April 11, 2010

Herman Cain's SRLC Speech - Imbued with Wisdom

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: I like Herman Cain. He is such a breath of fresh air and I could listen to him for hours. He came by to visit with bloggers in the media center before he spoke to a packed house at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Many of you know that Herman Cain is a noted speaker and radio show personality.

I along with many others gathered to listen to fellow bloggers ask him questions and to Herman's response, wit and wisdom. As much as I wanted time with Herman, I did not expect to get the opportunity. Then as people began to back away, I noted him hesitate and instead of leaving, turned toward me. I reached out my hand and introduced myself and got to shake hands with a man I admire.

It was also amazing that people gave us space and we shared various thoughts and comments and I answered a couple of his questions. As we parted, we shook hands again and grasped each others arms like two parting friendly co-laborers. I leaned in and asked him one more personal question, " Are you going to run again for office" (I meant for Congress). He smiled, and said, "there is only one race I would be interested in." I said do you mean you would run for President. He smiled, shook his head and we parted company.

He was then escorted to the main convention hall where he was to be an unscheduled special speaker. In the media room, we were able to watch speakers on a large screen TV. But, we could also go to the convention hall to listen to the speakers from a designated media area. I decided that I wanted to not only hear Cain, but I also wanted to gauge the reaction of the delegates and guests attending the SRLC. Unlike most speakers who get varied applause, Herman Cain brings people to their feet like a scoring team brings the fans to their feet -- Shouting, cheering, clapping and often laughing. And, at the SRLC, Cain scored big time. Below, You can hear his comments and gauge the reaction of the people in the video of his speech (talk with the people). Be sure to listen to the end to hear Herman Cain hint of his involvement in 2012.

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