August 13, 2010

The President's 27-Hour Guilt Trip To Florida

In Case You Missed It: Mike Memoli with The Chicago Tribune - "Obama's 27-hour Gulf 'vacation":
Last month the White House announced that the first family would visit the Gulf of Mexico for a vacation. It's a trip, as Christi Parsons reported at the time, intended in part to ‘help ward off criticism that, while the president encourages others to go to the Gulf, he will spend his vacation among the elite set on the island of Martha's Vineyard’ … The White House has just sent new details of that trip, revealing that the Obama family will have spent barely more than one day in the area when all is said and done.
With President Obama finally comes to Florida to "vacation" and briefly meet with business owners in Panama City during his 27 hour visit to the state, an RNC spokesperson shares the following insightful comment:
“It’s nice to see the President take the time out of his busy schedule of golf games and campaign fundraisers to clear his conscience and visit Florida for only the second time since the oil spill crisis began. As he meets with business owners in the Panhandle, it seems like the perfect opportunity for him to explain how his reckless spending, tax increases, and government takeover of health care are supposed to help the Gulf’s devastated economy. Not even the Sunshine State can put a positive light on the President’s failed liberal policies that have sunk his approval ratings to an all time low.” – Amanda Henneberg, RNC Spokesman
Just in case the President gets time for some R & R (which we are confident that he will!) we wanted to make sure that he had a list of near-by Florida golf courses handy should he want to work on his swing. We all remember that as oil seeped into the Gulf Coast, President Obama still managed to fit in at least a dozen golf games into his schedule. What a commitment to the sport! Nothing says leadership like golfing and campaigning during one of our nation’s worst environmental disasters. Enjoy your stay in the Sunshine State, Mr. President, we hope you find this map helpful!

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