September 30, 2008

Obama - ACORN Root Causes of Mortgage Crisis?

ARRA News Service - by Alan Gottlieb, AmeriPac: FBI Investigates U.S. Financial Crisis - Where Did $1 Trillion Go? - The high-risk subprime mortgage social engineering community service experiment by left-wing ACORN and Obama has created the largest financial crisis since The Great Depression. The full reach of the corruption and scandal may never be known but those who created it must not be rewarded. The architects, primarily left-wing Democrats, created laws, took donations, looked the other way and instead were too busy overse eing donations to their own presidential campaigns and robbing main street blind. Now these same left-wing Democrats blame everyone else and get up on their high horses and say, “we are here to save you” from the crises they created. Yes, Mr. Obama knows a great deal about the mess. He is a central figure in the left-wing ACORN exploitation of financial institutions and pressuring them to make high risk loans. . . . [Full Article]


Anonymous said...

Acorn activists are stealing this election by registering voters that do not exist.
Mabelle Horea

Anonymous said...

This nation needs a change but Obama is not offering the change that is needed, the people individually needs to change, we need to be more responsible of our decisions, do not let anyone to decide for us , this is a country that opened its arms to all of us , we are in bedt with this country is time to pay back, together we can do it, lets be serious about voting