October 15, 2009

Congress ACORN Rolls the Public

Bill Smith, Editor: On Sept 14, we reported that the Senate Cuts Funding to ACORN after ever one learned of ACORN Promoting Prostitution & Tax Evasion. I commented at the time, "With people like Reid (D-NV), Boxer (D-CA), McCaskill (D-MO), and Kerry (D-MA) voting in favor of the amendment, a caution flag is still appropriate. This amendment could be removed in reconciliation with the House."

But then four days later on on Sept 18, we learned that the Senate approved 85-11 an amendment to the Interior appropriations bill to prohibit funding in that bill from going to ACORN. And, the House of Representatives voted 345-75 to pass the Defund ACORN Act.

At that time, we anticipated thought that the defunding of ACORN and the ACORN scandals would occupy the news for the weekend, but recall that other news took center stage when President Obama played into the hand of the Russians and announced that he was pulling the security rug out from under Poland and the European community. Well with all the ACORN lovers in Congress and the White House. we should have known this subject wasn't over.

Now we learn that last Thursday, Rep. Michelle Bachmann talked with radio host Chris Baker to discuss an ongoing investigation into ACORN. During the show, we now learn the truth about ACORN. They only lost funds for One (1) month:
She then further said that Congress hasn't cut off ACORN funding like you think. She says, "Congress did a CYA move, they defunded ACORN just for the month of October." (Read the Legislative Digest). She adds that on November 1, "the spigot of federal tax money will open wide open again."

To add insult to injury, she informed us that while ACORN didn't get federal funding in October, "They received a million dollar grant from Homeland Security for fire safety. "Full Story. What does ACORN have to do with fire safety? In fact, "they received 80% of the money for fire safety that was supposed to go to Louisiana."

H/T to TexasFred for sharing the above video and KTLK story. Fred adds, "Social Security is going BROKE! Yet groups like ACORN are right back on the public dole! And ACORN, despite all their words, does nothing to help anyone other than ACORN. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, they give great advice on how to tax shelter your whores and dope operations. That’s some valuable advice if you’re a pimp or a dope dealer!"

Well, now we know what was up with the Democrats when they voted - deception ACORN style. They were smoothing the public's feathers while they prepared to continue to pluck us clean. When the clock runs out on Halloween, the ACORN nightmare continues but once again it is funded with our Federal tax dollars!

Congress ACORN Rolls the Public - #ACORN

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