and the Mayor’s) and then charged again for an amendment to his firm (and the Mayor’s). By all interpretations of the law, even if there would have been impropriety, that would have been one act, one conviction. The amendment clarified that Wasserstrom’s firm did not work for the marketing company, Bionative Technologies which was the marketing company for Schwing Bioset, but for a local Florida company retained by Bionative. It was technical in nature and of course, had no bearing on whether he’d receive compensation or any criminal intent. How correcting the name of a marketing company on a form led to two separate counts brought is unbelievable.

The absurdity is that all of the above, his entire prosecution, related to his filing of recusal forms, forms filed days or months after a commissioner properly recuses him or herself of a vote due to potential conflicts. It’s the first such case that has been handled in such a way, and it’s a crying shame.

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Cartoon of the Day: Modern Labor Day Parade

H/T ARRA News Service
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September 1, 2010

Republican Governor’s Association To Commit Millions to Scott Race

In a press conference Tuesday, Mississippi Governor and Head Honcho of the Republican Governor’s Association(RGA) told reporters that the RGA would be playing a large role in the upcoming Gubernatorial race in Florida. Barbour said that the RGA would  be committing millions, not hundreds of thousands to keep the Governor’s mansion in Tallahassee in GOP hands.

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