April 6, 2009

Obama Conflicted Over Islam? What's the truth?

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: Below are two presentations which help explain the difficult position in which President Obama and others have placed the United States and the European countries. One presentation is today's comments by Gary Bauer, Director of Americans for Working Families, and the other is an article by Martel Sobieskey who has 36 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare.

Obama claims that Islam is a religion just like any other religion. This is a false premise that true believers in both Islam or Christianity know to be untrue. This false premise is leading to the growth and expansion of the religion of Islam and Muslims in Europe, the United States, and eventually remaining North America. In considering Obama's recent comments and actions, one has to wonders if he has a conflicted psychic. He was born Barack Hussein Obama and in his early childhood raised in a Muslim country to follow Islam and thus to be a Muslim. Then in his later elementary years, after being transferred to his white grandparents in the U.S., he is reintegrated into the American culture with his white grandparents and eventually cast off his former identity, as explained in his own biography. Eventually he does the unthinkable in the Muslim world. He rejected Islam and adopted the Christian religion.

With this background and his current statements, President Obama is confused or misleading regarding the goal of Islam. Whether confused or not, he is sending a confused message to both the countries ruled by Muslims and to our citizens and allies. He claims that Christianity and Islam are just both equivalent religions and rejects that the United States is or has been a Christian nation. His previous exercise of this belief has lead his Administration to force our National Defense and Homeland Security to deny that the United States is in a war against Islamic lead terrorism. . . . [Read complete post with comments by Gary Bauer and Martel Sobieskey.]

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