October 16, 2009

MIAC Report -Now Appears to be Fraudulent

NetRight Nation Gadsden FlagBill Smith, ARRA New Service We previously reported on the scandal that surrounded the MIAC report which has now apparently moved on to become a basis of support within Homeland Security Policy with respect to potential domestic terrorists. In the MIAC report, "People of "conservative" ideology were also identified in the State Police report as being potentially dangerous. People who held political opinions opposing abortion, illegal immigration, the New World Order, the North American Union, the Income Tax, the U.N., etc., were profiled in the MIAC report.. No Islamic extremists. No environmental extremists. Only people holding "conservative" or "right-wing" philosophies were identified in the MIAC report."

Adam Bitely at NetRight Nation just released the results of an Freedom of Information (FOI) related to the MIAC Report which are detailed below. Adams does it right by providing links to all the documentation received. However, the same cannot be verified for the MIAC or the Missouri Highway Patrol. The shocking FOI results show that that some unknown person or persons prepared the MIAC Report and no supporting documentation exists.

While most of the conservatives identified in the MIAC report have a high regard for both the the military and police officer, this MIAC report has reduced the public's respect for the process and the Missouri Highway Department for allowing this report to be released which cast aspersion on so many loyal American citizens concerned about our county and Constitution rights of all Americans.

No supporting documentation and the in ability to identify the author means that either a great hoax has been perpetrated on MIAC and the American people or that information is being withheld to protect someone from being held accountable for authoring a fallacious MIAC report. Either situation is untenable and reduces public trust in law enforcement. In addition, the continued use and support for the MIAC report's content by the Department of Homeland Security evidences a willingness to promote fictitious propaganda and an effort to possibly influence law enforcement across the nation.

While Adam Bitely in his comment below is generous by stating that "MIAC operation is nothing but an amateur operation," the fact is we cannot trust MIAC or any of its future reports when MIAC and the Missouri Highway Patrol allow amateur operations that went so far to originally castigate even supporters of candidates for President of the United States and law abiding Americans who are outspoken in their opinions.
Adam Bitely, NetRight Nation: Remember the MIAC Report from last February? This was the report issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) to law enforcement officials across the state warning them to watch out for supporters of limited government. The report, titled "The Modern Militia Movement", caused quite a stir in the media and the blogosphere.

Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government, filed a FOIA request to obtain the information that went into creating the report. The results of that FOIA were not surprising. The information did not exist.

According to Steven Frisbie, the Custodian of Records at the Missouri Highway Patrol, no background materials that were used while the author drafted the report existed. And even more interesting was the claim that they have no record of who wrote the report.

Bizarre. The group tasked with collecting intelligence in Missouri cannot even keep track of its own office. It would appear that the MIAC operation is nothing but an amateur operation complete with mustache/glasses disguise kits. They have no idea what is going on inside of their own office.

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