June 27, 2010

Conservative State Level Candidates Announce National Coalition and Platform

Jun. 27, 2010
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Conservative State Level Candidates Announce National Coalition and Platform

Three conservative state level candidates from three different states have announced a national coalition to restore American prosperity, defend its security and achieve economic growth on the state level. The three candidates, Massachusetts’ Brad Marston, New Hampshire’s Sheridan Folger and Florida’s Yomin Postelnik are all strong, common sense conservative leaders who having been consistent advocates for conservative solutions and Republican candidates.

They are running under the banner of “Local Leaders Securing America’s Future.”

Running on a joint platform is a new and historic first in state politics. The timing for this needed platform couldn’t have come a moment sooner. Americans in every state are dealing with a lackluster economy and Washington has shown a disdain for practical business solutions. The same is true with regard to national security, where common sense measures have been trumped by politics. The need for state leadership on both of these fronts, and for a return to common sense societal values, has necessitated a joint platform which will serve as a recipe for good governance and real solutions.

A joint statement by the three read: “Being that America is at a crossroads and there is a void of leadership in our nation’s capital, the solutions needed to save our respective states and the wellbeing of our nation must come from grassroots leaders. State representatives are the designated first voices of the people on the local level. The state representative is supposed to be in touch with and accessible to the people of his or her district, giving them a first hand knowledge of the problems facing Americans and a realistic and commonsense approach to tackling the issues needed to make for a better tomorrow.”

Their platform, consisting of several planks ranging from protection of small business, financial literacy education, security and government transparency is available at businessgrowthtrends.org.

About Sheridan Folger: Sheridan Folger is the Co-Founder and director of the Foundation for Conservative Solutions LLC, the Sovereignty Alliance, NH State Director of Stand Up America, The Patriot Caucus and many others. Sheridan is a prolific political organizer, writer and speaker, having worked on many different conservative candidates around the nation. Folger's commentary can be found on hundreds of conservative web-sites and publications. Folger is also a devoted husband and father of three children.

About Brad Marston: A dynamic business leader with a keen financial background, Brad Marston is poised to bring jobs and economic revitalization to his district. He brings to the table a stellar financial record, having served in leading roles at First Boston and other long standing and reputable financial institutions, serving as Senior Vice President with Gruntal and Company in Manhattan. A community minded businessman with a keen sense of all socio-economic issues, Marston has also coached little league and is the father of two children. www.BradMarston.com.

About Yomin Postelnik: Yomin Postelnik is a business and community leader who has been active in both South Florida’s entrepreneurial and non-profit communities for years. He is the founder of BusinessGrowthTrends.com and the publisher of a special needs magazine. Postelnik is also the author of a financial literacy course for teens that was approved by his county school board and used by the United Way to motivate at-risk teens. A widely read conservative columnist; his articles have been featured on American Thinker and prominent conservative sites. Postelnik is the first candidate to demand comprehensive shoreline surveillance to keep our shores safe from terror. He has also led the fight in his district to protect Florida from Obamacare, pushing for the development of what became the Florida Health Care Freedom Act. He is the father of three children. He and his wife are former foster parents. www.ABetterFlorida.com.

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