June 3, 2010

Obama's Like a Dog Laying in the Same Hole

Bill Smith, ARRA News Editor: Growing up in rural mid-America and now living in the Ozarks Mountains, I have had plenty of opportunity to observe the nature of dogs. Dogs will often dig a hole to rest in especially in extreme weather conditions. This is understandable for dogs because they act and behave according to their natural design - they are dogs.

However, for a person to remain in a rut pains the normal observer. We can understand their being in the rut when there is some reasonable excuse like mental illness, failed education, experienced, abuse, etc. However, we do not understand a person who holds themselves out as "our" leader but who continues to to fail as a leader and as a result remains in the same hole, or rut. Remaining in a rut makes little sense to most rational people. Fail us once, shame on us, fail us twice, shame on us again, but constantly fail us and perpetually promote a different reality, OMG (sorry, it is not what you thought; it's Obama Must Go). When any person, including Obama, is committed to a political agenda instead of being the leader of all people, that person will finds themselves in a rut with negative poll ratings.

This is exactly where President Barack Obama finds himself with the American voter. His continued mis-focused know-it-all progressive elitism does not play well with the American Voter. Elitism pushing an paternal distorted agenda is not acceptable to a free people who's have paid for their freedoms in blood and treasure. And for Obama, his voter's polling numbers are not improving. This could be a reason he has voiced opposition to the Arizona law which mirrors the Federal law and that he has ignored enforcing the Federal law protecting our borders and sending illegal aliens home. Obama's interest in a "comprehensive immigration policy," code for amnesty, may be his desire for new voters who as experienced lawbreakers may support his actions/agenda.

Today's Rasmussen Report's daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday again depicts President Barack Obama with only 26% of the nation's voters Strongly Approving his performance in his role as president. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove which gives Obama again a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14. And, only 30% say the U.S. is generally heading in the right direction. Overall, 48% of voters say they at least "somewhat" approve of the president's performance while 52% disapprove.

Regarding ObamaCare, 60% favor repeal, 62% believe the law will increase the federal budget deficit, 58% say it will raise cost of care, and 51% think it will hurt the quality of care.

While Obama may believe he is imbued with special insights and wisdom unrealized by the mass of humanity, the majority American voters do not agree. He may be the savior for those who have their hand out for OPM (other people's money). However, for the majority of American voters, it is evident that this "Dog won't hunt."

[Cartoon was adapted from a 2009 Cartoon by William Warren]
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