August 15, 2008

Taxman - Obama Cometh

The John McCain Campaign released its latest television ad, "Taxman." The ad highlights Barack Obama's agenda to raise taxes that are a "recipe for economic disaster." In addition to higher taxes, Barack Obama's plans will lead to higher gas prices and break your family's budget.

Republican Vice Presidential Choice

Haydee Florez & Dr. Bill Smith: The Republican Party has always defended the right to life. Our presumptive nominee, Sen. John McCain, has supported the right to life both in all stages of life from the preborn to the final stages of life. The man or woman chosen for the vice presidency of the United States needs to be ready to lead the country at a moment's notice. Also, he or she must uphold the most dearest principle of respect to life at all stages. Those two qualities should be consider of utmost importance in the selection of a vice presidential candidate.

August 12, 2008

Your Wallet

Your Wallet; The only place Democrats want to drill!

Fight or Die Republicans

Michael Reagan, Human Events: Republicans have their backs against the wall, facing a bloodbath on Election Day that will leave the party in shambles and the nation in the hands of the worst conglomeration of demagogues, scoundrels and loony leftists ever put together in our nation's history.

When you're fighting for your life, you have two choices: whimper about your plight while the other side cuts you to pieces, or fight as if your life depends on it, which of course it does . . . Republicans can unite to fight and win. Or they can do what they seem to do best these days, cringe and surrender. ...[Fight or Die Republicans]
Also all Republicans should visit and join Let's Get this Right (LGTR)!

August 4, 2008

Sunday Humor

Executive Summary - Presidential Candidates

ARRA News Service - I know that some of you don't like to read long, drawn-out missives...
so here's the Executive Summary:
John McCain26 Years22 Years
Barack Obama143 Days-0- Years