June 21, 2010

Florida Senator LeMieux on Obama's Response to Gulf Oil Spill: "Beyond Comprehension"

by Florida Pundit:

Florida's interim Senator George LeMieux has become a strong critic of the Obama administration, most recently about the Gulf oil spill and Obama's lack of knowledge of the situation and failure to bring foreign and domestic resources to help:

LeMieux: I think the thing that is outrageous is that we only have twenty skimmers off the coast of Florida. There are 2,000 skimmers in the United States and we haven't even asked as the federal government for these skimmers to come to the Gulf...

...the federal government who wants to take over every other aspect of our lives can't get this one thing right that they should be doing right. So I have talked to the President about it. He doesn't seem to know the situation about foreign skimmers and domestic skimmers. He said to me: "Look, some of these skimmers we can't take from other places in the country because they may need them for an oil spill." That's like me saying, well, I can't send the fire truck to your house that's burning down because another house may burn down. It just doesn't make any sense.

Q: So you are saying with have the capability to clean up this mess right now. Obama is just dropping the ball?

LeMieux: Well, he is. We have 2,000 skimmers in this country plus foreign countries - the Dutch came into my office yesterday and said we have these super-skimmers we have been offering them and the US government is saying no. There was a report out from the Associated Press this week that said that twenty-one offers of assistance from seventeen countries have been denied. It is just beyond comprehension that we wouldn't use all the resources to clean up this oil."

LeMieux was appointed by Florida Governor Charlie Crist to keep the senate seat warm while Crist was running to be the next Republican senator from Florida. Now Crist has left the Republican Party and tries to ingratiate himself with Democrat voters by appearing with Obama at the President's photo opp visits to the Gulf. Crist is the guy on the right in this photo:

LeMieux has expressed sadness over Crist's actions and supports Marco Rubio, the Republican candidate for his seat.

George LeMieux, in his brief tenure in the Senate, is turning out to be a solid supporter of conservative positions and a strong opponent against the Obama administration. There is speculation that LeMieux will try to return to the Senate by challenging Florida's other Senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, in 2012.

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