September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin - She Can Handle It!

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: All the republicans at the Republican national Convention were ecstatic after Sarah Palin's speech. However, I wanted to get a feel for opinions of others. Kathy Morrison, an Independent from New Hampshire, agreed to answer my questions:
Q: Kathy, tell me a little about yourself.
A: I am a female, 32, single and live in New Hampshire. I am an Independent. I am employed as a techy and webmaster for a company.
Q: Kathy, you have press credentials, what brought you to this convention?
A: I have a brother who moved to the St. Paul area and I wanted to visit him, my sister-in-law and their children. I am also a blogger and applied for press credentials as an Independent. And the RNC granted them. So, I took vacation and paid my way here. I have meet bloggers of all types: republicans, libertarians, democrats, independents and some from other countries.
Q: Kathy, what was your general impression of tonight?
A: The test for Governor Palin was to see if she could perform on the big stage. Could she handle the pressure? Could she handle the criticism? Oh yeah! She can handle it. She just crushed her critics, and showed the media for what they are, glorified gossip hounds. While the media sulks, lets look at what was so amazing about this speech. She talked details, no sweeping generalities, but hard facts on current issues. She gave her background and explained how her experience as Governor and as mayor has prepared her for being VP. She addressed her family, and laid to rest the swirl of nasty remarks made over the weekend. She championed small town America, and echoed the theme of service and country. Finally, she destroyed the opposition. From nailing Harry Reed, to shooting down the Obama campaign's message of hope and change as an empty rhetoric that lacked action, to deflating the Obama campaign's attacks on her experience by flipping those remarks onto Obama himself. This speech had it all and Governor Palin knocked it out of the park.
Q: Kathy, being an independent, can you vote for the Republican ticket?
A: Sen. john McCain made several trips to New Hampshire during the primary and I attended many of his town hall meetings. I was impressed with what I heard. Tonight, after hearing Sarah Palin, I will be voting for the McCain - Palin ticket. In fact, I a guess I am now "in the tank" and will work for their election.

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