July 18, 2010

Roger Shealy Speaks to Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board

Roger Shealy, candidate for FL House Dist 29, recently sat with the editorial board of the Orlando Sentinel to discuss his campaign, and his platform. Specifically they discuss the financial state of FL, size of government, immigration policy, Real ID, and education. [Video]

The above interview by Roger shows why he needs to be sent to Tallahassee to fight for fiscal responsibility, tax reductions, spending reductions, property rights, and liberty. Please share this with your friends with a short note asking for their support.

The primary day on August 24th. To make an online contribution, visit J. Roger Shealy 2010. If you'd like to help Roger knock on the doors of voters, contact him at his website.

J. Roger Shealy was endorsed by America's Best Choice.

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July 16, 2010

Rep Klein's Fundraising Dwarfed By Opponent Allen West

by George Bennett, Post On Politics: U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, reported late Monday that he raked in $511,150 in contributions between April 1 and June 30 — an impressive figure, but only about one-third of Republican challenger Allen West’s $1.4 million haul over the same period.

It was the third straight quarter in which West out-raised Klein, a two-term incumbent who’s one of the top Democratic moneymen. Klein still holds an advantage in overall cash on hand, with $2.9 million to West’s $2.2 million. But his lead has shrunk from $1.6 million three months ago to $722,719 now.

Klein defeated West in 2008. For their 2010 rematch, West has capitalized on YouTube popularity and frequent cable TV appearances to raise nearly $3.5 million while Klein has raised about $2.4 million. West’s campaign announced his second-quarter fund-raising total last week. Klein released his figure shortly before the midnight Federal Election Commission deadline.

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Pelosi Touts Her Pillars of Socialism

Pelosi Says Dems Should Have Passed Big Government Laws Sooner!
Bills That Cost Thousands Of Americans Their Jobs
“‘If We Had Healthcare Sooner, If We Had Energy Sooner, If We Had An Education Bill Sooner – They Are All Three Pillars Of Job Creation – And That Would Have Resulted In More Jobs Created By Now,’ Pelosi (D-Calif.) Told Reporters Thursday At Her Weekly Press Conference.” (“Pelosi Blames Senate Delays For Bleak Election Year Landscape,” The Hill, 7/15/10)

Democrat Healthcare Bill Will “Devastate” Businesses & “Their Ability To Create Jobs”
National Federation of Independent Business: “The Unconstitutional New Mandates, Countless Rules And New Taxes In The Healthcare Law Will Devastate Their Business And Their Ability To Create Jobs.” “Today the NFIB joined the 20 states in this historic lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The fundamental mission of our organization is to promote and protect the rights of small businesses and the self-employed to own, operate and grow their business, and this healthcare law directly undermines this core value. … Small business owners everywhere are rightfully concerned that the unconstitutional new mandates, countless rules and new taxes in the healthcare law will devastate their business and their ability to create jobs.” (NFIB, Press Release, 5/14/10)

“Many Tanning Experts Believe The Tax Could Cut Nearly 9,000 Jobs As Well.” (“Indoor Tanning Salons Will Help Pay For Health Care Under New Bill,” WBTW-CBS [SC], 3/28/10)

“A Dire Warning From Bay State Medical-Device Companies That A New Sales Tax In The Federal Health-Care Law Could Force Their Plants - And Thousands Of Jobs - Out Of The Country Has Rattled Gov. Deval Patrick, a staunch backer of the law and pal President Obama.” (“Beware The ‘Jobs Killer’,” Boston Herald, 3/25/10)

“A Study By The National Center For Policy Analysis Shows That Tax Credits In The New Healthcare Law Could Negatively Impact Small-Business Hiring Decisions.” (“Report: Healthcare Law Tax Credits Encourage Small Businesses To Stay Small, Not Hire,” The Hill, 5/23/10)

Democrat Education Bill Has Already Cost Thousands Of Jobs In Texas & Florida
“A New Law That Cuts Banks Out Of The Federal Student Loan Business Is Costing 2,500 Workers At Sallie Mae Their Jobs. The nation's largest student lender has told 1,200 staffers in service centers in Killeen, Texas, and Panama City, Fla., they will lose their jobs by year-end. The remaining cuts will follow in 2011, resulting in nearly a third of the company's total work force of 8,000 losing their jobs.” (“2,500 Sallie Mae Jobs Fall To New Student Loan Law,” AP, 4/22/10)

Democrat Energy Bill Could Cost Over Two Million Jobs
CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf: “The Net Effect Of That[The Democrat Energy Bill] We Think Would Likely Be Some Decline In Employment.” “President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats championing the bill have said mandating greenhouse-gas caps, renewable energy and efficiency standards would be a boon to an ailing economy, creating new low-carbon industries. … ‘The net effect of that we think would likely be some decline in employment during the transition because labor markets don't move that fluidly,’ [CBO Director Douglas] Elmendorf said, testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. ‘The fact that jobs turn up somewhere else for some people does not mean there aren't substantial costs borne by people, communities, firms and affected industries,’ he said.” (“Congressional Budget Chief Says Climate Bill Would Cost Jobs,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/14/09)

According To Business Groups, If The Democrat Energy Bill Were Enacted, “By 2030, There Are Between 1,790,000 And 2,440,000 Fewer Jobs In The Overall Economy.” “Employment is negatively impacted by Waxman Markey, even when additional ‘green’ jobs are factored in. Over the 2012-2030 period, total U.S. employment averages between 420,000 and 610,000 fewer jobs each year under the low and high cost scenarios than under the baseline forecast. By 2030, there are between 1,790,000 and 2,440,000 fewer jobs in the overall economy.” (“Analysis Of The Waxman-Markey Bill ‘ The American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009’ (H.R.2454),” American Council For Capital Formation & The National Association Of Manufacturers, P.3-4, 8/12/09)

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July 15, 2010

Eric Holder’s Justice

William Warren:

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July 14, 2010

Don't Want to Mess With the Momma Gizzly

H/T eGopNews.com and ARRA News Service:
LA Times: The mounting momentum of 'The Unstoppable Sarah Palin'?
Politico: SarahPAC steps into the big leagues
AP/Bohrer: FEC filing shows Palin gave $87,500 to candidates
American Thinker: Sarah Palin Outs Darth Vader
Examiner: Palin platitudes: Pink Elephants and Mama Grizzlies : (Video Below)

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July 9, 2010

Another Reason Why Miami is Better than Cleveland for LeBron: No State or Local Income Taxes

by Florida Pundit:

The biggest news in sports Thursday night was that basketball star LeBron James chose to come play in Florida for the Miami Heat rather than stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He may have had many reasons - sunny weather, the nightlife of South Beach, etc. - to come to Miami, but there is another reason that makes moving to Florida a rational decision not just for a basketball superstar, but for anyone who works hard and wants to keep the fruits of his labors.

Florida has no state or local income tax. Ohio, on the other hand has both state and local taxes on income. Other celebrities like Tiger Woods and Rush Limbaugh have chosen to move to Florida. Limbaugh, a Florida resident since the late 1990s, makes no secret of the fact that New York's excessive tax burden was an important factor for his move.

For decades, many Ohioans have moved to Florida. Even in recent years, when Florida was disproportionally affected by the subprime mortgage crisis, Florida remained the top destination of emigrants from Ohio.

States with high tax burdens like New York, New Jersey and California are facing fiscal crisis because of their disproportional dependence on high income earners for tax revenue and the ability of their wealthiest residents to flee from these states to low-tax states like Florida and Texas.

Cleveland should not put its hopes for an economic revival on the presence of a basketball star. It would be better off focusing on slashing its excessive government burden and creating a more welcoming economic climate for attracting capital and getting wealthy individuals to stay.

We welcome LeBron James to Florida and hope that the people of Ohio will learn from their loss and work to change their state and local governments and their excessive appetite for taxing the creators of wealth.

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July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July! - Independence Day!

 The ARRA News Service and America's Best Choice join you in celebrating our nation's 234rd Birthday - Independence Day. God Bless America and our armed service men and women.

We Hold These Truths by William Warren
"We Hold These Truths" by William Warren

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