June 4, 2008

Join the Fight Against Obama

ARRA News Service: John McCain for PresidentLast night, many of us watched as Senator Barack Obama hobbled across the finish line in the Democrat primary. Throughout this prolonged Democratic primary season, one thing has been apparent: Senator Obama is fundamentally unprepared to lead this country. Whether it’s his proposals to meet with hostile leaders during the first year of his Administration, his anti-gun statements, or his plans to raise taxes for families and small businesses, America can not stand for this type of radical liberalism in the White House.

While many members of his own Party aren't convinced that their presumptive nominee has the experience or judgment to serve as Commander in Chief, we as Republicans offer a clear choice: Senator John McCain. Senator McCain has the experience to serve and is the right leader at the right time.
You can make a difference in several ways:
1) Get involved with your State's GOP Party.
2) Join the online e-McCain efforts at the following sites:
  • John McCain for President
  • McCain Now
  • John McCain 2008
  • McCain State Google Groups
  • McCainVictory08
  • Veterans For McCain
  • FaceBook - Veterans for McCain

  • 3) Contribute to the John McCain

    Election Day is five months from today. On November 4th, John McCain will be elected with your support.

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