June 30, 2010

Obama Ignores Oil Spill & US Border Invasion While "Fiddling Around" & Pushing Climate Change Bill

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA news Service: It used to be many people but now it is "most people" who are wondering where the President Obama's head and heart is these days. It doesn't appear to the majority of Americans that he values "down to earth" good old America - our country. Yesterday, we note another example of Obama's lack of focus on what really matters:
ABC News' Matthew Jaffe reported: In the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama today summoned a bipartisan group of over 20 senators to the White House to push for energy and climate change legislation.

But one thing the President did not want to talk about at the meeting was the BP disaster, a Republican source told ABC News. And that, the source said, led to a pointed exchange with GOP senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee.

"The priority should be fixing the oil spill," Alexander told the President, according to the source. “That's what any meeting about energy should be about.”

But when Alexander tried to interject the BP leak into the meeting, the source said, the President told the senator, "That's just your talking point." Retorted Alexander, "No, it's my opinion." . . . [Full Story]
Arrogance abounds in the White House. American is suffering while President Obama "Fiddles Around" in the White House, on the golf course, or jetting around the globe trying to impress global dignitaries, and constantly campaigning. Wonder when he will ever visit the US Border with Mexico! We are under armed attack. People are being murdered and raped by invaders on American soil. I never thought I would find my self saying anything good about disgraced former president Jimmy Carter. But here goes: At least Carter showed some good old Southern grace while screwing over America.

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June 29, 2010

11 Reasons to Vote for Democrats in November

Lesterville2k2 - The members of the Democrat party have given us a lot to consider before voting in November 2010. This video presents just 11 reasons to consider voting for the Democrats. Are you motivated yet?

Video produced by Duane Lester. This is a great video for Tea Party members and others to share.

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June 27, 2010

Conservative State Level Candidates Announce National Coalition and Platform

Jun. 27, 2010
Contact: Leah Postelnik
IRPW Consulting
(954) 353-1898

Conservative State Level Candidates Announce National Coalition and Platform

Three conservative state level candidates from three different states have announced a national coalition to restore American prosperity, defend its security and achieve economic growth on the state level. The three candidates, Massachusetts’ Brad Marston, New Hampshire’s Sheridan Folger and Florida’s Yomin Postelnik are all strong, common sense conservative leaders who having been consistent advocates for conservative solutions and Republican candidates.

They are running under the banner of “Local Leaders Securing America’s Future.”

Running on a joint platform is a new and historic first in state politics. The timing for this needed platform couldn’t have come a moment sooner. Americans in every state are dealing with a lackluster economy and Washington has shown a disdain for practical business solutions. The same is true with regard to national security, where common sense measures have been trumped by politics. The need for state leadership on both of these fronts, and for a return to common sense societal values, has necessitated a joint platform which will serve as a recipe for good governance and real solutions.

A joint statement by the three read: “Being that America is at a crossroads and there is a void of leadership in our nation’s capital, the solutions needed to save our respective states and the wellbeing of our nation must come from grassroots leaders. State representatives are the designated first voices of the people on the local level. The state representative is supposed to be in touch with and accessible to the people of his or her district, giving them a first hand knowledge of the problems facing Americans and a realistic and commonsense approach to tackling the issues needed to make for a better tomorrow.”

Their platform, consisting of several planks ranging from protection of small business, financial literacy education, security and government transparency is available at businessgrowthtrends.org.

About Sheridan Folger: Sheridan Folger is the Co-Founder and director of the Foundation for Conservative Solutions LLC, the Sovereignty Alliance, NH State Director of Stand Up America, The Patriot Caucus and many others. Sheridan is a prolific political organizer, writer and speaker, having worked on many different conservative candidates around the nation. Folger's commentary can be found on hundreds of conservative web-sites and publications. Folger is also a devoted husband and father of three children.

About Brad Marston: A dynamic business leader with a keen financial background, Brad Marston is poised to bring jobs and economic revitalization to his district. He brings to the table a stellar financial record, having served in leading roles at First Boston and other long standing and reputable financial institutions, serving as Senior Vice President with Gruntal and Company in Manhattan. A community minded businessman with a keen sense of all socio-economic issues, Marston has also coached little league and is the father of two children. www.BradMarston.com.

About Yomin Postelnik: Yomin Postelnik is a business and community leader who has been active in both South Florida’s entrepreneurial and non-profit communities for years. He is the founder of BusinessGrowthTrends.com and the publisher of a special needs magazine. Postelnik is also the author of a financial literacy course for teens that was approved by his county school board and used by the United Way to motivate at-risk teens. A widely read conservative columnist; his articles have been featured on American Thinker and prominent conservative sites. Postelnik is the first candidate to demand comprehensive shoreline surveillance to keep our shores safe from terror. He has also led the fight in his district to protect Florida from Obamacare, pushing for the development of what became the Florida Health Care Freedom Act. He is the father of three children. He and his wife are former foster parents. www.ABetterFlorida.com.

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June 21, 2010

Florida Senator LeMieux on Obama's Response to Gulf Oil Spill: "Beyond Comprehension"

by Florida Pundit:

Florida's interim Senator George LeMieux has become a strong critic of the Obama administration, most recently about the Gulf oil spill and Obama's lack of knowledge of the situation and failure to bring foreign and domestic resources to help:

LeMieux: I think the thing that is outrageous is that we only have twenty skimmers off the coast of Florida. There are 2,000 skimmers in the United States and we haven't even asked as the federal government for these skimmers to come to the Gulf...

...the federal government who wants to take over every other aspect of our lives can't get this one thing right that they should be doing right. So I have talked to the President about it. He doesn't seem to know the situation about foreign skimmers and domestic skimmers. He said to me: "Look, some of these skimmers we can't take from other places in the country because they may need them for an oil spill." That's like me saying, well, I can't send the fire truck to your house that's burning down because another house may burn down. It just doesn't make any sense.

Q: So you are saying with have the capability to clean up this mess right now. Obama is just dropping the ball?

LeMieux: Well, he is. We have 2,000 skimmers in this country plus foreign countries - the Dutch came into my office yesterday and said we have these super-skimmers we have been offering them and the US government is saying no. There was a report out from the Associated Press this week that said that twenty-one offers of assistance from seventeen countries have been denied. It is just beyond comprehension that we wouldn't use all the resources to clean up this oil."

LeMieux was appointed by Florida Governor Charlie Crist to keep the senate seat warm while Crist was running to be the next Republican senator from Florida. Now Crist has left the Republican Party and tries to ingratiate himself with Democrat voters by appearing with Obama at the President's photo opp visits to the Gulf. Crist is the guy on the right in this photo:

LeMieux has expressed sadness over Crist's actions and supports Marco Rubio, the Republican candidate for his seat.

George LeMieux, in his brief tenure in the Senate, is turning out to be a solid supporter of conservative positions and a strong opponent against the Obama administration. There is speculation that LeMieux will try to return to the Senate by challenging Florida's other Senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, in 2012.

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June 9, 2010

Is ObamaCare the Key Event in a Political Realignment Toward Limited Constitutional Government?

by Florida Pundit:

When Democrats passed ObamaCare in March, polls showed that the majority of Americans opposed it. Supporters of the bill at the time dismissed these polls and hoped that over time Americans would support the monstrous health care legislation.

New polls show that opposition to Obamacare continues to be stong. The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters finds that 58 percent want Obamacare repealed while 35 percent oppose repeal.

The stability of this opposition makes it likely that repeal of ObamaCare will continue to be a winning issue in the November 2010 elections and Republicans should continue to emphasize their support for repeal.

Meanwhile, the first insurance company, or "villain" as Obama would call them, has announced that it will have to shut down due to the cost of ObamaCare and the uncertainty around many provisions. Politico reports:

A Virginia-based insurance company says “considerable uncertainties” created by the Democrats’ health care overhaul will force it to close its doors by the end of the year.

...President Paul Kitchen told POLITICO. “The law created so much uncertainty that is beyond our control.”

In an interview with POLITICO, Kitchen said the impact of health reform on his business is twofold.

First, it created an uncertain future. With regulations yet to be written and rules constantly forthcoming, he said, “everything felt beyond our control.”

Second, Kitchen is apprehensive about a more regulated insurance market. The health reform law requires insurance companies to spend a certain amount of premium dollars on medical costs and, in many cases, bans lifetime limits on medical coverage. Kitchen said he was uncertain whether nHealth would be able to comply.

Politico also reports that more than 1 million people could lose their health insurance due to Obamacare provisions that will go into effect in September

Now the New York Times discovers that a Dartmouth College study used by the Obama administration to argue that cheaper care could also be better care was misinterpreted by the government. Great reporting, New York Times, just three months too late!

What will employees think when they see their health care premiums skyrocket as they go through annual open enrollments in the coming months? Florida Pundit has just gone through an open enrollment presentation where he found out that his family's coverage will cost him $4,400 more a year starting in July. It is hard to see how employees at lower incomes can even afford such an increase.

The open enrollment session presented the removal of lifetime limits and the ability to cover "children" up to the age of 26 as benefits of ObamaCare. Americans will not be fooled by these claims of "benefits" when they see the exorbitant increases in cost. When the presenter announced that due to ObamaCare effective 1/1/2011, over-the-counter medications could no longer be bought with pre-tax dollars in flexible spending accounts, gasps of outrage were heard among the audience.

As Americans are starting to see the first effects of ObamaCare, support for repeal is likely to increase. In the two year leading up to the 2012 elections, the negative effects of ObamaCare - higher costs, lost coverage - should become more and more obvious. Of course, Obama will blame the insurance companies for being "greedy villains" and maybe he will even find a way to blame George W. Bush!

At this point though it looks like the passage of ObamaCare may have been the key event that has locked in a fundamental realignment of American politics. More and more Americans are looking at the Constitution and find that our founding charter limited the federal government to specifically enumerated powers and that much of what government does today is not supported by anything in our Constitution.

It will take continued hard work by patriotic Americans over the coming years to translate this movement into a reformed Republican majority in Congress and a president who can make repeal of ObamaCare and rollback of the powers of the federal government a reality starting in 2013.

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June 7, 2010

Jim Greer's lawyer says Gov. Crist okayed diversion of GOP funds

By Beth Reinhard, Miami Herald

Gov. Charlie Crist, left, backed Jim Greer for state party chairman. Greer now is accused of secretly diverting party funds to himself.
Gov. Charlie Crist, left, backed Jim Greer for state party 
chairman. Greer now is accused of secretly diverting party funds to 

Gov. Charlie Crist personally signed off on his former Republican Party chairman's confidential fundraising role with the state party, according to Jim Greer's attorney, whose allegation contradicts the governor's statement that he "didn't know anything" about the deal now part of a criminal investigation. . . . [Read More]

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June 5, 2010

More Smoke Around Crist Campaign . . .

. . . and often when there's smoke there's fire. Why did Florida Republican voters not support Gov. Charlie Crist for their party's nomination? Maybe it was because they understood the real problems associated with Jim Greer and Crist. They may have been nice enough not to have hang out the dirty laundry, but they knew which people were creating it. Obviously, based on polling numbers, they didn't want to be associate with Crist any longer. Crist has now gone Independent and he kept the money donated by Republicans donors and the Florida Republican Party! Wonder how much came from his buddy Jim Greer?

Wash Times: Crist ally arrested, accused of GOP theft
Miami Herald: GOP chief arrested in secret siphoning of cash
WaPo: Former Florida Republican chairman Jim Greer charged with defrauding party
NYT: Florida: Ex-Republican Leader Indicted

American Spectator: Crist Majordomo Charged

Buzz: Charlie Crist "owns" Jim Greer scandal sullying McCollum and others
Hill: Crist says he’s ‘lonely’ on campaign trail
Poor baby - what did he expect. Crist should give back the money both tangible and in-kind! The justice department may not have done so yet, but the public must surely see Crist as an unindited co-conspirator.

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June 4, 2010

Big Government Squashes Private Sector

by William Warren:

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June 3, 2010

Obama's Like a Dog Laying in the Same Hole

Bill Smith, ARRA News Editor: Growing up in rural mid-America and now living in the Ozarks Mountains, I have had plenty of opportunity to observe the nature of dogs. Dogs will often dig a hole to rest in especially in extreme weather conditions. This is understandable for dogs because they act and behave according to their natural design - they are dogs.

However, for a person to remain in a rut pains the normal observer. We can understand their being in the rut when there is some reasonable excuse like mental illness, failed education, experienced, abuse, etc. However, we do not understand a person who holds themselves out as "our" leader but who continues to to fail as a leader and as a result remains in the same hole, or rut. Remaining in a rut makes little sense to most rational people. Fail us once, shame on us, fail us twice, shame on us again, but constantly fail us and perpetually promote a different reality, OMG (sorry, it is not what you thought; it's Obama Must Go). When any person, including Obama, is committed to a political agenda instead of being the leader of all people, that person will finds themselves in a rut with negative poll ratings.

This is exactly where President Barack Obama finds himself with the American voter. His continued mis-focused know-it-all progressive elitism does not play well with the American Voter. Elitism pushing an paternal distorted agenda is not acceptable to a free people who's have paid for their freedoms in blood and treasure. And for Obama, his voter's polling numbers are not improving. This could be a reason he has voiced opposition to the Arizona law which mirrors the Federal law and that he has ignored enforcing the Federal law protecting our borders and sending illegal aliens home. Obama's interest in a "comprehensive immigration policy," code for amnesty, may be his desire for new voters who as experienced lawbreakers may support his actions/agenda.

Today's Rasmussen Report's daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday again depicts President Barack Obama with only 26% of the nation's voters Strongly Approving his performance in his role as president. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove which gives Obama again a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14. And, only 30% say the U.S. is generally heading in the right direction. Overall, 48% of voters say they at least "somewhat" approve of the president's performance while 52% disapprove.

Regarding ObamaCare, 60% favor repeal, 62% believe the law will increase the federal budget deficit, 58% say it will raise cost of care, and 51% think it will hurt the quality of care.

While Obama may believe he is imbued with special insights and wisdom unrealized by the mass of humanity, the majority American voters do not agree. He may be the savior for those who have their hand out for OPM (other people's money). However, for the majority of American voters, it is evident that this "Dog won't hunt."

[Cartoon was adapted from a 2009 Cartoon by William Warren]
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June 2, 2010

Boehner Rips Obama Speech As Diminishing The Presidency

By Michael O'Brien, The Hill: President Barack Obama is “diminishing” the U.S. presidency through his rhetoric against Republicans, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) charged Wednesday.

Boehner ripped a speech by the president in Pittsburgh this afternoon in which Obama spoke against the GOP's economic policies, arguing they would only benefit monied and powerful interests.

The president diminishes the Office of the President when he resorts to straw man arguments that willfully mischaracterize the views of others,” Boehner shot back this afternoon. “All of the president’s talk of post-partisanship, reaching out and finding common ground reminds us that the country deserves better than his hyper-partisan speech today.”

Obama sought in remarks at Carnegie Mellon University to portray the midterm elections as a choice between old, Republican ideas and a future led by his economic policies.

“As November approaches, leaders in the other party will campaign furiously on the same economic argument they’ve been making for decades,” he said. “Fortunately, we don’t have to look back too many years to see how it turns out. For much of the last ten years, we tried it their way.”

Republicans have sounded their own refrain over the past year and a half, questioning Obama's leadership on job creation. Boehner often asks, “Where are the jobs?” at Republican press conferences.

It’s clear from his harsh partisan rhetoric today that President Obama has run out of excuses for his broken promises on the economy,” the House Republican leader said Wednesday.

“It’s time for the president to step up, exhibit real leadership and call on congressional Democrats to offer a budget that reins in out-of-control spending to help create jobs and get our economy moving again,” Boehner added.

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June 1, 2010

How To Plug BP's Oil Leak

Finally, Congress Being Put to Good Use!
[Original Source for Picture Unknown]

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