April 8, 2009

More Voters See Taxes As Very Important Issue

by Rasmussen Reports: A new survey finds that 64% of voters see taxation as very important; it’s highest level in nearly two years. Last month, 61% said taxes were very important to them. Prior to that survey, that number never rose above 60%. Another 26% now see taxes as a somewhat important issue, while only 8% say taxes are not very or not at all important in terms of how they will vote.

Nationwide 81% of voters say it is important to keep the promised middle class tax cuts in President Obama’s budget; 75% of Republicans see taxes as very important, compared to 58% of Democrats and 62% of unaffiliated voters. The economy remains at the top of the list of voter concerns; 85% consider them very important with 86% a month ago. The number who consider national security a very important issue rose from 60% to 64%. Health care is a very important issue to 62%, its highest level since last February. But only 24% say health care reform is the goal the president is most likely to achieve. . . . [View supporting data and other polled issue results]

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