July 16, 2009

Healthcare: Obamacare vs. Current System

House Democrats finally released their version of Obamacare a couple of days ago--all 1,018 pages of it. Cost estimates I've seen range from $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion with huge taxes to be imposed on businesses to attempt to pay for the monstrous program. It's bad enough they either don't care or don't get the fact that raising taxes in the midst of the worst recession in decades is a bad idea, but it gets worse when you see what we'll get for our $1 trillion plus investment.

Republicans in the House were thoughtful enough to create the following diagram based on the Democrats' plan. It shows just how complicated navigation of such a system will be.

Now, I thought it would be a good idea to contrast this with the current system. Because I've paid for my own health insurance for years now. I don't get it through my employer because it's cheaper for me to buy an individual plan. How do I afford it you ask? I prioritize. We have one 27 inch television in the house that I paid ~$400 for. I buy used cars and pay cash for them--no car payments, only need liability insurance. I mow my own lawn and basically do just about anything I can for myself instead of hiring it done. It's all about priorities. I've known too many people who have bass boats, brand new cars, and 4 wheelers, but can't afford health insurance. Yeah right. Priorities.

Anyway, here's a look at the current system I deal with when I buy my own health insurance.

I don't want to navigate the labyrinth and red tape to be created by Obama's plan. Do you?

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