April 1, 2009

Budget Passes With No GOP Votes

The budget passed the Senate tonight by a vote of 55-43. No Republican voted for it, while two Democrats, Sens. Evan Bayh, and Ben Nelson, voted against it. Earlier today in the House, the budget passed by a vote of 233-196. No Republican voted for the budget, while 20 Democrats voted no.

At least this time there is no "blood on the hands of Republicans" and some Democrats even saw the pending damage to our country. Our only hope now is to return sanity to the Congress by 2010. The people need to continue to speak out and to get involved both in the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties and involved in activism supporting the building of a coalition to elect strong conservative to replace the liberal Democrat who are advancing sending our country into a deficit so big that its exceeds the sum total of adding the individual debt for each of the last 220 years of our county.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement Thursday in regards to the Senate passage of the budget resolution:

“Over bipartisan opposition, Democrats in Congress passed a budget that clears the way for massive amounts of spending, for the biggest tax hike in history and a doubling of our already crippling national debt. It is a budget that puts the economy on an unsustainable course.

“Although Democrats rejected several efforts to control spending, create jobs and cut the debt, Senate Republicans were able to slam the door on using the fast track process to jam through a new national energy tax. The strong bipartisan vote on this issue should serve as a clear warning to those involved in crafting the final budget: Americans vehemently oppose a new national energy tax that would hit them every time they flip on a light switch, watch TV, or drive the family car.”

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