December 26, 2010

Senator Elect Marco Rubio Speaks Out

Greta Van Susteren interviews Marco Rubio during Orientation: Fox News' Greta Van Susteren run in to Florida's senator-elect Marco Rubio in DC during the orientation period for newly eleccted members of congress. Rubio discusses his desire to concentrate on "budget" issues in regard to committee appointments. [Nelsak Video Source]

Marco Rubio - Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel: During an interview with , Florida's senator-elect Marco Rubio says, "I think the Obama administration is undermining Israel." . . .

"I don't know if they [the US government]are doing it deliberately but certainly their actions have made Israel less safe and made America less safe. I hope they will reverse course." [Shark Take Media Video]

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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

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December 24, 2010

Good News For Florida

Census Data Released; Florida, Georgia, Texas Gain House Seats: Data is slowly coming out this morning indicating that Florida, Georgia and Texas have gained seats in the House of Representatives after the Census report was released. According to the Wall Street Journal, Texas has gained 4 seats, Florida has gained 2 seats, and Georgia has gained a single seat. Ohio has lost 2 seats.
Expected to lose House seats are Big Government liberal states like Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Also expected to lose seats are Iowa, Missouri, and Louisiana.

According to The Hill:
In all, 12 House seats shifted.

The biggest gainer, as expected, was the state of Texas, which will have four new House seats. The only other state netting more than one additional seat is Florida, which was awarded two new seats Tuesday.

The biggest losers this round are the presidential battleground state of Ohio and heavily Democratic New York — both states will lose two seats.

Another eight states lose one seat — Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri and Massachusetts.

Six states are gaining just a single seat — Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah and Washington state.

Also announced was the total U.S. population: 308,745,538. That’s a 9.7 percent increase from the 2000 population count.

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December 22, 2010

Cut The CRAP - Upkeep of Unused VA Monkey House - $175 Million

Bill Smith, Editor: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) released his annual “Wastebook” Monday, discussing 100 spending projects that squandered $11.5 billion of public money this year. The following is part of series of articles where that will be run drawing on Coburn's 2010 Wastebook and other sources to identify government funded waste. We are going to call the series Cut the CRAP which represents depending on the situation (Congress' Reckless Addiction to Pork) or (Congress' Reckless Allowance of Piss-Poor-Performance).

If you are angry with the waste, leave a comment, but most of all forward the example to your congressional representative and Senators and tell them to Cut the CRAP. Let your friends know about the waste. And get involved with organizations opposing government fraud, waste, and abuse. However, if you are happy with the pork project, share with us why you believe the government should be taxing others and in-debting our even grandchildren for the project.

Upkeep for Unused Monkey House and Other Buildings -
(Department of Veterans Affairs) $175 Million
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spends $175 million every year to
maintain hundreds of buildings it does not use, including a pink, octagonal
monkey house in Dayton, Ohio as identified by Jana Winter in a Fox News exclusive.

Many of the buildings are in severe disrepair, but the VA does not have the funds
to improve them. Complex federal laws make it difficult for the agency to sell the
buildings. So instead they sit unused, except for the vermin, birds, and insects
that use them for shelter.
The VA disputes the $175 million figure, saying it spent only $34 million last year on unused buildings. Moreover, the agency says it has made progress in shedding properties it no longer needs, selling off 266 buildings in the last three years. Meanwhile, some veterans‘ advocates are calling on the VA to use the buildings to house homeless vets.

It is time for the Veterans Administration to better serve Veterans and to stop the waste and abuse in its department.

Congress: Cut The CRAP - No more funds to the VA or any other government or non-government agency to "upkeep Unused / Un-Needed Buildings. Hold these agencies accountable and stop funding recurring fraudulent budget line items.

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December 20, 2010

Herman Cain's Hat is Almost in the Ring For President 2012

Like 'em all!
Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: Herman Cain appeared on Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" last Friday and talked about why he is 70% ready to run for President in 2012. He called himself and unconventional candidate because he has not held office but was a successful in business. He is going to decide after the 1st of the year.

He has formed an exploratory committee and launched a Draft Herman Cain President 2012 (more later). Gretta like others want candidates to announce on their shows but Cain will most like announce on one of Neil Cavudo shows on Fox News.

As many know, I have for some time been supporting the Draft Sarah Palin 2012 Committee. Will I continue to do so? Yes. Will I support the Draft Herman Cain for President 2012? You betcha!  I liked watching and supporting Sarah Palin in 2008. I voted for her and that other guy she was running with. She is dynamic and it is amazing watching her communicate with a crowd. She also leads in being nationally known.  She is a classy conservative lady who the liberals hate above all other candidates.  I will keep my Veterans for Sarah hat on my rack whether she runs or not!  Palin has learned the national debate game since 2008.  If she wins the Republican nomination, she will shred Obama and his policies. 

Only, former governor Fox News host Mike Huckabee has more TV time and experience governing. He also has been a candidate for president. Even though he and I have not always agreed on fiscal issues in the past, we have both supported other candidates for state offices and with age, we are both a couple years older and wiser in our experiences; although he is the young guy. Huckabee has been carrying the campaign banner the longest and communicates well. For those who any of our past history, Mike and I have mended fences and so there is absolutely no confusion in the future, if Mike runs for President and is the chosen Republican candidate against Barack Obama in 2012, I will be wearing an "I Like Mike" hat and supporting him.

Another potential is Rep. Mike Pence. Although I but do not have any personal experience with other than listening to him , reporting on him and following his actions as leader of the republican house caucus, I like the prospects for Rep. Mike Pence. Obviously, I like his willingness to talk directly with new media bloggers and his staff arrange discussions with other House members. Pence has walked the conservative walk and taken stands agreeable to most Tea Party conservatives while also being well received by traditional values conservatives. Last year, he received the last years National Right To Life award. Mike Pence also carries himself in a stately mature manner that is an antithesis of the present resident of the White House. He understanding the needs of America and if president would represent America to the world without bowing to other nations and their leaders. As an aside, I served in the military from the Johnson through the Reagan administration. I have noted that Pence reminds me of Reagan's good-natured humor, and calmness in addressing people and events. Having said all this, depending on his decision next year, there may another hat hung on a peg for Mike Pence.

But folks, unlike others, I do not mind having lots of hats while others often prefer just a favorite hat. I am happy to see numerous viable quality conservative candidates available to run for office. We need someone to bring the ship of state back into a safe harbor and reversing the threat of national bankruptcy.

And this brings me to Herman Cain, a man who makes others feel better just being around him. While we have walked different career paths, we respect each others method of service to our county. Cain has been successful business man and later has been a motivational conservative speaker who unlike our current president knows what he is talking about when it comes to the economy.

What impresses me most about Herman Cain is his ability to reach out and to connect with others both intellectually and emotionally. When I see him with news reporter on TV, he isn't as comfortable being with commentators, but then again we know commentators. But, when you see Herman with people, he electrifies them and connects and excites them and moves their reasoning along to the right conclusions. I have noted that people regardless of age, race or sex seem to mentally adopt him as a wise father figure.

I have had many opportunities in the last two years to be at events with Herman and to join him on the Spending Revolt Bus Tour and at American For Prosperity events. When attending events, if Herman Cain was to speak, I would skip watching him on the live feed provided the press room, and would go to the convention floor. I liked observing the reaction of the attendees. In every situation from Washington, D.C., to New Orleans, to Las Vegas, to Little Rock, to Tea Party events, when Herman Cain spoke, the people not only listened but were on their feet in minutes cheering him on and agreeing with every word he spoke. Besides explaining things as they should be, he would also share great stories and practical advice and ideas like his Bumble Bee story or his SIN principles for determining unreachable liberals.

For those who have yet to meet Mr. Cain, here is brief bio we add to articles placed on articles posted on this site. However, he is far more than these few words.
Mr. Herman Cain is an American newspaper columnist, businessman, politician, noted speaker, and conservative radio talk-show host. He previously served as chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and previously worked as a mathematician for the Department of the Navy, a business analyst for the Coca-Cola Company, and for the Pillsbury Company, where he became Vice-President of Corporate Systems and Services. In 2004, Cain ran for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. He is a contributor to the a ARRA News Service and heads The Hermanator PAC which is focused on "Taking Back Our Government."
While Barack Obama might beat Herman Cain in one-on-one basketball, Obama could not hold a candle to Herman Cain in a Presidential debate. And Herman Cain knows the heart of the American people and knows how to creat jobs and run a large business without the government.  With Cain in the race, there will be an elevation of discussions. Also, the liberals race card would be mute. Although some liberals have already called Herman an Uncle Tom and not really black.  I think we need to be doing a lot of "raising Cain" - causing trouble or creating an uproar over Obama's policies and the liberal agenda.  So, I am enthusiastically hanging a hat on peg supporting Herman Cain for President 2012.

If you would like to know more about Herman Cain, join me and others in encourage Herman Cain to run for office, visit the following link. You will not be disappointed; Cain will mentor you in ways to take on liberals and to put American back on the right track.

Herman Cain is everything that Barack Obama is not–a seasoned man of faith, patriotic conviction, an experienced business executive, a natural communicator that doesn’t need a teleprompter, a guy that doesn’t need to hide what he truly believes about America, the Constitution, the rule of law and limited government. - Cristy Li
More information at Draft Herman Cain for President 2012

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December 19, 2010

The Worst Books Ever Written

by Chip Wood, Personal Liberty Digest: . . . A couple of years ago, Human Events (one of my favorite conservative news-weeklies) asked a group of scholars and public-policy leaders to compile a list of the 10 Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th centuries. . . . A whole bunch of terrible titles got an Honorable Mention. (Or maybe that should be a Dishonorable Mention.) But here are the Top 10 books the scholars credited with causing more harm to mankind than anything else written in the past 250 years.

1. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
There was near-unanimity on the book that deserved the No. 1 slot. The Communist Manifesto received almost twice as many points as the title that captured second place. And is it any wonder?   The “dictatorship of the proletariat,” as implemented by Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong, led to the wholesale extermination of more than 200 million people.
I’m not talking about the victims of war here, but the systematic slaughter of entire populations as a means of consolidating and preserving state power.  Of course the “withering away of the state,” as promised in the Manifesto, has never occurred anywhere communism has been tried. That was nothing more than boob-bait, as H.L. Mencken rightly observed, designed to seduce credulous idealists and immature college students.

2. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”) was originally published in two parts in 1925 and 1926, after Hitler was imprisoned for leading the Nazi Brown Shirts in the so-called “Beer Hall Putsch” that tried to overthrow the Bavarian government. In it, Hitler explained exactly what he planned to do once he seized power — murder the Jews, wage war against France and then Russia and establish a thousand-year reign (his “Third Reich”) for the Aryan race.
What a pity that authorities dismissed him as an insignificant annoyance, instead of the evil genius whose efforts would lead directly to World War II, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians, and the slaughter of millions of Jews. They released him from prison instead of saving all of us from a lot of suffering.

3. Quotations from Chairman Mao by Mao Zedong
This tract, also known as “The Little Red Book,” was ostensibly written by the Chinese Communist dictator in 1966, 17 years after he seized power in China and founded the “People’s Republic.”  More than a billion copies were distributed in China as part of Mao’s “cultural revolution.”  But believe it or not, Mao’s “Little Red Book” found its greatest popularity among Marxist college professors in the West, who couldn’t get enough of such anti-American pap as this from Chairman Mao: “It is the task of the people of the whole world to put an end to the aggression and oppression perpetrated by imperialism, and chiefly by U.S. imperialism.”

4. The Kinsey Report by Alfred Kinsey

Kinsey and his staff conducted extensive surveys of American sexual habits, including incredibly explicit one-on-one interviews, in the 1940s. The results appeared in two books — Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, published in 1948, and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, published in 1953. Together, the two became known as The Kinsey Report.  Kinsey, a zoologist at Indiana University, acknowledged that part of his purpose was to give a scientific gloss to the normalization of promiscuity and deviancy. One reviewer later noted that Kinsey’s first report “stunned the nation by saying that American men were so sexually wild that 95 percent of them could be accused of some kind of sexual offense under 1940s laws.” His second report went even further, describing “sexual activity involving girls younger than age 4 and suggest[ing] that sex between adults and children could be beneficial.”

5. Democracy and Education by John Dewey
Here’s a name that isn’t mentioned much anymore, but Dewey’s influence in the first half of the 20th century was enormous. In this 1916 work, Dewey (the “father of progressive education”) denounced education that focused on traditional character development and the accumulation of “hard” knowledge (i.e., facts). Instead, the secular humanist advocated teaching “thinking skills,” with little concern about what is “right” or “wrong.”  We are still paying the price for such idiocy today, nearly 100 years later.

6. Das Kapital by Karl Marx
When he died in 1867, Marx had completed just the first volume of a planned three-volume study. His benefactor Friedrich Engels finished the other two volumes from notes Marx left. In his magnum opus, Marx portrayed capitalism as merely an ugly phase in human development, in which capitalists exploit labor by paying the cheapest wages possible to amass as much wealth as possible. (Sounds like a Barack Obama speech today, doesn’t it?)  Such injustice would end, Marx said, in a worldwide proletarian revolution.

7. The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan
In this 1963 bestseller, Betty Friedan, the first of the angry feminists, disparaged stay-at-home motherhood as “a comfortable concentration camp.” Friedan later founded and was for many years the president of the National Organization for Women. Friedan was no mere liberal activist, however. As David Horowitz notes, “from her college days and until her mid-30s, she was a Stalinist Marxist, the political intimate of the leaders of America’s Cold War fifth column, and for a time even the lover of a young communist.” Friedan’s unattractiveness was much more than skin deep; her ugliness went all the way to the bone.

8. Course of Positive Philosophy by Auguste Comte
I’m not sure how this one made it to Top 10. Like you, I can think of lots of books that have done more damage — starting with Dr. Spock’s baby book, which told generations of parents not to spank their children. Still, this six-volume study, published between 1830 and 1842, is generally credited with creating the field of social studies, or “sociology” (a word Comte coined). The son of a royalist Catholic family that survived the French revolution, Comte turned his back on theology, bragging that, “I have naturally ceased to believe in God.”  Comte taught that man alone, through scientific observation, could determine the way things ought to be, without any reliance on a Higher Power.

9. Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
An oft-scribbled bit of college-campus graffiti goes, “God is dead — Nietzsche,” followed by “Nietzsche is dead — God.”   Nietzsche’s contention that “God is dead” first appeared in his 1882 book, The Gay Science, but was expanded and popularized in Beyond Good and Evil, which appeared four years later. In it, the German philosopher argued that all men are driven by an amoral “Will to Power,” and that superior men will sweep aside all obstacles to their ambition, including religiously-inspired moral rules. Not surprisingly, the Nazis loved Nietzsche.

10.  General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes 
Lord Keynes was an interesting contradiction. A member of the British elite (he was educated at Eton and Cambridge), he did more to popularize ever-expanding government than any other economist of his era.  Keynes became immensely wealthy through his investments, yet argued in favor of deficit spending and government borrowing. Long before Richard Nixon famously said, “We are all Keynesians now,” Franklin Roosevelt used Keynes’ arguments to justify the massive growth of government. As a result, today we have a $3.5 trillion Federal budget and a $13.8 trillion national debt. Thanks, Lord Keynes.

Dishonorable Mentions
Want some more really bad books?  There are 10 titles that garnered a substantial number of votes, but fell short of the top 10. In order they are: The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich, What Is To Be Done by V.I. Lenin, Authoritarian Personality by Theodor Adorno, On Liberty by John Stuart Mill [I don't know why this got included], Beyond Freedom and Dignity by B.F. Skinner, Reflections on Violence by Georges Sorel, The Promise of American Life by Herbert Croly, The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, Madness and Civilization by Michel Foucault and Soviet Communism: A New Civilization by Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

So there you have it — 20 books that have caused unimaginable suffering, horror and devastation in the world. While some of them have (deservedly) disappeared into the trash cans of history, you will still find most of them praised and promoted on our college campuses today.

And allow me to add one more: Dreams from My Father: A Story of Inheritance, by Barack Obama (and William Ayers). This book is credited with helping to launch Obama’s Presidential campaign. You can see where that has gotten us. . . . [Full Article]

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December 16, 2010

Reviewing The Tea Party Movement

by Bill Smith / Ozark Guru: As we end 2010, conservatives have seen in the last two years an awakening within the general population with respect to the dangers of Big Government. In part, this awakening can be to the many groups, organizations, national figures, and the conservative new media. However, this article and the below research will address only the Tea Party movement.

As a conservative activist, I was involved long before there was a Tea Party. I wish to thank those who nudge me along. As a retired military officer and university professor, at 60, I had planned to retire (slow down) except for writing/ blogging, speaking, fishing, golfing and enjoying home and family. I never expected that by 61, I would be more active than when I worked two or more jobs. By 2008, I was coordinating team efforts supporting 23 US Congressional candidates.  After my preferred candidates for the GOP presidential nomination withdrew or were defeated, I supported Sarah Palin and that "other guy" for president. By the end of the 2008 elections, I was physically exhausted. But as disappointed as I was with the election outcomes, I was encouraged and motivated by the number of young conservatives I met during the year.

William Clark, friend and adviser of Ronald Reagan, related how Reagan gathered his close supporters together after the election of President Jimmy Carter and said something to the effect that Americans can not abide socialism for very long. While he was proven right, Reagan had three years to build a coalition before launching his Presidential campaign.

In 2009, after Democrats took total control of Congress and the White House, a few conservative activists recognized that the American reaction would be more visceral and could be mobilized to respond to the Democrats pushing through their progressive agenda. When approached by these young activists wishing to build on "rant" by Rick Santelli on February 19, 2008, I realized that they were on to something. But, I questioned whether large numbers would rally. History has proved that I had no reason to be concerned. Then later, when large numbers responded and joined local Tea Party groups, I was concerned that the conservative movement would not be able to educate them on the political processes or ways to remain active which could lead to the Tea Parties deteriorating or being viewed as a tentative and short lived - thus ignored or suppressed by those in power.

Even with harassment by the Department of Homeland Security - negative warnings - of conservatives, including Tea Party members and the followers of three presidential candidates, I did not need to be concerned. As with any meaningful effort, Providence provided numerous people, including national personalities, who became nation-wide  teachers on the issues, threats to freedom and the processes. Existing conservative research and issue groups increased their communication and brought into their organizations many young conservative new media activists to expand their message outreach.  Organizations like Americans for Prosperity and American Majority came along side local groups including the Tea Party groups to provided training, information and opportunities for involvement. In the end, leadership for the grassroots Tea Party was nurtured everyday grassroots Americans who adapted and learned as they organized.

A young man approached me about his holding a TEA Party in the Ozark Mountains. On April 15, 2007, Richard Caster, age 17, held the first meeting of the Ozark Tea Party which went on to have as many as 3000 people attend its events. Caster can be identified as one of the "early adopters" discussed later. As an aside, two years later in the 2010 elections, Caster was elected as the youngest Arkansas County Justice of the Peace (County board member) in Arkansas.

The above is just one of literally thousands of stores of people who for varied reasons got involved mostly via the Internet in holding their first Tea Party.   So, who were these people, what was their experience in politics, and why did they get involved? Then who joined the Tea Party after they were launched ; what were their interests and why did they join?

Sam Adams Alliance has completed research on Tea Party members. The below will present a summary of findings in two categories: The Early Adopters and The Next Wave. All statistics below are taken from their reports which are available at their website. Sam Adams Alliance was the first to explore through in-depth research and survey data, the motivations, priorities and points of view of Tea party leaders.

The Early Adopters - Reading the Tea Leaves revealed that Tea party activists were a diverse group trying - often for the first time - to change the political landscape by holding elected officials more accountable.

The Early Adopters report reveals that:
  • A large number of Tea Party leaders are politically involved for the first time. 47% of activists surveyed said that they were "uninvolved" or "rarely involved" in politics before their participation in Tea Party groups.
  • When asked which issues were "very important" to them, 92% said "budget," 85% said "economy," and 80% said "defense."
  • No respondents listed social issues as an "important direction" for the movement.
  • 86% oppose the formation of a third party.
  • 90% cited "to stand up for my beliefs" when characterizing their initial reason for involvement.
  • 62% identified as Republicans, 28% as Independents, 10% as "Tea Party"

The Next Wave - A Surf Report gauges the activists who entered the Tea Parties after May 2009 and how they are shaping the momentum and impact of the Tea Party movement.

The Next Wave report reveals that:
  • Tea Party momentum is building: 74.5% of Next Wavers said the movement is "gaining active supporters" and 66% indicated that the movement is "more enthusiastic."
  • There was a nearly 30-point drop among Tea Party activists in their affiliation with the Republican brand.
  • There is a decrease in Republican sources of entrants to the Tea Parties and an increase in independents: 20% of Next Wavers were independents prior to the Tea Parties (compared with 12.6% of Early Adopters that were independents) and 74% of Next Wavers were Republicans prior, compared to 81% of Early Adopters.
  • The longer a Tea Party activist is in the movement, the more likely they are to be optimistic about the political landscape
  • Of those who were inspired by an individual to join the Tea Party movement, 63.6% -the largest number- cited a friend as being instrumental in their involvement." Only 37.5 percent of Early Adopters were recruited by friends. Rather, media personalities brought the highest number into the movement.
  • 89.3% of Tea Party activists have been active in introducing new people into the movement.
  • Both Early Adopters and Next Wave activists were new to politics; 40.5% of Early Adopters and 43.6% of Next Wave activists said they were uninvolved/rarely involved with politics prior to their Tea Party involvement.
Sam Adams Alliance has indicated they will perform future research into exploring the interactions between establishment political players and the Tea Party newcomers, as well as an investigation into understanding why those who share the same values as the Tea Party have not embraced the movement.

Looking back at the November 2010 election, even the biased media noted the reaction by the American voters. Setting aside liberal strongholds, in less than two years, voters voted to remove from office or to rejected the elections of new candidates who were liberals / democrats. As a result, major shifts occurred in the US congress and in State and local governments. Tea Parties activists put both voice and feet to the citizen dissatisfaction and were willing to get out and motivate others to vote conservative. Tea Party members and other did not wait four (4) years for a leader like Ronald Reagan to lead them to victory; instead they acted.

We can only imagine at this point in time the impact that Tea Party members will have in holding the new Congress accountable. And come 2011, if a responsible, honorable, conservative candidate with good communication skills runs for President, the America voters will have the opportunity to sweep liberals from the control of State governments and the US Congress and the White House. From a dream on Jan, 2009 to a real possibility on Jan 2011; let's make it a fact on Jan 2013! Remain faithful, be involved and remember that being a conservative is not for the faint of heart.

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December 15, 2010

ACLU Wages War on Christmas

H/T Moonbattery for Photo
By Chris Slavens: It’s that “most wonderful time of the year” again. Children eagerly await a visit from jolly Santa Claus, while their parents try to squeeze shopping into a schedule already filled with parties, parades, church programs, and visiting relatives. Grandmothers bake dozens of gingerbread and sugar cookies, while rascally uncles down too much eggnog. Affluent northerners travel to Florida to escape cold weather, while everyone else yearns for a white Christmas.

And the ACLU—that staunch defender of American traditions and values—threatens to sue public schools for acknowledging what all the excitement is about.

Each Christmas season is marked by a series of spirit-dampening stories of towns forced to disassemble nativity scenes, retail stores intimidated into requiring employees to use generic greetings like “Happy Holidays,” and similar Scroogish travesties. This year, one such story comes from Tennessee, where the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to 137 public school administrators, supposedly in response to complaints from families, reminding them not to focus on any one religious holiday.

In other words, don’t call Christmas parties “Christmas parties.” Call them winter celebrations, holiday galas, solstice shindigs, or any other creative misnomer that obfuscates their true purpose and creates a comfortable non-reality for the handful of unfortunate students whose malcontent parents are offended by the celebration of a holiday that is jointly religious and secular in nature.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 92% of Americans celebrate Christmas, while a mere 6% do not. Of that 6%, only 25% celebrate an alternative holiday. That’s a whopping total of 1.5% of Americans who celebrate a December holiday instead of Christmas. And, apparently, most of them live in Tennessee; how else could that state’s chapter of the ACLU have received so many complaints?

Defending the letter, Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the ACLU of Tennessee, cites U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and hints that acknowledging Christmas could be considered an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

She is alluding, of course, to the oft-misinterpreted establishment clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits Congress from establishing a state religion. It obviously applies to a third-grade teacher planning a classroom Christmas party for the last day before break—or so those on the far left argue, rather unconvincingly.

Could it be that Weinberg is one of the 6% of Americans who do not celebrate Christmas, and is using the ACLU’s legal muscle and financial assets to push a personal agenda? Such Grinch-like behavior would certainly be unprofessional, if not unethical. If there was a Santa, Weinberg would be on the naughty list for sure.

The ACLU expects public schools to stage a pointless charade of pretending that the concerts, parties, and vacations common to this time of year are not specifically scheduled around December 25. This is an unreasonable expectation which deserves no serious consideration.

The correct course of action for public school administrators to take is to ignore the ACLU, which is not a government entity and does not represent the views of a majority of parents. It would be wrong to alter school policy simply to avoid the hassle of a lawsuit; this would be yielding to what is called the “heckler’s veto,” by which an antagonistic group goads the government into restricting another group’s First Amendment rights. In this case, the hecklers are the ACLU and the instigators it claims to represent.

Lawsuits are expensive, true, and no administrator wants to be on the receiving end of one, but what is the cost of a lawsuit compared to the cost of an eroded culture and disunited society, purposely divided by secularist troublemakers who value political correctness over common sense?
Chris Slavens is a conservative columnist. He writes from Delaware.

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December 11, 2010

Obama / GOP Tax Deal - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: I am just one voice and will give my opinion on the "tax deal" later. Yesterday, it was identified that "Both Conservatives and Democrats Are Divided Over Supporting the Tax Deal" and identified some of the people and organizations weighing on the "Obama /GOP Tax Deal." Also posted the article "'Tax Cut' Rhetoric Doesn't Cut It" by Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Everett Wilkinson and his team at the South Florida Tea Party have put together some good information and the following simple synopsis of the Obama / GOP Tax Deal called
"The Good, Bad and Ugly":
Good - Individual Tax Rates Remain the Same
Good - AMT Remain the Same
Good - Capital Gains Rates the Same
Fair - Estate Taxes Go Up For Some ($5 Million Exemption)
Bad - Only Good For Two Years
Bad - Unemployment Benefits Extended
Ugly - $200 Billion in Stimulus Spending
Ugly- Dozens of Earmarks for Special Interests

Obama / GOP Tax Deal:

01 & 03 Bush Tax Cuts $364 billion
AMT Patch $137 billion
Payroll Tax Holiday $112 billion
Estate Tax Change $68 billion
Unemployment Extension $56 billion
Tax Extenders $55 billion
2009 Tax Relief $43 billion
Expensing Provision $22 billion

While we need the tax relief to prevent a recession and giving Washington more of our money, in my mind the deal being cobbled together every day is questionable with its numerous earmark spending programs added by the liberals as their cost for agreeing with  "the deal." First, this is not a tax cut, but is in fact a massive tax increase. Second - Heck! the liberals are not buying into anything; they just want to spend more of OUR money even if it runs us into more debt. That is why, I used the picture yesterday of the "Obama Debt Star."

What do you think we should do? The South Florida TEA party has a simple poll to provide feedback on your opinion. I suggest doing so at their site. It gives you the following options to the question:
Do you support the "Bush Tax Cut Deal" between Obama & GOP?
  • No - We don't want any deals - keep the tax rates the same without any "deal" and accept job losses & possible major recession.
  • No - We can make a better deal between now and January.
  • No - We can make a better deal with the new Congress in 2011.
  • Yes - We can't afford to have a tax increase January, we can cut out the PORK in 2011.
  • Let's wait for a Bill before we pass judgment
Whether you take their poll or not, I would still like your opinion.
I promised to share my opinion. To keep from biasing you in your opinion any more than I may have done, I will post my choice as a comment to this article on the ARRA News Service.

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December 4, 2010

Florida Follows Arizona's Lead With New Bill Cracking Down on Illegal Immigrants

FOX NEWS — Florida has joined Arizona on the front lines of battling illegal immigration with a new bill released this week that seeks to crack down on the estimated 800,000 undocumented workers in the state.

The bill, filed by state Sen. Michael Bennett, allows law enforcement officers to check the residency status of anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant and would punish some legal immigrants who aren't carrying proper documentation.

Florida has been flirting with releasing an immigration bill since the summer when outgoing state Attorney General Bill McCollum wrote a similar proposal with state Rep. William Snyder. But Snyder has yet to file that bill. . . . [Read More]

 Court to hear arguments over Arizona immigration law

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November 12, 2010

ICYMI: Marco Rubio Victory Speech

[Right Scoop Video]

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November 5, 2010

GOP Resilience in Broward County – Richard DeNapoli’s Plan is Needed

Throughout the now concluded election season, one person’s analysis of precincts, ability to organize BREC and willingness to lend crucial ground war advice to all candidates stood out above the rest. Richard DeNapoli’s knowledge of the numbers and his ability to use them to our advantage was unparalleled throughout the last cycle. Broward Republicans need him as our Chairman going forward into this crucial redistricting term.

A prolonged battle to safeguard Broward County’s few Republican seats is already shaping up. This battle should not only be of interest to Republicans, but to all who want to see strengthened cooperation between Broward County and our state government, with jobs and opportunity coming to Broward.

Richard DeNapoli has also released a plan to strengthen the local clubs and to enhance BREC activism. I won’t rehash the details, as a copy of his plan was sent out to each committeeperson, but I will say that his ideas are just what the doctor ordered for a stronger local party.

Unmatched Competence – DeNapoli Kept the Broward GOP Afloat During an Impossible Election Season - s Treasurer, Richard DeNapoli single-handedly revived Republican coffers in a year in which little money flowed, and whatever did generally went directly to candidates. Richard DeNapoli used his position, his ingenuity and his ability to place the Broward GOP into a solid financial position, while 90% of people were tapped out donating to candidates.

The primary roles of Chairman are to a) devise a winnable battle plan, b) to raise enough funds to be able to see it through and c) to motivate others to volunteer for a better tomorrow. Richard has accomplished much in all of the above areas and his election is crucial to the success and expansion of BREC.

A True Leader - During the past cycle, DeNapoli made himself available to all who asked for his advice. His grasp of the numbers and analysis of precincts was unequaled by any other Republican advisor.

I’ve seen candidates in nearly impossible races pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars. As someone who has advised many myself, and who has been horrified by how outside consultants charge way above the norm to do virtually nothing for first time candidates (and who has refused to do same, for candidate after candidate), I can attest first hand to how rare Richard’s honesty is in today’s political climate.

Furthermore, Richard didn’t just support candidates with big and flashy names. He offered some of the best advice available to any good candidate who asked. He also encouraged disheartened primary supporters to rally behind our slate of nominees.

That’s someone who cares. And that’s someone who will make a great Chairman.

A Team of Leaders - He can’t do it alone. Michael DeGruccio, a leader who spends weekend after weekend and many long nights helping the party, needs to stay on as Secretary. He, like DeNapoli, is also one of the best minds in Broward County. And after outgoing Chairwoman Cindy Guerra and Vice-Chair Ken Haiko’s spectacular performances in only six months on the job, their importance to the movement speaks for itself. They took the job temporarily and they worked it as if it were their lives’ missions.

Broward chairmen have a long history of excellence. No senator has worked harder on the job than outgoing Sen. George LeMieux, who cut his teeth in politics as Chairman of the Broward GOP. Richard DeNapoli will need their past insights, as well as all of our support, to be the excellent chairman that he can be, but no one is better positioned to do just that.

In the end, Richard DeNapoli became the undisputed Maestro of the ’10 election in Broward County. He represents unparalleled brilliance and dedication and he will organize and reinvigorate Broward Republicans like no other.

He needs our help and support. And he deserves nothing less.
Yomin Postelnik
Chair, A Better Florida PAC
Broward Committeeman, Precinct B007
A Better Florida PAC’s mission is to elect good Republican candidates and to advocate for needed policy. A Better Florida PAC generally abstains from making recommendations on local REC positions, except in cases which are deemed necessary for redistricting efforts. The above is one such case.

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November 4, 2010

All of America's Best Choice Endorsed General Election Candidates Win

Marco Rubio Wins US Senate (FL)
America's Best Choice endorsed five Republican candidates in Florida in 2010 November elections. All them have won! Congratulation Florida Voters. Recap:

Marco Rubio for US Senate - Florida: The former Florida legislature and TEA Party favorite soundly defeated his two opponents. Rubio received 49% of the vote. RINO turned independent but would be democrat Governor Charlie Chris received 30% and Democrat Kendrick Meek received 20% of he vote. Earlier in teh race Christ then a Republican was favored to win and had over $5 million in his war chest compared to Rubio's $340,000. But Rubio had a clear message of smaller limited responsible government and surged ahead of Chris in the race for the Republican nomination. Rather than accept defeat at the polls in the primary, Chris abandoned the GOP to be an independent and would not return money he had raised from Republicans or the Florida Republican Party. After accepting Chris' and Meek's concessions, Rubio cautioned his supporters that it would be a mistake to see his victory as an "embrace of the Republican Party" by voters. Rather, he said, it is a "second chance" for the GOP.

Daniel Webster for US Congress - Florida's 8th District: Webster with 56% of the vote soundly defeated incumbent democrat Rep Alan Grayson 38%. Grayson swept into office on the 2008 Obama wave is out after only one term in office. Grayson's became nationally known when he said on the House floor that the GOP health care plan was to "die quickly," Webster conservative common sense message resonated with this predominate Republican district which realized it had made a mistake sending Grayson to Congress. Grayson raised 5 times the money as Webster. Grayson received $5.1 million in contributions from around the country as compared to Webster's $1.3 million.

Allen West for US Congress - Florida's 22nd District: Retired ArmyLt Col Allan West is a fiery American who is a TEA Party favorite. He will be one of the few Republican black Americans in the new Congress and will continue to garner attention. West ran in 2008 against Ron Klein in 2008 and lost. Kelin garnered 50.9% of the votes and West new on the scene received 45.3%. However, this time West received 54.4% and Klein 45.6%. Allan West is an outspoken orator and advocated for the US Constitution.

Rick Scott for Florida Governor: After a contentious battle Rick Scott (R) will be the next governor of Florida after state Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink (D) conceded. Sink's concession came as raw vote totals showed her trailing Scott by roughly 50,000 votes out of more than five million cast. Scott is a successful businessman an multimillionaire and ran on an anti-establishment message and was supported by the TEA Party. In addition to getting the state on a sound financial footing and reducing the size of government, Scott supports secure borders, no amnesty, gun rights, and other issues of conservative issues. But his expertise as an entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry will help Florida tackle the issues created by ObamaCare and addressing the health needs of Floridians. Scott's running mate also made history. Rep Jennifer Carroll of Jacksonville was the first black female Republican elected to the state legislature and with Sinks victory becomes the state's first black lieutenant governor.

Adam Putnam for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture: Putnam who was elected to the US Congressman at age 27, and after five terms in the US House left to return home to pursue his passion in Agriculture as the Commissioner of Agriculture. Putnam with 58% defeated Scott Maddox who received 36% of the vote.

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October 29, 2010

A Most Needed Voice: Allen West

At a recent debate, Allen West sparred with Ron Klein over terror and national security. Klein's comments were dangerously ignorant.

West stressed the need to be on the lookout for problems in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. He recognizes that we cannot rely on forced alliances to protect American security. By contrast, Congressman Klein showed his ignorance and his adherence to conventional wisdom as a substitute for terror policy, callously stating that "Iran is the enemy" and that we must bolster the Afghani, Pakistani and other armies. To be sure, the Iranian regime is a huge enemy of the West and even of Saudi Arabia, but focusing on them alone is wrong and dangerous.

In truth, Iran has the largest number of pro-Western citizens of any country in the Middle East, outside of Israel. There is hope for regime change, as long as we can stop radicals like Mousavi from hijacking those reform movements. And of course we need to deal with the current threat and the current regime. But that doesn't mean that we should turn a blind eye on the Taliban and al-Qaeda, as Ron Klein wants us to.

To eradicate terror, we need to show common sense and firm resolve on the international front, as well as introduce domestic policy to end terror recruitment in prisons by sentencing non-violent offenders to work details or military service instead of long prison sentences where large numbers are recruited every year.

There is no simple solution and only a multi-pronged change to domestic policy, coupled with foreign vigilance, will see the terror threat erased. But Ron Klein's position is shockingly ignorant and dangerous to America's security. By contrast, Allen West's is a tremendous step in the right direction.

Congressman Ron Klein has failed to do anything in his four years in Congress and is dangerously naïve on the international front. Colonel Allen West understands global politics and what is needed internationally. It's time to give him an opportunity to lend his voice to solving our most glaring global problem.

On Nov. 2, vote Allen West. The future of America relies on common sense solutions.

Yomin Postelnik

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Mastadon Army Video: In a country, headed toward socialism, where the elitist few ran the government and did not govern for the people, but against them...

In a climate of arrogant words, never before seen flippant attitudes, photo ops, fake news stories, and continued out of control rhetoric...

In a time of rising debt, broken promises, increased taxes, out of control government spending, corporate takeovers and corrupt special interests ...

In a world where evil nations are developing nuclear weapons and where Obama pairs down the United State's arsenal leaving us more and more defenseless....

Now, more than ever, America needs a hero - one who has the power to change the political landscape. That hero, that voice... is You. . . . [Full Script]

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October 28, 2010

RNC Chairman Steele On President Clinton Asking Kendrick Meek To Drop Out Of The Florida Senate Race

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele released the following statement today:
“If we have learned anything this election cycle, it’s that voters demand the right to choose candidates for themselves, not by a political establishment seeking to make those decisions from on high. President Clinton’s actions to have Kendrick Meek withdraw from the campaign sends a chilling signal to all voters, but especially African Americans. One can only imagine the response if Republican leadership tried to force out of the race – in the 11th hour – a qualified black candidate like Kendrick Meek.”

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Florida - Get Out the Vote Rally - Spencer Farms

Herman Cain and Dr. Bill Smith

Dr. Bill Smith, Editor: If you have never heard and met Herman Cain, let me assure you that he is an outstanding speaker. If you have, you know the reason to bring your friends.

Get Out the Vote Rally - Spencer Farms
Date: Oct. 30 - Saturday
Time: 12 pm - Noon

Come out to hear Herman Cain, other speakers and candidates from Across Florida
Spencer Farm , Middleburg, FL

The event is FREE!
Register at:

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October 27, 2010

Sink Sinks in Debate

SPT: Anger, contempt flare in final Scott and Sink debate in Florida governor's race
Buzz: Alex Sink cheated during the debate
SPT: Sink says she fired aide who passed her message in debate, breaking the rules
H/T eGOPNews

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October 26, 2010

Rubio Wards Off Christ & Meeks in Debate

"Kendrick B. Meek: "We know why the governor is running as an independent
— because he [Charlie Crist] couldn't beat Marco Rubio."
AP/Farrington: Crist, Meek gang up on Rubio in Fla. debate
Hill: Crist, Meek try to paint Rubio as too extreme in Sunday Senate debate
Politico: Marco Rubio blasts 'heckler' Charlie Crist
SPT: Aggressive Crist plays role of "heckler" in Senate debate
SPT Transcripts:"Heckler" exchange
Wash Times: Florida eyes 'sore loser' election law
H/T eGOPNews

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October 25, 2010

Alex Sink: Allen West 2010, Ron Klein 2012?

Yomin Postelnik, Chairman, A Better Florida PAC: This term will see redistricting, a once in a decade process by which all congressional, state level and regional seats are redrawn. We need to work hard to elect a Republican governor, unless we want to cede as many as 6 congressional seats to the Dems.

As of this email, we may be well on track to seeing Allen West elected to Congress in South Florida. Alan Grayson appears to be going down to defeat.

But elect Alex Sink as governor and Alan Grayson, Ron Klein, Suzanne Kosmas and Alan Boyd may well be back in two years, not to mention the future of the two new seats being gained by Florida in the process.

The Governor has veto power over any redistricting plan. A Republican governor helps ensure that these seats stay Republican. A Democrat governor would demand compromise from the Florida House and it’s doubtful that Tallahassee leadership would hold the line in great enough numbers and have the media savvy to win that battle.

That’s why electing Rick Scott is absolutely crucial to the Republican effort and why his race is the most important one in this election cycle.

A Better Florida PAC Voter Guide

United States Senate - Marco Rubio

United States Representative

U.S. House of District #22 - Allen West

U.S. House of District #19 - Joe Budd

U.S. House of District #20 - Karen Harrington

U.S. House of District #23 - Bernard Sansaricq

U.S. House of District #17 - Roderick Vereen

Florida Governor - Rick Scott

State Attorney General - Pam Bondi

State Chief Financial Officer - Jeff Atwater

Commissioner of Agriculture - Adam Putnam

State Senate District #25 - Ellyn Bogdanoff

State Senate District #27 - Lizbeth Benacquisto

State Senate District #32 - Patrick Laffey

State Senate District #35 - Corey Poitier

State House District #91 - George Moraitis

State House District #87 - Bill Hager

State House District #89 - Steven Rosenblum

State House District #85 - Tami Donnally

State House District #83 - Pat Rooney

State House District #95 - Scott Yardley

State House District #98 - Kim Burgess

State House District #90 - Alison Rampersad

State House District #100 - Ed Bender

Broward County Commission District #4 - Chip LaMarca

Broward County Commission District #8 - Christopher Max Ziadie

Justice of The Supreme Court
Who Should Be Retained In Office?

Charles Canady – Yes

Jorge Labarga – No – Undemocratically voted to remove the “Florida Health Care Freedom Act” from the ballot.

James Perry – No - Undemocratically voted to remove the “Florida Health Care Freedom Act” from the ballot.

Ricky Polston – Yes

Broward County Court Judge Group # 1 - John Howes

Broward County Court Judge Group # 26 - Mardi Anne Levey Cohen

Broward County School Board
District #7 - Travis Williamson

Constitutional Amendments

No. 1 – Review and decide
No. 2 – Yes
No. 4 – No
No. 5 – No
No. 6 – No
No. 8 – No - Amendment 8 would only make a bad situation worse. While lack of a qualified hiring campaign, the Teachers’ Unions and an inflexible curriculum are primary causes of stagnation in Florida public schools, raising the class size without improving the curriculum by bringing creativity to the classroom or hiring more qualified teachers would only make a bad situation worse. Every dollar spent PROPERLY on education betters the future of the state and is even fiscally prudent, by leading to savings on criminal justice and juvenile delinquency programs. Increasing the class size without fixing the educational structure is just plain wrong.

Nonbinding Statewide
Advisory Referendum Yes

Broward County Issues
No. 1 – Yes
No. 2 – No
No. 3 – No
No. 4 – No
No. 5 – Review and decide

Recommendations are those of the A Better Florida PAC and not necessarily this site.

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Daniel Webster (FL-08) - More Numbers

TPMDC: A new Susquehanna (R)/Sunshine State News poll of Florida's 8th District shows fiery liberal Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson trailing his Republican opponent, former state Sen. Dan Webster. The numbers: Webster 43%, Grayson 36%, plus 6% for Tea Party candidate Peg Dunmire and independent George Metcalfe. The survey of likely voters has a ±4.14% margin of error. There is no previous poll of this race by this firm for direct comparison The pollster's analysis finds that Grayson's unfavorable rating is at 51%: "He's even more unpopular than the president, which is not surprising given how controversial he has been with his rhetoric, overall style and TV ads."

Daniel Webster - Fixing Washington Together [Video]

In contrast to the negative ads aired by his opponent, Alan Grayson, Webster continues to address the important issues that are affecting our everyday lives.

Here are the numbers:
$787 billion spent under "Pelosi's House" promising to create jobs
2.6 million jobs that have been lost under the current administration
$4.3 Million stimulus dollars sent to criminals

Webster offers solutions:
Cuts in spending, a jumpstart to the economy and restoration of the promise.

Those who believe America is not broken but that Washington is and who are serious about sending congress a message will vote Daniel Webster in this year's upcoming election.

Get the whole story:
Join the conversation now:
Tweet with Daniel:

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Anthony Weiner Called Alan Grayson Crazy!

In 2009, NY Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner said that Florida's Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson (FL-08) was "one fry short of a Happy Meal." But now that the elections are looming, suddenly Weiner is 100% for that "crazy" Grayson! So much for his veracity. Both are a couple of Nuts. Florida cannot afford to have Alan Grayson speaking for them anymore. He is an embarrassment! [Video]

H/T Publius Forum for video

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October 24, 2010

Palin Rally Florida Republican Base

Orlando Sentinel: Palin helps rally Orlando Republicans as election nears
Fox: Palin Rallies Base in Florida
WFTV: Thousands Of Republicans Rally For Victory
Reuters: Palin plugs Florida Republicans - and her TV show
AP: Palin Rallies GOP In Fla., Says Time To Dig Deep

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October 23, 2010

Times/Herald poll: Rick Scott 44, Alex Sink 41

01_GovPoll102310_40_146030a.jpegTALLAHASSEE — Republican Rick Scott narrowly leads Democrat Alex Sink in Florida's too-close-to-call governor's race thanks to enthusiastic conservatives and widespread dissatisfaction with the economy, according to a new St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald/Bay News 9 poll.

Scott's 3-percentage point advantage among likely voters comes at the perfect time: The opening week of early voting, with more Republicans than Democrats headed to the polls. Election Day is Nov. 2. . . . [Full Story]

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October 22, 2010

Latest Poll has Allen West Leading Ron Klein 47-44

The Shark-Tank: The latest poll in the Florida CD-22 Allen West-Ron Klein race has West leading 47-44, in a poll conducted by the Sunshine State News Poll, which surveyed 800  likely voters on Oct 17-19, and has a margin of error of +/- 3.46 percent.  Nine percent of respondents are undecided. Even more favorable for West is the fact that his 3-point lead grows to 5 points among respondents who say their chances of voting are “excellent” (49-44), and 4 points among “2x” voters, voters who voted in both 2006 and 2008 (48-44).  For a complete look at the poll’s crosstabs, click here.

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Sarah Palin & Marco Rubio Headline Florida RNC Event

by Javier Manjarres This Saturday, Governor Sarah Palin and U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio, along with Senator George LeMieux, RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and others will be attending the RNC’s Victory 2010 rally in Orlando, Florida.  This is a great opportunity for Florida’s GOP electorate to come and support two of the Republican party’s rising stars in politics today.  With only 12 days until election day, it is important that Republicans across Florida and across the nation support these candidates, as well as get out the vote. It’s simple- we get out the vote, we win!

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October 21, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell Verses Do Tell

U.S. wins bid to delay 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' rulingThe Obama administration won a bid to delay enforcement of a federal judge’s order overturning the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that bars gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco today said it temporarily postponed the ruling “to provide this court with an opportunity to consider fully the issues presented.”

The government asked the court to take action today to postpone the ruling after the lower-court judge who issued it last month refused the administration’s emergency request yesterday to delay enforcement.

U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips in Riverside, California, ruled Sept. 9 that the policy violates constitutionally protected due process and free speech rights.

President Barack Obama supports repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the government said in court filings. Still, terminating the rule should take place only after advance planning and training, the government said. The Defense Department’s findings on how the ban should be ended are scheduled to be completed Dec. 1.

Phillips’s order “risks causing significant immediate harm to the military and its efforts to be prepared to implement an orderly repeal of the statute,” the U.S. said in the filing with the appeals court. . . . [Full Story]
H/T ARRA News Service
Troops discharged for being gay try to re-enlist
At least three service members discharged for being gay have begun the process to re-enlist after the Pentagon directed the military to accept openly gay recruits for the first time in the nation's history.

The top-level guidance issued to recruiting commands Tuesday marked a significant change in an institution long resistant and sometimes hostile to gays. . . .  The movement to overturn the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy gained speed when President Barack Obama campaigned on its repeal. The effort stalled in Congress this fall and found new life last month when a federal judge in California declared it unconstitutional.

The recruiting announcement came even as the Justice Department battles in the courts to slow the movement to abolish the 1993 Clinton-era policy. . . .

[DOD] has said it would comply with Phillips' order and had frozen any discharge cases. Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said Tuesday recruiters had been given top-level guidance to accept applicants who say they are gay. . . .

Recruiters also have been told to inform potential recruits that the moratorium on enforcement of the policy could be reversed at any time, if the ruling is appealed or the court grants a stay, she said.  Gay rights groups were continuing to tell service members to avoid revealing that they are gay, fearing they could find themselves in trouble should the law be reinstated. . . . [Full Story]

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October 19, 2010

ObamaCare News In Review: More Turbulence for Businesses

[] As ObamaCare Prepares For Take-off, Boeing And Other Businesses Strap In For A Bumpy Ride

Boeing Will Require 90,000 Nonunion Employees To Contribute "Significantly" More To Their Health Care Plans In Part Due To ObamaCare. "Aerospace giant Boeing is joining the list of companies that say the new health care law could have a potential downside for their workers.  In a letter mailed to employees late last week, the company cited the overhaul as part of the reason it is asking some 90,000 nonunion workers to pay significantly more for their health plan next year. A copy of the letter was obtained Monday by The Associated Press." (Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, "Citing Health Care Law, Boeing Pares Employee Plan," The AP, 10/18/10)
  • Boeing Vice President For Human Resources Says ObamaCare Is "Adding Cost Pressure As Requirements Of The New Law Are Phased In." "'The newly enacted health care reform legislation, while intended to expand access to care for millions of uninsured Americans, is also adding cost pressure as requirements of the new law are phased in over the next several years,' wrote Rick Stephens, Boeing's senior vice president for human resources." Ibid
  • Boeing Is Worried About A 40 Percent Tax On "Cadillac" Health Care Plans. "Spokeswoman Karen Forte said the Boeing plan is more generous than what its closest competitors offer, and the company was concerned it would get hit with a new tax under the law. The tax on so-called 'Cadillac' health plans doesn't take effect until 2018, but employers are already beginning to assess their exposure because it is hefty: at 40 percent of the value above $10,200 for individual coverage and $27,500 for a family plan." Ibid
"3M Co. On Friday Informed Retirees And Workers It Will Stop Offering A Group Health-Insurance Plan To Retirees Not Old Enough For Medicare By 2015, Citing The Federal Health Overhaul As A Factor." (Janet Adamy, "3M To Change Health-Plan Options For Workers," The Wall Street Journal, 10/4/10)
  • 3M Will Change The Plans Of Retirees Who Are Too Young To Qualify For Medicare And Those That Qualify For Medicare. "The St. Paul, Minn., manufacturing conglomerate notified employees on Friday that it would change retiree benefits both for those who are too young to qualify for Medicare and for those who qualify for the Medicare program. Both groups will get an unspecified health reimbursement instead of having access to a company-sponsored health plan." Ibid
  • "'In Addition, Health Care Reform Has Made It More Difficult For Employers Like 3M To Provide A Plan That Will Remain Competitive,' The Memo Said." Ibid
Caterpillar Inc. Said Obama's Health Care Bill Would Increase Their Costs By $100 Million In First Year, "Place [Them] At A Disadvantage Versus [Their] Global Competitors." "Caterpillar Inc. said the health-care overhaul legislation being considered by the U.S. House would increase the company's health-care costs by more than $100 million in the first year alone. ... 'We can ill-afford cost increases that place us at a disadvantage versus our global competitors,' said the letter signed by Gregory Folley, vice president and chief human resources officer of Caterpillar. 'We are disappointed that efforts at reform have not addressed the cost concerns we've raised throughout the year.'" ("Caterpillar: Health Care Bill Would Cost It $100M," Dow Jones Newswires, 3/19/10)

White Castle Predicts ObamaCare Will Consume More Than Half Its Profits. "The White Castle hamburger chain fears that a health insurance reform law adopted earlier this year will put its profits on a downward slide. The Columbus-based family owned restaurant chain - known for serving small square hamburgers called 'sliders' - says a single provision in the bill will eat up roughly 55 percent of its yearly net income after 2014." (Sabrina Eaton, "Ohio Hamburger Chain Says Insurance Reform Will Bite Into Profits," The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/4/2010)
  • ObamaCare Will Make It Hard For White Castle To Maintain Current Jobs, "Let Alone Create New Jobs." "The financial hit will make it hard for the company to maintain its 421 restaurants, let alone create new jobs, says company spokesman Jamie Richardson. White Castle employs more than 10,000 people nationwide, and more than 1,200 in Ohio." Ibid
"A New Study By Accounting Firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Found That Nearly Half (47 Percent) Of Executives Surveyed Expect The New Healthcare Law To Have A 'Notable Financial Impact On Their Businesses.'" (Jay Heflin, "Study: Healthcare Reform A Financial Hit To Firms," The Hill's "On The Money" Blog, 10/14/10)

Businesses Are Trying To Adjust To ObamaCare And The Tax Hikes Contained In ObamaCare. "One issue troubling executives is adjusting to reform while trying to accommodate for the coming tax hikes included in the new law. 'It's possible this could create a cash flow issue as CEOs look to continue reinvesting in their business,' said Ken Esch, a partner in the firm's Private Company Services practice, in prepared remarks." Ibid

A Majority Of Employers Are "Likely To Change Employee Contributions For Medical Coverage." "Over half of the respondents (52 percent) are likely to significantly change employee contributions for medical coverage. Of the 11 percent of respondents whose healthcare plans cover retirees, 46 percent are likely to significantly change their current retiree plans because of healthcare reform." "Ibid

"'The Potential Business Impact Of Health Reform Is Just One Among A Host Of Issues, Regulatory, Legislative, Economic, That's Creating Uncertainty For CEO's Right Now,' Esch Said." Ibid

Employers Are Dragging Their Feet When It Comes To Hiring Citing Uncertainty Surrounding Taxes And Regulation. "Increasingly, though, economists and job seekers are identifying another problem: Employers are being pickier, or not trying as hard as they usually do to fill the openings they have. The reasons for the foot-dragging are closely related to the reasons employers aren't creating many openings in the first place. Companies lack confidence about the outlook for consumer demand, they're not sure what the government will do with taxes and regulation, and they want to keep squeezing as much output from their current workers as they can." (Mark Whitehouse, "Unfilled Openings Frustrate The Jobless," The Wall Street Journal, 10/11/10)
  • Delay In Hiring Could Last For Another Year. "'What we're seeing is delay' says Jeff Joerres, chief executive of staffing firm Manpower Inc., noting that clients are taking a lot longer to fill positions, even when they've been presented with the right candidate. He says he expects the problem to persist at least through next year." Ibid
Almost Half Of Likely Voters Have An Unfavorable View Of ObamaCare. "Public support for healthcare reform ticked downward in October, suffering from an especially negative opinion among likely voters. Almost half of likely voters in next month's elections said they have an unfavorable view of Democrats' signature legislation -- a more negative take on healthcare reform than the general public. Forty-nine percent of likely voters said they have an unfavorable opinion of the healthcare bill, according to the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, compared to 39 percent who have a favorable opinion. Twelve percent of likely voters said they have no opinion." (Michael O'Brien, "Almost Half Of Likely Voters View HealthCare Reform Unfavorably," The Hill, 10/18/10)

"An Earlier Poll By The Hill Also Pointed To Problems For Democrats With Healthcare. In The Hill Poll Of 12 Battleground Districts Won By Freshman House Democrats In 2008, A Majority Of Those Surveyed Favored Repeal. Even 23 Percent Of Democrats Polled In The Dozen Districts Favored Repeal." Ibid

Sixty-Two Percent Of Voters Think That The Tax On "Cadillac" Health Care Plans Should Be Repealed. "Another poll, conducted earlier this month by Bloomberg News, found that some of the most central pieces of the legislation fare poorly with the public. Sixty-two percent of voters said in that poll that the tax on high-value insurance plans (the so-called 'Cadillac tax') should be repealed, and 51 percent favored repeal of the requirement that each individual have health insurance." Ibid

Missouri Voters Overwhelmingly Passed A Ballot Initiative That Exempts The State From The Unpopular Measures Of ObamaCare. "Missouri voters approved the initiative with just over 71 percent in favor of the ballot language, which looks to exempt residents from the new rules requiring individuals to have health insurance, and also businesses, which have to provide health insurance options to employees or face stiff penalties."(Michael O' Brian, "Top Republicans Trumpet Missouri Ballot Initiative On Health Reform," The Hill's "Healthwatch" Blog ,
  • The Passage Of Proposition C Is "The First Tangible Demonstration Of How Unpopular The President's Signature Achievement" Is In Missouri. "The overwhelming vote in favor of Proposition C, a measure crafted to reject a portion of the law that requires most people to carry health insurance by 2014 or pay a fine, is the first tangible demonstration of how unpopular the president's signature achievement remains in the Midwestern state." (David Catanese, "Proposition C Spells Trouble For Robin Caranhan," Politico, 8/6/10)
  • "Equally Worrisome Is The Fact That In Some Traditionally Democratic Counties, Like Jefferson County, Which Is Part Of Democratic Rep. Russ Carnahan's Southside St. Louis District, The Initiative Passed With Over 70 Percent." Ibid

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