October 6, 2009

Bob Graham Stomping All Over Florida House District 91?

by Yomin Postelnik, Republican Candidate for Florida House District 91:

. . . Political hacks should satisfy their ambitions by raising money for career politicians and taking whatever cut they want of it. When they decide that they themselves can become legislators, that’s when they become dangerous. It’s because of career politicians that there are so few new ideas in politics.. . .

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The people of District 91 will not stand for it. We deserve better and we will demand nothing less.

Democrats have long promised that District 91 would be “the largest battle in South Florida.” If by that they meant that this election would finally expose the Jimmy Carter-like incompetence of the otherwise likable Senator and former Governor Bob Graham, then I’ll have no choice but to oblige. It certainly is interesting that Bob Graham’s biggest failure, the Mariel Boatlift, is one that Jimmy Carter is still trying to live down to this day.  . . .
Visit Yomin Postelnik Campaign Site: A Better Florida Yomin Postelnik offers Florida the opportunity for a solid conservative to work through the critical economic issues facing Florida created by the unfunded mandates of the Obama administration and the declining return of revenue collected by Florida but retained by the Federal Government. The Editor of America's Best Choice and National Political Director Conservative Solutions ("Let's Get This Right"), Dr. Bill Smith, has endorsed Yomin Postelnik as "the best choice for Florida's future in House District 91.

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