August 30, 2009

Florida School Suspends Young ROTC Patriot

from America, You Asked For It!

After observing a female muslim student refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance, a 16-year old ROTC member in Spring Hill, FL was suspended for 5 days for telling the irreverent student to "Take that thing off your head and act like you're proud to be an American."

No threats were made, no violence ensued, and the purported "victim" didn't even complain. An oversensitive teacher overheard the remarks and reported the young girl who loves her country to the principal's office.

from World Net Daily

Maybe it's because her dad served in the U.S. Marines ... or because her high school mascot is a fierce-looking eagle ... or because she plans to enlist in the Army next summer after graduation to defend her country ... whatever the reason, when Heather Lawrence saw a fellow student refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and recite it with the class, the 16-year-old Junior ROTC member saw a teachable moment and took it.

And for that, she's been suspended five days.


Although the student walked away and filed no complaint, a teacher overheard Lawrence's comment and reported her to school administrators. On Friday, Lawrence was called to Assistant Principal Steve Crognale's office and her father was called and informed she would be suspended for five days.

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You can email Assistant Principal Steve Crognagle and Principal Susan Duval or contact them on Monday by phone at (352)797-7010 or fax at (352)797-7110.

Let them know we're tired of our schools being used to promote Muslim ideology and culture at the expense of our own.


Cindy Columbia said...

Yep, punish the kid standing up for his country! That is a definite no no in the liberal world!

Zak Kirlis said...

I can see where maybe the "proud American" was a little insensitive, but suspended??

Kimberly Dawn Horvath said...

You know I always thought the North American Union Treaty was a conspiracy, but the more I watch the leaders in this country try to destroy the American Pride, the more I start to believe! Why have a federal government that WON"T do the job it was given in the Constitution (Protect the country's borders)!!! Because they don't WANT to!

Ret Miles said...

I am proud to say the pledge, and mean it when I do.

I wasn't there, so I cannot say with certainty, but the 16-year old was probably out of line. The remark did seem to be disrespectful of someone else's beliefs & traditions. The pledge is not a legal requirement, is not a statement of religious faith, & is not proof of someone's patriotism. I support the pledge being said in our schools & in other venues, even if it was written by a socialist (and it was), because it is itself a teacher, and helps us to remember.

People can be self-righteous in more things than just religion. How is this 16-year old's self-righteousness any different (or less insulting) than Obama's self-righteousness? "Teachable moment" or not, this wasn't teaching, it was verbal bullying.

As for the scarf, that might be a religious matter.

That said, I agree that the 5-day suspension was inappropriate & probably would not have been done to someone who was bullying from the left.

And THAT said, I don't mind us on the right being held to a higher standard. It's appropriate. People depend on us to be the adults in the room. People expect a higher character from us than they do from the left.

Terri Romans Horvath said...

his kid should have been at my school. He would not have been suspended! In fact, the kids at my school call call us "f" and not be sent home. Isn't it wonderful?

Cindy Columbia said...

I totally disagree about this kid being insensitive or bullying. He is standing up for his country and in MY book, that makes him right! If it had been my kid suspended for this all HELL would break loose because I would be down there yelling and screaming to reinstate him.

Also, SORRY I do not believe the pledge should be an "option". If you live in this country, go to school here, make your living here, then damn it all your ALLEGIANCE better be here too! The girl should have been suspended for NOT saying the pledge!

Kimberly Dawn Horvath said...

Cindy Columbia said...

AWESOME Kimberly! I LOVE IT!!!