June 9, 2010

Is ObamaCare the Key Event in a Political Realignment Toward Limited Constitutional Government?

by Florida Pundit:

When Democrats passed ObamaCare in March, polls showed that the majority of Americans opposed it. Supporters of the bill at the time dismissed these polls and hoped that over time Americans would support the monstrous health care legislation.

New polls show that opposition to Obamacare continues to be stong. The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters finds that 58 percent want Obamacare repealed while 35 percent oppose repeal.

The stability of this opposition makes it likely that repeal of ObamaCare will continue to be a winning issue in the November 2010 elections and Republicans should continue to emphasize their support for repeal.

Meanwhile, the first insurance company, or "villain" as Obama would call them, has announced that it will have to shut down due to the cost of ObamaCare and the uncertainty around many provisions. Politico reports:

A Virginia-based insurance company says “considerable uncertainties” created by the Democrats’ health care overhaul will force it to close its doors by the end of the year.

...President Paul Kitchen told POLITICO. “The law created so much uncertainty that is beyond our control.”

In an interview with POLITICO, Kitchen said the impact of health reform on his business is twofold.

First, it created an uncertain future. With regulations yet to be written and rules constantly forthcoming, he said, “everything felt beyond our control.”

Second, Kitchen is apprehensive about a more regulated insurance market. The health reform law requires insurance companies to spend a certain amount of premium dollars on medical costs and, in many cases, bans lifetime limits on medical coverage. Kitchen said he was uncertain whether nHealth would be able to comply.

Politico also reports that more than 1 million people could lose their health insurance due to Obamacare provisions that will go into effect in September

Now the New York Times discovers that a Dartmouth College study used by the Obama administration to argue that cheaper care could also be better care was misinterpreted by the government. Great reporting, New York Times, just three months too late!

What will employees think when they see their health care premiums skyrocket as they go through annual open enrollments in the coming months? Florida Pundit has just gone through an open enrollment presentation where he found out that his family's coverage will cost him $4,400 more a year starting in July. It is hard to see how employees at lower incomes can even afford such an increase.

The open enrollment session presented the removal of lifetime limits and the ability to cover "children" up to the age of 26 as benefits of ObamaCare. Americans will not be fooled by these claims of "benefits" when they see the exorbitant increases in cost. When the presenter announced that due to ObamaCare effective 1/1/2011, over-the-counter medications could no longer be bought with pre-tax dollars in flexible spending accounts, gasps of outrage were heard among the audience.

As Americans are starting to see the first effects of ObamaCare, support for repeal is likely to increase. In the two year leading up to the 2012 elections, the negative effects of ObamaCare - higher costs, lost coverage - should become more and more obvious. Of course, Obama will blame the insurance companies for being "greedy villains" and maybe he will even find a way to blame George W. Bush!

At this point though it looks like the passage of ObamaCare may have been the key event that has locked in a fundamental realignment of American politics. More and more Americans are looking at the Constitution and find that our founding charter limited the federal government to specifically enumerated powers and that much of what government does today is not supported by anything in our Constitution.

It will take continued hard work by patriotic Americans over the coming years to translate this movement into a reformed Republican majority in Congress and a president who can make repeal of ObamaCare and rollback of the powers of the federal government a reality starting in 2013.

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